Stealth Profit Machines

Stealth Profit MachinesStealth Profit Machines is the latest internet product to come from Chris Freville and his team. This product is essentially based around new software that enables you to create money generating sites on line in minutes.

In a world filled with internet marketing product launches every other day it’s refreshing to know that this is Chris’s first launch in 12 months on Clickbank and that he has a decent pedigree of products behind him like Automated List Builder and Web 2.0 Stampede.
According to Chris the feedback received so far and the results achieved in the beta tests for this product have been outstanding, so things look promising.

There will also be a number of bonuses that will be linked to this product that promise to deliver additional high quality internet marketing training through a variety of PDFs and videos.

The carnal mistake for most internet marketers is generally trying to get too much done at once, where time is always at a premium and is the most valuable commodity you have online. Anything that comes along then that can promise to cut down on the time and effort spent in the research, construction and maintenance of money generating sites is a welcome site for me.

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7 thoughts on “Stealth Profit Machines”

  1. I just bought this today, and have already put up one full site with it, as well as incorporated it into about 5 of my other blogs so far. I love it! It’s nice when a product comes around that’s actually worth something, and this one definitely is. This does a lot of things I was already doing manually, & is a HUGE timesaver:)

  2. “Stealth Profit machines” is relatively worth the money compared to the ones released of late. I was fed up with multiple products with hundreds of false claims. But this one is better and I liked the whole concept and the functionality of the system. But considering the fact that its just a wordpress plugin, it is a little expensive and it’d take ages to make money just by creating affiliate links in your blog and web posts.
    But they have put a lot of effort on the walk through material and support is pretty good too.
    One last thing, the software did have glitches and multiple users have problems with the ftp connection, but of late, the search for blogs functionality doesn’t work for me at all.

    I would rate this product a 6.5 on a scale of ten and would advise others not to expect to earn in thousands in no time.

  3. Hi there folks

    Just wanted to ask all the boffins out there that know how these autopilot goodies work
    like mass money makers or whatever and one click etc, man why is it that these gurus
    and those that say they have more to offer than the gurus the so called “honest dudes
    that have been scammed themselves many times” need to sell these programs if they
    are making so much money already themselves with it. What do they need our money
    for?? I mean if I am making a crapload of money on autopilot why would I need to sell
    someone the sofware??? And the stories are always a variation on the same thing they
    managed to contact a boff from the “secret society of underground gurus”or managed to
    get a nerd that feeds himself on pizza and mountain dew, to set up a program.
    I mean then can we just go looking directly for a nerd dude that can build one of these
    autopilot machines ourselves seeing that there are hundreds of them everywhere.

    Will someone explain how the stuff works or give us a break?

  4. quite frankly i am not sure if i want to do buisness with this guy who done buisness with some dimitri and sergei that are related to russian underworld !!! naaaaa sound fishy

  5. I spent thousands of hours trying to get this software to work and have not made a single cent. The training videos are decent but does not walk you through everything. there’s still a lot of gaps left and hidden steps you have to do yourself to even follow along with the videos. Some of the info and sites are outdated that are referenced on the videos as well. I would like a full refund but, by the time I figured out I wasn’t making any money on it, the refund period was over.


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