Rapid Profit Formula

Rapid Profit Formula by Matt Carter is a video course on promoting physical products as an affiliate with WordPress sites.

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5 thoughts on “Rapid Profit Formula”

  1. I’m tempted to buy this course but have already purchased an Amazon products course by another marketer and therefore don’t know if this will be an better.The most difficult part of internet marketing I think is backlinking.It is so time consuming.I hope Matt’s course has some easy methods.

  2. To Carmen:

    I too have purchased other courses promoting physical products, and I too have struggled with backlinking efforts. I have no reason to lie to you, as if you purchase this product, I receive no reward. I will tell you to spend the money on the course, and I highly advise you to purchase the bonus, or as some like to call it, upsell.

    There is only one offer after clicking the buy button, unlike all of the other courses selling for $29 or $39, they have 4 or 5 upsells which I find quite annoying. I only recommend Matt’s upsell because it is worth it. I will say that the upsell is not required to succeed with the course, so if you cannot afford it, you can still just buy the course and get the information that was promised on the sales page.

    I purchased the course Friday, and I am blown away by the format. Not only did Matt cover details that other products do not, he shows examples, and tells you exactly what to do, step by step. Backlinking is one of the main parts of the course, and I am really looking forward to digging in.

    I have 50+ websites up and running as I type this, but I have never felt better about really making money until I purchased Rapid Profit Formula. I believe Matt is the real deal, and I have decided that if anyone is going to take me where I want to go with affiliate marketing, he will!

    Go buy the course. You will not regret it.

  3. I completely agree with Melissa. I bought this course Friday night, I have been online trying to make “consistent” income through affiliate marketing.. I believe Matt is the real deal. He’s teaching me stuff, I had completely looked over.. he also provides a WP template that he personally had created that cost him over $1,000 to create, he gives you a video on how to use it.. its all in his training. I too have purchased other amazon courses, but this is deeper than just amazon.. he shows you how to find individual affiliate programs, this is nuts and bolts stuff from a real affiliate marketer. No hype here, not from me.. I am very impressed with what I am learning. I already have one site up they way he teaches too. Also, he teaches you how to write a review article by showing you on screen his exact approach, my head was spinning with ideas after watching that. But I do have to say.. at some point tonight I will launch into the backlinking method, this is where most programs fail.. I agree too, backlinking is to damn difficult.. so I am a little overwhelmed at the 13 techniques he shows on video.. I am just hoping its clear and precise as to what needs to be done to get good results with each technique.

    I could keep going, really, this course is packed and its refreshing that Matt can teach this well and still keep me interested and wanting more.. don’t second guess what you are seeing on screen, watch it, then do it. I look forward to posting my results in the next couple of weeks as to what kind of revenue I start pulling in.. if any.

    I love this site too.. I wish I found it years ago.. it would have helped me stay away from all those loser products out there and save a LOAD of cash.

    I hope this helps others.


  4. Not only is this the real deal I am so impressed with the content that I have now taken it on to promote myself.

    Matt is a no nonsense individual who over delivers all the time, I have tried a few programs recently, and returned them, but this is by far the best.


  5. I bought the course when it was first launched and although not strictly new to internet marketing, I had not been too successful. After following the course diligently everything has improved and whereas I am not making huge returns I do have some high ranking sites and things are beginning to look good.
    I have looked at many products and have bought a few and regretted it. With Rapid Profit formula I have never regretted it. Brilliant format and great instructional videos. Well thought out and well presented.
    Matt Carter is one of the good guys. If you are new to the market it will give you a tremendous boost and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Buy the special offer Article spinning software too. It’s good value and helps enormously with Article writing.
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