CPA Tsunami (Sales Tsunami)

Sales Tsunami VideoSales or CPA Tsunami by Mike Hill is a course on making sales online with a focus on using CPA to drive traffic (note – it’s not about promoting CPA offers). The course takes every aspect of online sales from traffic to converting it, building relationship with buyers and selling to them many times over.

Sales Tsunami consists of 20 sections the majority of which talks about turning traffic into sales by implementing various techniques from simple copywriting tricks to product packaging of physical products.

The traffic methods in the course involve CPA and affiliate relationships, but Mike Hill notes that while CPA networks are very effective, they are not required to implement the sales techniques.

Why buy?

Sales Tsunami is a versatile course on what is the most important in online marketing – sales. This course will teach you how to sell online.

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1 thought on “CPA Tsunami (Sales Tsunami)”

  1. have just joined tsunami CPA — enormous amount of teaching material and downloads is hard to digest quickly however the greatest need for me is a simple diagrmatic outline of the cpa process
    With all the teaching given I am still unsure of the process — the step by step
    Do I create a product or use one on the CPA net ? do I take a product that already exists as an affiliate and create a new landing page. Do the Networks connect me to the super affiliates

    Many other questions however a diagram showing all the connections would be great for a visual person like myself and I would guess there are others who would also find this helpful

    at the moment am stuck on understanding where to start and what each step shuld be

    regards leonard


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