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Rapid RewriterRapid Rewriter is an article spinning software that helps you to churn out hundreds of articles in perfect English to be submitted to article directories. It is created not to be just another article spinner, but to provide a new and unique way to spin articles.

But first of all, what is article spinning and who needs it? One of the main struggles that all beginner Internet marketers face is traffic, not only they face it to begin with, they fight this struggle all of their Internet marketing career. And one of the ways to solve the problem is article marketing. Articles are the most popular and the first way someone goes to generate links and traffic because it’s free and easy.

The problem is, however, writing all those articles. Smart marketers have come up with a way to speed up the process using article spinning, which is a way to write and rewrite an article in such a way that it’s possible to generate hundreds of articles from a single one.

Rapid Rewriter has some unique features to make your spun articles be even more unique. It supports word, sentence, paragraph spinning, HTML and images, random insertion of words, sentences and paragraphs, and includes a built in customizable thesaurus. Most important of all, the resulting spun articles are in comprehensible English and not a scrambled gibberish, because essentially you rewrite the articles using this tool yourself.

Another major feature is automatic article submission to ezinearticles.com and some blog networks, such as Article Marketing Automation. For more exposure for your articles you can get my free Article Submission Helper (shameless plug).

The software works on PCs and Macs.

As a bonus, a video course on SEO is included. The course talks about basic SEO as well as some advanced link building techniques, such as getting free high quality PR links, and more.

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1 thought on “Rapid Rewriter”

  1. The Rapid Rewriter does not have a spell checker built into it. Then it exports the spun articles in notepad format which also does not have a spell checker facility. To spell check your articles you have to individually copy paste them to a MS word document which is a lot of work especially if you have 100 article to do.This is the one irritating weakness of this system.
    Besides that I like the software and what it can do. Dont think of it as a conventional spinner like Magic article Spinner, Yes this does do word spinning one by one if you want but the main job of this software is to help you rewrite the article in your own words. Sentence by sentence you have to write new words and sentences and not synonyms. Then it will create a large number of 75% unique articles using scrambled variations of what you wrote. I guess the software works the mixing with some predetermined plan. Its all too much to do manually and this software is great for that.


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