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SEO Link VineSEO Link Vine is a new service from Brad Callen known for his other very popular products like Keyword Elite, SEO Elite and others. This service is a blog network that you can syndicate your articles to, or join to get fresh new content.

The purpose of such blog network is to generate back-links and traffic. Most Internet marketers write articles and submit them to article directories for the same effect, but the submission process is time consuming, the quality of most directories is low and that affects the results can you get.

The great thing about networks like SEO Link Vine is that for a monthly fee you can submit as many articles as you want and have them distributed automatically over time to blogs of a decent quality. There are many advantages of that. First of all, it’s fast and easy – you don’t have to spend hours submitting articles, and you don’t even have to wait for your article submitter do it if you use one. Next, the distribution is natural in terms of search engine optimization. You need a continuous flow of links and using such a network removes the extra hustle to regularly submit articles – all you have to do is submit them once and forget about them.

Finally, the quality of blogs is higher than an average article directory (except those based on blogging software such as WordPress). The architecture of blogs is a lot more search engine friendly, which improves the indexing and ranking of your articles.

Looking at SEO Link Vine from another perspective, it’s a source of fresh content for your site. If you need content, you can plug in your website to get content written and submitted to you by other members automatically.

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  1. I’m just wondering if it is a bunch of general blogs with articles about beauty products, and then a gun holster’s on the same blog? or is there any way to pick where the articles go?

  2. I cannot see how this will work. The problem with the blog owners is the following:

    Google DEFINITELY penalize you if you link to a bad website. I’m sure there will be a lot of link builders linking to sites Google hate. This will make the blogs look like link farms.

    Don’t know about you but I will never let them put their links on my site.

  3. admin Reply

    Franco, blog owners have an option to approve posts prior to publishing and see what links they have.

    It has been working for years, I don’t see why it wouldn’t now. There are plenty of networks like this and SEO Link Vine is just another one to add to them.

  4. In your opinion, is SEO LinkVine better or not compared to the Keyword Academy “Post Runner” system?

  5. admin Reply

    I’ve never used Post Runner and don’t know how it works, but from what I gather it’s a network of blogs where you can choose where you want to make a guest post, right?

    If so, I think it would be like comparing apples and oranges. Both are just link sources but work differently. In SEO Link Vine you don’t get to choose where your posts will go (other than category) and it’s more hands-off (sort of a content distribution/syndication service).

  6. admin Reply

    @Freddy J, it depends. Most of the blogs are from different users so there are more “themed” (more or less) blogs just like in My Article Network and similar services.

    The general content blogs are usually dominant where an entire network is owned by the same company (ex. Linkvana) or where credits are issued for publishing content.

    If you want relevant content links, SEO Link Vine is one place to get them.

  7. Hi

    We have just purchased link vine a week ago after spending hours a day posting articles i posted just one article to see and my ranking as gone up by 100 thousand on alexa in one week. I only posted one so i have 25 to post todat to link vine so I intend to get to top 100 thousand pretty soon.

    I will write my success here next week

    so stay turned.

    David and Christine Blackledge

  8. I was very skeptical of the power of seo link vine, I have tried a few of is other “proven methods” with no results, but I must say I went from #15 to #2 in the world for a very popular keyword in my field after only 1 week. You want proof my keyword is above in the name area with my site linked in it. Google it for your self seo link vine is awesome!

  9. admin Reply

    As far as I can tell you don’t need to have a domain name to promote a site.

  10. Link generators can often be a major league SCAM. Whys that ? Well mostly because robots generate your traffic, and thus noone will buy anything from you.

  11. admin Reply


    What you’re saying makes little sense especially in this context.

    First of all, links are links. If you know anything about SEO, you know that who creates them is irrelevant.

    And SEO Link Vine is about links, not traffic. You get traffic when you rank high in the SERPs, this is just a tool to help you.

    I can assure you it’s not a scam, it’s a good blog network.

  12. I joined last week and submitted a few articles, but none have been distributed yet. It’s been about four days. Are too many people using this service now and what is the true wait for an article to start distribution?

  13. “Seo link vine is about link.” My question. “do you allow backlinks to internal pages?…as opposed to just the root of the domain?”

  14. From my experience the major issue is there is virtually no quality control. The quality of the blogs in the network are pretty crap – with the vast majority newly set up just for this purpose. And the articles submitted tend to be pretty poor too from what I’ve seen (has anyone ever had one rejected..?).

    So yes, you can generate a few hundred links fairly easily IF you pick a topic that happens to have lots of blogs in it (there’s no way to find that out in advance!).

    But the question is, are hundreds of backlinks from crappy blogs worth anything. In the short term, maybe, for the ones that actuall get indexed. In the long term, probably not.

  15. admin Reply

    @Venice – yes, you can link to internal pages.

    @Baz – yep, links from crappy blogs aren’t worth much but they are still links. I’ve been using networks like this for a couple of years and in the long run, it’s those few good blogs that are in there that make a difference. At the end of the day it’s another source to get backlinks. I find that for the networks like this you simply have to submit more articles to reach the better blogs.

  16. I’ve posted 2 articles on SLV now – One on the 24th June and one on the 25th.
    NEITHER have moved into published status… They are both pending… over a week later. None have been distributed and I’m still paying on a monthly basis. There is also no way to contact them or send a support ticket.

    My opinion right now : Avoid….

    If that changes I will update this comment but I can’t help but feel cheated at the moment.

  17. Thanks for the info and even the comments. If you submit an article are they automatically drip fed into the blog network or are they moderated by blog owners?

  18. admin Reply

    It depends on the particular blog, some accept automatically, some are moderated.

  19. @Baz – I am wondering which network you are referring to. I personally use postrunner from TKA and have since its inception. True, it is a little more work because you have to pick your blogs, but a lot of the blogs are of good quality. They are also categorized, so you can pretty much lazer target your niche with your article. If you own a site about losing weight and want a link back from a PR4 weight loss site with a $5k semrush value, you can get that with postrunner.

  20. I purchased SEO link vine with high hopes. There is a possible chance that it might work for some sites, but it really did not work for mine. I consider Google Webmaser tools to be the ultimate arbiter on the links that Google is actually seeing. None of the so called “published articles” ended up appearing here (that is after a month).

    Also most of my articles were rejected by “publishers”, perhaps they just aren’t into business solutions such as our chartgantt package. Anyhow, it was worth a try (still waiting to get my money back from the trial), but really did nothing for me. I found articlesbase to give much more rapidfire results in Google webmaster.

  21. I purchased SEO Linkvine yesterday and have reasonably high hopes for it.

    The principles are certainly sound enough, it gets you links and links are what you need. It also gives you content and providing you pick highly unique content. I cant see that being much of a problem, the list of articles suggested for your site indicates the percentage uniqueness and you can always disregard those that dont meet your expectations.

    My mian worry is that the niche I’m trialling with them at the moment is a very narrow niche so I’m wondering if there will be enough blogs in the system to give me good coverage. I’m going to be running a full in depth case study including stats at my own blog that some folks may be interested in.

  22. I have been running SEO LV for a few months now and I am notthat impressed.

    The main issues:
    1.The that the blogs the articles are published on are maily junk. Some of the articles are actually published with my links as no-follow so they are useless!
    2.The number of pubished articles are not reaching big numbers (max 100) even though they have a very low rejection rate and are in a very popular niche!
    3. I cannot log into the Customer Support as they never send me a confirmation email.

    If I was in a narrow niche I would not bother! They desperatly need to attract more blogs to make it work!

    Hope this helps!

  23. I was using SEOLinkVine as a publisher for more than a month and I have just cancelled it. It promises you unique content but that is not true. The same post that goes live on your blog goes as well in the other blogs on their network. For me this is no different that get an article from directories like

  24. I was considering trying SEO Linkvine but i’m now quite disappointed by the comments I’ve read. I was dubious about it anyway, would’t the duplicate content on all these blogs do your site harm in the long run? I searched for ‘drop shipping wholeslaers’ after someone said it would prove the effeciveness of SEO Link vine but it was nowhere to be seen

  25. admin Reply

    The content is not duplicate, it’s spun. The uniqueness depends on how well it’s spun. But even if it was duplicate, it wouldn’t hurt – otherwise your competitors would already be flooding you with links of duplicate content to take you down.

    Regarding the effectiveness, the links like this aren’t the best quality so you shouldn’t expect to do wonders with it alone. However, links are links.

  26. I’ve been using this since it’s release. I’m canceling it today. I think most of the web sites are very low quality. Then I also think that Google has pegged them as being members of LinkVine so they don’t index the pages anymore. They occasionally show up as a link, but then you look again a few weeks later and it disappears. I am amusing because Google stops indexing these known Linkvine participants.

    Don’t waste your money…. or worse yet time!

  27. Hi, I’ve been using SEOlinkvine for more that one month too and, as Kathy says, the websites of their network are very low quality. I’ve also noticed that Google doesn’t index anymore the website known has part of SEOlinkvine.
    My websites use to be crawled every day and now, all of a sudden, Google forgot about them.
    I’m thinking to cancel my subscription as well. I don’t think is really worth it.

  28. brian mcgee Reply

    thanks for everyones comments you just saved me both time and money has anyone had an dealings with article underground ?

  29. If it sounds too good to be true, then it usually is.

    I watched a video on this a while back and it sounded too good to be true. By the look of it, based on what people are saying here that tried it…. It is

  30. admin Reply

    It will always be too good to be true if you look for surreal SEO results overnight. But nobody who knows at least something about SEO will ever look for that. If you look at it for what it is – yet another source for backlinks – then it is what it says to be.

  31. Thanks for the honest comments and reviews. Will stay away from this one!

  32. I used SEO Linkvine for several months and i did notice some slight increase in backlinks and google position. However, my problems was that for some reason google dropped these backlinks over time. Hmm??? I had no issues with Brad Callen or his team, they performed as advertised. His team always responded in a prompt and professional manner. Maybe his system is like throwing mud against the wall, you have to stay with it long enough for some of it to stick.

  33. admin Reply

    >Maybe his system is like throwing mud against the wall,
    >you have to stay with it long enough for some of it to stick.

    Spot on. I’m yet to find a link network where this wouldn’t be the case. Some are just more than others. But their nature dictates this. You can see this from many comments here – people expect too much. What they’re missing is that it’s an automated link building, so you just throw as much links at it as you can to see any results, one or two articles will have no impact whatsoever.

  34. I have used SEO linkvine. It is recommended by some very successful marketers. The idea is genius yet simple. You submit your article and other people like you use it. So you are not submitting directly to directories. If for instance you are running a cat site, you write an article on cats with you link. There is a section in the site where others needing articles can pick them up. It goes on their requests. They then post them to their cat site and you have your links. Also you can do the same if you want articles. The problem I have found with what I do is most people do the normal marketing and not many of mine get posted. Also not everyone posted gets ranked by google, it depends on who posts them I guess and what their site is like.

  35. SEO Link Vine can get you quite a large quantity of links, but the quality is generally not too good. I guess its all right for newcomers and who really just need to gain some momentum, but if you’re using SLV, you need to compliment it with other link building strategies as well.

  36. Articles are same thing over and over again, after awhile articles stop getting indexed, some articles are downright poor

  37. Thanks to everyone who has made a comment concerning SEO Link Vine!

    These comments have certainly helped me make a decision about purchasing SEO Link Vine. I suppose I am always looking for an easy way to get one way backlinks. Is there an easy way to get quality backlinks?

    By the ways, I appreciate Brad Cullen’s talent and expertise in the are of SEO. I am not a knocker of Brad Cullen. I purchased Keyword Elite years ago and use it all the time in keyword research. Brad has developed some great seo tools over the years.

    However, I think I will pass (at this time) on purchasing SEO Link Vine and continue to do the work myself.

    I have just finished reading Dan Thies’ free ebook and appreciate his thoughts on this subject. You can find “SEO FAST START: A Simple, Step by Step System For Better Results” on his website. Just type in google search “seofaststart” and download his 2009 edition.

  38. Tried out link vine this past month and would have to say that I am not impressed. Overall it is a lower quality network that consists of blogs that are being blackmarked by google, which is starting to catch onto this link network.

    Truth is: Nothing replaces manual, tried and true SEO.

    Someone is going to put in more effort and time than you and be more successful, you take shortcuts you’ll lose in the end.

  39. Really glad I found this review. I’ve used some of Brads other products and found them very helpful in getting information.

    Because I’m on their mailing list I recieve regular emails about seo link vine and was seriously considering setting this up.

    I’ve had second thoughts about this now, thanks to your reviews, and will consider another approach

  40. I want to say that I like this review blog . I have found it in the serp for different products and I appreciate the honesty even though I am sure some sales commission is probably made. But hey I’m not against anybody making money lol, I was considering buying the seolinkvine program but I think I am going to wait. I agree with admin in that links are links. But I deal in micro niches mainly so I think I would be hard pressed to be able to use this service effectively at this time . As it grows I think this will be a good service. Nothing comes over night and certainly not riches.If you put in the work you will make money. Anyway I will continue to check back on this valuable resource blog Thanks.

  41. Good review thanks , but one thing i want to know.Free users what they do with duplicate contend?
    Not good for ranking?

  42. I am getting hooked to this site, this review has really saved me time and effort.
    Thank you


  43. Good review and helpful comments. I don’t think I’ll be using SEO Link Vine based on what I’ve read.



  44. I normally do not comment on blogs like this but I really like what Mike@OC Appraiser said about putting in the hard work in the beginning and reaping the rewards at the end. I purchased rapid rewriter from Matt Carter and he has SEO Link Vine on his software to automatically submit to it. Like so many others have commented, I too was going to purchase the membership but after reading these in depth reviews and experiences I will pass.

    I have been submitting to various directories over the past few weeks and I am making very little progress and I am looking for a way to speed things up a bit. I guess I will continue to do things the old fashioned way. What do you guys think about article marketing wizard. I was thinking about signing up with them. I think it is $20 cheaper than SLV. I really appreciate this blog. It has saved me a lot of wasted time and money

  45. Sounds like good software, but with many of these products, it seems not to work perfectly and sometimes would seem more beneficial to go to specific and it yourself. One thing I found from a friend is onlywire. It’s been pretty gooddor social media 🙂

  46. Good review thanks , but one thing i want to know.Free users what they do with duplicate contend?
    Not good for ranking?

  47. SEO LINKVINE IS A PILE OF CRAP… Come on guys let’s just use our logic for a second here. First off, we all know that Google has no respect for crappy blogs with poor content right??

    Now, with that in mind, think about the structure of SLV… For starters, the owner Brad Cullen – HAS A COMPETITION TO SEE WHO CAN ADD THE MOST CRAP BLOGS TO THE NETWORK. THE WINNER GETS A SHINY NEW SONY BRAVIA TV (WOW).

    What is the result?? AN ABSOLUTE CRAP PILE OF BLOGS FOR YOUR LINKS TO SIT ON. Now honestly, do you really think Google has any respect for these links?

    Now I know there are some that might respond to me (probably one of Brad’s minions) and say well not all the blogs are rubbish, there are some quality blogs that will receive your content. Well that might be the case, maybe ONE OUT OF EVERY HUNDRED or so blogs may accept your article and you’ll get 3 decent back links… WHOOP DEE DOO, 3 whole links!

    You’re MUCH better off writing quality content and submitting it to high authority article sites. Don’t throw $67 bucks a month away on this rubbish. If blasting hundreds of articles out to the web is your thing, rather go for ARTICLE MARKETING ROBOT. It has a once-off price tag and it really is a quality product.


    Now do you really believe this is the type of service you should be associated with if you want Google to like you? I’ll let you decide…

    • admin Reply

      > First off, we all know that Google has no respect for crappy blogs with poor content right??

      No we don’t, and I have all the proof of the opposite. That’s what Google (or rather Matt Cutts) WANTS it to be, but that’s not what it is in reality. SEO has nothing directly to do with content quality. Period.

      Should you try to get links from higher quality sites? Yes, because they tend to have higher authority. There are other variables as well. But even the worst site has more value that you’d expect.

      I’m not really advocating SEOLV, there are much better networks out there. But it’s not valueless – if you’re trying to rank a keyword where you need as many links as possible, it’s yet another source.

  48. Stay away from this system. Any system such as this or Unique Article Wizard is only going to hurt your rank with the most recent updates to Google. The algorithm is set to crack down on poor quality content directories. The update is designed to give weight to sites that have unique content (sites that are NOT content farms). That means you have a better chance of ranking by putting the content directly on your own domain via blog, your own article resource list, inviting people to guest blog on your content, etc.

    Even submitting content to the top article directories is a bad idea now. I used to offer this type of marketing to all of my clients and I stopped – Google just won’t give you the SEO value anymore. The best way to get targeted traffic (and additional landing pages in the SERPs) is to get that content on your site and get it shared.

    The most recent update from Google is also calculating social proof as part of your ranking factor. Get your content live, get it shared and you’ll see your pages start to surface. If you don’t have time to write (good) content for your site then hire a service to do it for you.

  49. admin Reply

    @DC, please stop spreading myths. Or go ahead do, there will be less competition for those who don’t jump around like crazy every time Google farts. LOL

  50. > “The great thing about networks like SEO Link Vine is that for a monthly fee you can submit as many articles as you want and have them distributed automatically over time to blogs of a DECENT QUALITY” (my emphasis).

    hmmm… ok that’s a lie!

    • admin Reply

      What lie? It says “networks like”. Are you going to claim now that all networks are of poor quality? Not to mention “decent” is totally subjective. Whether SEOLV lives up to that is another matter.

  51. Thanks to those who posted a warning. I was planning on diving into SEO Linkvine, but now I’ve changed my mind.

  52. I was considering it myself. I’d learned some pretty good, effective SEO from Brad Callen when I was first starting out some years ago. I was very interested to get a closer look at the software program, the blogs; but, after reading many of the posts here, I’ve completely changed my mind. And judging from the emails I’ve been getting to get one of the last few places, they want a lot of money. It is not $67 a month it’s $997, $497 and $277 per month–your choice of three options. It does sound good in theory, but I see it could end up being underwhelming for whole lotta dough. I recently have been writing a lot of unique content and submitting them to the my list of top article publishing sites such as articlesbase (I get about 6 links per article for most), and just 7-8 new articles jumped me up in the rankings fairly quickly. But not just from the articles I submitted to the ezine publishers, but, for some reason, people love my content and have been publishing it themselves on their blogs along with the links and I appear to be link vining spontaneously and this has motivated me to keep adding more posts to my own blog and then publishing it. The downside is I have to keep up with the copyright infringers out there who don’t give me the links to my site through the author credit and in the body. They strip that part and then I have to take them down through DMCA or their host. This has been a pain, but most do publish my content with my credit and Ive seen my ranking for three keywords I’ve been working on in two months go in one case, from no where to page 2 and it’s just a matter of time before I show up on page one. For Google, Yahoo and Bing all three keywords are on page 1, 2 and 3 and moving up quickly. So, the theory is fine, but it I loathe the idea of spinning articles and synonym substitutions. I’ve seen some of my original articles undergo that by those infringers, and I’ve had to have them taken down. It’s pretty awful stuff. Total garble, not even funny.

  53. I agree with DC, these are exactly the sort of sites Google are trying to penalise within the latest Google Panda update.

    Perhaps there are some quality article sites on the network, but from what I’ve seen they are all low quality as are the articles themselves.

    A site with a high percentage of outbound links must look very suspicious to Google. Rather than go for quantity it would make much more sense to go for quality sites and hand pick them yourselves rather than relying on a network which is just open to abuse.

  54. I’m going to try out there system. It can’t be any worse than the ones that are out there. These guys know what they’re doing. More so than other people I have studied.

  55. Dave’s comment above makes really sense, this is what Google is trying to prevent and penalize with so much links with little time, isn’t it a bit risky? But of course Brad Callen sure knows what he’s doing.

  56. I am just about to purchase this product, but just wanted to ask before I did. Is this system getting saturated with articles to the point that the ones I submit either take forever to be published or don’t get published at all? I thought this was a great tool to own, but after hearing some things on this blog, more questions than answers have arisen. I am also worried about the Panda update that was recently mentioned.

  57. After a little over 2 weeks with SEO Linkvine, and around 10 articles published, I can honestly say that SEO LV is a waste of money. I purposely always insert a word or series of words so that I can find my articles easily in a google search. The blogs were the articles are getting published are obviously low quality link farms. Not one of them has been on any sites above a 0 PR. All are using default plain templates.

    My articles have all been hand written, and are very high quality articles. What is my end result: I’ve dropped in SERP by several hundred positions since joining. I am very disappointed in the product, and will be looking into getting my money back for the month I have paid for.

    Also, the advertising is false. All the videos show that you can have up to 10 sites post your articles per day, but reality is that you can only do 4 (1-4 are the only quantity listed in the settings). Also, you are only getting the “basic” service. If you want anything of quality, you have to join the “Elite” network, at a monthly cost of several hundred dollar/month minimum.

    Do yourself a favor, and stay away from Seo Linkvine. Save your money.

  58. I have been using SEO for about six months and the past month have watched my published articles go from 9 to 12 per day to ZERO or one or two. They can’t seem to give me a good reason why this is so.

    Can anyone here?

  59. ok, after 4 inquiries complaining that my publishes dropped from 9 to 12 a day to ZERO or one or two, i have yet to get any real response. When asked what number i could call to discuss how to fix the problem, I was told they have no customer service phone and i can only deal with them by email. which seems to be at their leisure. However, they had no problem taking their $70 this month even after I told them that I was planning to cancel if they did not fix the problem. I still might have my bank reverse the charges if the last two emails ‘tickets’ i sent to them aren’t responded to by Monday. Hell, I can submit my articles to more than one per day and save myself $70 a month…why waste it on them when they don’t even care about their own customers.

  60. Considering this product is “Clickbank Recommended” you would think that it would be an above average product. I was surprised when I read so many honest candid opinions. I applaud sites like this that offer honest, relevant, reviews. SEO is like anything else, you gotta work hard to succeed.

  61. While I cancelled the service, I will say that we got/remain on the 1st page of Google…we are still there. Our words were very competitive. 44 million, and we got to first page…kept membership for about a year…and it honestly worked. Customer service does suck, though, but they did deliver and I believe brad is one of the more honest people in his field.

  62. Also, i noticed there are comments of people who complaint that Google does not index backlinks of those by Linkvines. Not sure if there is truth, im still comtemplating should i use the service as im hearing much complaint about low-quality PR blog links

  63. I’ve been using SEO Link Vine for a number of months now and I can’t really say that I have had a boost in traffic.
    I’ve had traffic spikes but not real traffic. As Brad Cullen advertises this service and even shows in his examples
    ” use this service and watch the searches climb in you Google analytics ” I don’t think so !! Firstly, I don’t have one website with this service but quite a number of them. None of them have shown significant traffic increases.
    Only one site has had traffic increases over a three month period and thats because of A link building service, not SEO Link Vine.

    When I questioned to see some of the blog network they use, they stated to me it wasn’t available for viewing to the users of the service or the public. However, I’m still feeding nearly seventy bucks a month into this service and really, I don’t know what I’m getting except the excuse this only works only over the long term. Long term is a long time to be paying 70 bucks a month in the hope you are going to see traffic. How long is long term ? 6 months 12 months 5 years. 70 Bucks a month with hopeless dreams that I will see traffic, I don’t think so. I’ve actually stopped using it.

  64. Hi Admin,

    Can you come out to justify yourselves? Otherwise, I am going to withdraw from the course. Thanks.

    • admin Reply

      Justify what? This is a review site, I’m not telling anyone to get in anything nor I’m telling anyone to stay anywhere.

  65. I purchased SEO LinkVine over 3 months ago and have since written several quality articles (acceptance rate is over 90% on all of them). According to the software my articles have been published 370 times, but when I check my back links on other tools NOT ONE single back link has been indexed. I am currently waiting to hear back from their support, but by the looks of things I will very likely cancel my subscription and would recommend to anyone to STEER AWAY.

  66. Word to the wise: Never, ever, EVER use a product or service like this. Google has gotten way too good at detecting “unnatural” links, and even if your rankings go up at first they’ll eventually plummet when Google slaps you with a penalty. And by “plummet,” I mean your rankings will disappear – you might even be removed from the index altogether.

    Best case scenario: Google doesn’t index the links and your money is completely wasted.

    Worst case scenario: Google gives you a penalty for the links and you have to spend even more time and money trying to get them removed.

  67. Ok so a few yrs ago I was one of the guys that gave this product a shining review. Then Google kicked my site out of their directory for unnatural links. This is the only service I have ever used for link building therefore this service has to be the issue.

  68. Does anybody know if SEOLinkVine favors one theme of content over another? I have been building a blog for almost a year now and have some great content, but would like to build more backlinks. My blog is focused on the employment market, resume writing, job search advice, etc… Would anyone think this type of content would be favored by seolinkvine?

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