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This is a review page for Social Sonic by Daven Michaels. The launch of Social Sonic was announced by JVNotifyPro.

I would appreciate that if you know anything about the product, good or bad, please post it here in the comments.

As it is with most of the internet marketing and make money online products, they are rarely as good as the promise and extreme caution is always required.

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11 thoughts on “Social Sonic”

  1. I bought Social Sonic from one of Daven Michael’s live walk-through webinars.

    As always, I was skeptical in the beginning… especially with a lead gen app for Twitter.

    But I took the plunge because the mechanics of what the software does are pretty straightforward. It just automates a process that a real person could technically do –although it would take forever.

    The configuration was pretty simple. I turned it on in the afternoon and the next morning I was pleasantly surprised to see a few clicks coming in.

    I tweaked the scripts a little bit and filled in the rest of my Twitter profile (I figured it was important to seem as legit and natural as possible) and the next day there was and extra bump in my click numbers.

    Also my opt-in rates so far are just as good as cold ad traffic from Facebook and Google. So I’m excited to expand the process to a few different lead magnets and maybe some actual products — which shouldn’t be difficult with the free VA hours that come with the Social Sonic package.

    Overall, my experience so far with Social Sonic has been really good. I have no real complaints. The mechanics of the software are all acting as advertised.

    If you’re looking mostly to build your subscriber list like me, this is a great organic-ish way to approach prospects on social media.

    If you just want to send clicks to affiliate products this is a great traffic gen option. Plus you won’t rack up a huge bill optimizing each new campaign like you do on Facebook or Google PPC.

    I can also imagine some pretty cool possibilities for service-based businesses or even brick and mortar shops looking for new ways to reach out to their community.

    So far so good.

  2. I am extremely unhappy with Social Sonic. From the sale webinar, Daven advertised that we will get this software which will show us how to use Twitter to promote affiliate offers (or other products, website, services), but it turned out this $997 package software only includes instructions of how to use the software itself. There were no follow up webinars about how to strategically use twitter to promote your offers. They also included the ‘free hours’ of VA which turn out to be a $500 per month package if you want to continue and I find out after the fact that you probably cannot maintain it without requiring this VA service.

    Then the VA from the Philippines called you few days after signing up asking you for this information and that information when you do not even have a direction about the business that can be promoted on twitter. They contacted you everyday and you had to manage them. This would have been good if that is what you wanted, but for those who are not prepared to manage a team of VA, this adds additional workload which is not what you expected.

    The worst part is that after I asked for a refund, the account manager VA (Rendell D. Razon) said they did not give refund after 3 days.. First of all, they did not tell you this before you sign up but they put this in the fine print where he never showed me where it was. In addition, they did not care if you are happy with their software or not, they insisted that refund will not be given after 3 days.

    I disputed this with Paypal on Oct 21, and today (Nov 5) and they still refused to give me the refund even though I hated their software and VA team and will not be using it. They do not care about customer satisfaction. Your money is what they want whether or not you can benefit from their software.

    I’d like to warn everyone before you sign up to be aware of this company and their 3 day refund policy. This company does not care if you can use their software. Once the money is in their hand, you can’t get it back.

  3. Thank you Sherry for your input. I was doing my research and noticed your comment. What you were told is partially true, but entirely misleading and posting two conflicting refund policies. If you have access to your original order page, there is clearly a 30 day money back guarantee. However there is a link that leads to which is an extremely ambiguous statement that says that the refund is determined by the order page. This is evidenced by the second paragraph. However the third paragraph states that there is no refund on this product.

    I’m guessing that you could prevail in a courtroom, but several problems come to mind. First the area code on the phone number is Las Vegas, NV, where I currently live. Las Vegas TV commercials have a shyster lawyer every other time. Second even if you do expend the time, money & effort to sue them, they would likely just disappear, leaving you with all of the expenses & time wasted.

    Once again I want to thank Sherry for the input, because I was contemplating buying the program. But as their guarantee is a group of misleading lies, I’m forced to believe the whole program is a scam…

    • Hi Gary, thanks for taking time to reply to me and for your extensive research. I eventually got a refund from them when I filed a case through Paypal. However, it took me about 1.5 months.

      I was disappointed with how they handled the refund. I’ve bought courses online for over 1 year and did not see anything like this where the seller did not mention their refund policy clearly on the sales webinar but put in the fine print (which they never showed me the proof).

      In addition, the VA called me and said I’ve passed the refund period of 3 days which is unrealistic for anyone to evaluate any courses within that time frame. (It took me 17 days to evaluate before I asked for refund)

      Anyway, I will look out not just for this product but for anything by Daven Michaels and 123employees. They seem to catch you with fine prints rather than trying to sell product based on customers satisfaction. That is not a good business practice.

  4. Hm, I’ve been looking at this program and wondering if it will be worth the money? Thanks Sherry for your comments… Peter, you managed to buy the program before its Nov 1st release, how is it going 2 months later? What are the stats?

  5. Craig, I never got to complete the program because I asked for a refund. The reason I did so was because the program relies so much on having time to be engaging on social media. If that is for you, it is great. In my case, I do not have time to be on smart phone all the time.

    With that said, they sort of push you to hire the VA team who is already well trained to handle the tasks for you. But you need to pay that VA about ~$500 per month afte the free 100 hours they give you. If you can afford it that is great. In my case, I did not plan for that.

    Then, their VA contacted me a few days after I signed up and tried to drive the program along before I had a chance to even set a direction for my business. If you already have a business you clearly try to promote, this may work, but in my case, I was trying to use it to create a new business (affiliate) so I needed more time before I could make use of their VA.

    Lastly, their refund program was like a scam to me. I asked for the refund 17 days after I evaluated it, and was told I only had 3 days which has passed. First of all, that was never mentioned during the sale pitch. Secondly, they did not make it clear on the payment page. Thirdly, who in the world can evaluate a program within 3 days? Their VA called me few times and fought tooth and nail not to give me the refund. Eventually I went through Paypal, but the seller was tough and it took me 1.5 month before I could get my refund back.

  6. I was an idiot and fell for this. The pitch makes it sound like a slam dunk to sell their software to cover the cost. I had their VA work on selling it until the free time was exhausted. If they could not sell one copy of their own program in 4 weeks, I certainly was not going to throw good money after bad. If you know what you’re doing with Twitter marketing and know how to just use the software to automate what you do, it’s probably OK. Personally, I think Daven Michaels is just a sleazy pitch man who over promises and under delivers.

  7. Hello guys and gals.. anytime anyone have a webinar these days ALL of them have something to sale JUST AS ALL OF US… I got scammed so many times for many thousands of dollars and This Social Sonic webinar I am listening right now.. IS another Scam Offer… I JUST KNOW… OBSERVE – OBSERVE – OBSERVE and you will TOO, especially if you got scammed as many times as I did before… Social Sonic price is too much money to risk.. and you ONLY get instructions to do things that YOU NEVER get them done, UNLESS you are as experienced as the speaker… SOOO MY SUGGESTION… stay away… and save your money.. find ways to create and or improve your small business organically by your self by learning from everything and everyone who offer no cost info online… and YOU WILL BE ahead of the game because once you know what you are doing… NO ONE CAN TAKE THAT AWAY FROM YOU…

    • I bit, and it’s just a way to pitch their virtual assistant program. They give you some free time and there was 0 success with it, so I got ought but not before allowing myself to get gouged. BEWARE!!!!

  8. I watched the seminar as well; must say I LIKED what I heard, but like the most of you, judge the company by its practices. The 3 day undisclosed refund policy is truly a shyster trick!

    My remaining question is: are there any software packages or tools that will search for chat words and allow you to connect with individual tweeters? I believe here are customer management services that will do the rest.


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