This is a review page for ShopABot by Cindy Donovan. The launch of ShopABot was announced by JVNotifyPro.

I would appreciate that if you know anything about the product, good or bad, please post it here in the comments.

As it is with most of the internet marketing and make money online products, they are rarely as good as the promise and extreme caution is always required.

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1 thought on “ShopABot”

  1. There are many reviews of someone who did not purchase Shopabot, did not try to use
    the software and has no clue.They regurgitate the sales copy, call it a review
    and add their affiliate link and offer bonuses.
    This “opinion”, is from someone who actually has listened to those guys and
    went ahead and purchased the software!

    I didn’t buy the up sells, simply because I was pissed off when I found out that
    to get the functionality of what was in the sales pitch, You now need spend
    many times more money than $28 bucks.

    Yes I get it, this is the way they rape you instantly after purchasing. I don’t
    think that is a very good business practice or a good “first impression”
    I won’t talk about the features I didn’t buy.

    Here we go:

    1. You can’t drill down to a niche specific category! After selecting a broad
    category (sporting goods) and your keywords, Shopabot populates that menu
    item with HUNDREDS of listings that have NOTHING to do with your niche.

    So, on the front page of each category you see some of the products you
    want to sell and some that may OR may not contain your keywords. Also
    the photos are missing on a lot of the listings. In fact, on page 2 I have
    only 2 out of 9 listings that show photos. (that’s….. most of the page is blank)
    That page looks like crap and there is no way to exclude those ads.

    There is no comprehensive instructions as to how to deal with this, However after
    farting around, I discovered you can use negative key words ( -shoe ) to exclude the
    totally irrelevant ads. So began the process of going through each menu and
    making a list of: a unique word from each unwanted ad. This “quick and easy”
    part took many hours! “Like sorting 1000+ ads”

    More problems….. There is a limit to the number of characters you can put in the
    keywords box. After like, 50 negative words, that’s it. Because you can’t limit the
    number of results the software returns, this technique only helps bring the relevant
    items to the front. I still have pages if crap at the back ie: pgs 8, 9, and 10

    Say your specific niche for one of your menus only has 12 listings on
    Amazon, your 12 items are going to be mixed in with hundreds of unrelated
    The “Amazon category” needs to have many more levels to be able to drill
    down to what you want to list and be able to limit the number it imports.

    2. There is no photo included for my niche, no way to upload, i guess I am
    screwed! There is no way (that I have found) to make to make this site look
    as it should.

    3. Next is the issue of the Category column on the right. At first, it included
    some random categories ( with no way of excluding them) and a “sort by price” that
    stops at $200, most of my products are way above $200 which makes this
    useless. It is very important to sort my items by “price”……..crap!

    Now, after they upgraded the site, yesterday, They no longer have the
    “sort by price” Now they list every category in Amazon…. how friggin stupid!
    All but one category returns “NO results”. EVERY other category shows “no results”
    That’s like 50 categories that are DEAD… why show these?? Why not show
    the different brands of the products I am selling so my customers could sort
    that way?

    4. Now to the real problems with this software. I worked, for 2 1/2 days, on
    the above issues trying to achieve the “website created in seconds” and the
    Shopabot site crashes.

    Website would not load! for 4 days!……….. Shit!

    I don’t know if everyone was affected or it was just my store that wouldn’t
    load. I got an email about “people couldn’t change the name of their store
    after it is created” and they were giving a free store credit to everyone.
    Haven’t seen that yet!

    No mention about the crash, so I went to their website and it says
    (in a big red banner) that they are installing new servers “to be ready APRIL 24”
    and I need to sign up to secure a spot. WTF?? That’s a month away! and I already
    have a spot.

    5. Customer support….. OMG Site was down, wasted a ton of my time and
    wanted a refund…… emailed back and forth many times and whoever
    I got doesn’t understand ENGLISH
    I explain my problem in depth and the answer I get is….. “Any reason why you want to
    discontinue this? Can we help you with anything in relation to ShopAbot?”
    Either they didn’t read my email or they don’t understand English.

    Site is back up… Menus still screwed up….. will not give me a refund

    Save yourself the hassle… Get yourself a real website….. it’s way easier

    Disclaimer: This is my own experience and opinion.
    Others may have had a positive experience’


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