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Rapid Automated IncomeRapid Automated Income by Matt Benwell is a jump start to money making affiliate websites – a plug and play system with profitable niche campaigns.

Affiliate marketing is a tedious process, from the niche and keyword research to finding offers and finally building a website that converts, not to mention getting traffic. Rapid Automated Income system is designed to make this process simple and eliminate most of the steps.

The user is provided with all the research done in profitable markets, the templates that convert, training and tips on how to get targeted traffic to affiliate websites.

In other words, with Rapid Automated Income you only have to worry about how to get traffic to a website that is researched and built to convert for you.

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  1. I get offers in my email all the time with Secrets to Marketing online, or something else and I do a Google Search on the Person and the Program…if I can’t find much about it…I won’t buy it! If someone comes up in the searches and has built a positive profile behind his name, then I might consider it…All I really want to say is that most of these offers are scams and don’t work….or when you do do your homework you in up at a site trying to sell you another product that is Better than the one you are checking out,,,but keep checking before you buy…dancingron

  2. I purchased it and while it’s fairly straightforward in its explanations, it’s not for the beginner..Also, the steps you have to go through to make a landing page are a little ridiculous when all you have to do is just put your hoplink in the URL section on the FB site..to be fair, I’ve only used one program which was the Jamorama and it converted very poorly…perhaps the other ones convert better

  3. I’m tired of being poor. I purchased Rapid Automated Income with hopes of turning the basic $27 investment into a lucrative income generator. My rationalization, if that’s the best way to phrase my thought, was that I’ve certainly made far worse use of twenty-seven bucks in the past.

    I’m concerned about the initially unmentioned costs which are necessary to maintain an adequate advertising presence on facebook’s sidebar. Maybe this won’t be so bad, but these ‘choice’ product picks which RAI has culled from over 100 products and 1,000 trial ads, as the company claims, MUST prove to be robust performers in order for me to turn a profit quickly enough to avoid financial collapse! No exaggeration. Yeah, bad everything led to my monetary dire straits.

    RAI touts a 5-15% sales capture out of every 1,000 ‘click-throughs’, as averaged between the six products which they chose as the best producers among Clickbank’s extensive offerings. I don’t even know what the commission rates are, and I believe I’ve read and seen every pertinent bit of knowledge to be imparted by the package. Clickbank is the host company, if you will, and I’m an affiliate. Clickbank states that the product-specific commissions run as high as 75%. If I’m accurately interpreting the thinly veiled lingo of the video tutorial narrator ( who I presume to also be company owner Matt Benwell ) one needs to budget around $50 per day for the maintenance of a single facebook ad account. This means that if the program doesn’t demonstrate a profit within the first few days of operation, as he strongly intimates it should, I’ll be in something deep really quickly and it won’t be more snow. In the belly of a Northeast winter, the increasingly concerned, unemployed pragmatist in me would be satisfied with simply making enough to meet expenses for now.

    Jorge made my heart sink with his news of poor conversion, as the Jamorama product is the one which I have also decided to promote first. : [ Perhaps my approach will yield better results, as there is a somewhat undervalued variable to be found among the advertising content which affiliates post to attract attention from potential customers: advertisements are sure to range in the effectiveness of their inherent appeal and selling strength, and I’ve read some horrendous copy on the internet. Even Rapid Automated Income’s site and product tutorials are riddled with typographical and grammatical errors. I happen to be highly critical, but it’s a bit unnerving to see such laxity on the part of a company which is putting an obviously blemished final product in the public’s hands — for its own profit, no less! In the final analysis, I don’t give a rat’s ass if this company’s owner and staff
    ( maybe one and the same? ) can’t spell or edit, as long as they have lucre-driven minds that supply me with a viable income system! I’m suspending my disbelief. I must. I need MONEY!

    However, as I type this I’m still fuming from an earlier frustration which I encountered with my RAI product. While I’m an admittedly low-tech internet and computer moron, something tells me that I should not have received zipped files, crucial to the complete setup of this venture, in MS Paint — which is definitely the case, unless I made some unimaginable mistake or oversight in handling them. If I don’t receive a solution from RAI, find a way to convert them on my own, or figure out the error of my ways, this blunder renders these zipped files as useful as…well, as… as unopenable compressed files, or a space heater at the Equator, or prescription sunglasses for Stevie Wonder.

    All is not lost. Strength in the face of adversity. I believe this cloud will bear its silver lining. I’ve seen things which seemed doomed for failure turn around to defy logic and expectation. This will be just such a case. Thus has been my exposure to the Rapid Automated Income method so far. Peace… and hopefully prosperity, too!

  4. Me again. I doubt many people read this comment string, but just in case, I’d like to forewarn anyone considering RAI that you need to be prepared to spend a considerable amount of money to get your RAI business successfully launched on facebook. Mine is on hold. The process is more complicated than one is led to believe, as is typical with any online marketing program.

    Firstly, you aren’t told upfront that you’ll be advertising on facebook or that you’ll incur significant perpetual advertising expenses in order to maintain a presence on the site. The hype Matt Benwell casually tosses out about quick income generation is just that. His figures are inaccurate, as used for demonstration purposes in his personally narrated video tutorials. His figure of budgeting $50 per day to handle 1,000 click-throughs is faulty. The math as he presents it only allows for a budget that covers 100 click-throughs. Matt’s ‘1,000 mark’ will require that you budget $500 per day. Again, this program has a few glaring errors packaged into a supposedly consumer-ready download.

    For an affiliate marketing newbie like myself, it’s a bitch that the materials contain several errors, to which I also called attention in my previous letter. It bears repeating: the content is a bit sloppily presented for a finished product. One zip file is cleaned up by Matt as he works through a tutorial, and he says it will be tidy by the time the purchaser gets it. It isn’t., but that’s not such a big deal. A little tweaking and I was fine. One landing page template is almost unusable, and interestingly enough Matt doesn’t use that one for demonstration purposes in his video tutorials. The Q&A materials which are offered, at least for the Jamorama product, are entirely useless. They were written by various people for whom English is certainly not a primary language.

    Essentially, using Matt’s native HTML code, I reinvented the wheel for my purposes. I wrote my own copy and made a really cool landing page which included animated graphics, hovers, additional links and pictures as text field backgrounds. It was ‘engaging’. I had to learn quite a bit right out of the gate, so the program is not for beginners, even if you choose to use the included page templates.

    One major caveat, which demonstrates the lack of professionalism, is that you are given a generic template for a landing page but you aren’t told what I eventually gathered was the reason for the drab page. The basic page is not a problem — except for the fact that it appears differently in different browsers. To go back to the matter of making my own landing page, I wanted one that didn’t give me the feeling that I was staring at a beige wall in a doctor’s waiting room. Being a relative novice, I didn’t realize until after I put all the effort into my landing page that it is common for pages to not display universally as they did when constructed, meaning that I was as happy as a pig in shit that I was able to make a cool-looking page — until I viewed it in different browsers. It looked great in Firefox, and was different grades of crappy in IE, Chrome and Opera. I learned the hard way. Sometimes it sucks to have ethics and discerning taste.

    Matt Benwell never recognizes how sloppy the product is, and there is no warning to the quality-conscious person who may very well want to offer a cleaner, sharper landing page that the browser incompatibility issue is a real frigging nightmare. Again, I learned.

    I grabbed onto this ‘business model’, (as Mr. Benwell referred to it in a reply to an inquiry from me) being a desperate bastard. Remembering that this is facebook advertising, I must share with you that despite producing imaginative, clean, articulate ads, I didn’t realize a single ‘conversion’ in over 300,000 impressions. My ads gathered about 100 hits before I paused them indefinitely, and I targeted them with as much precision as possible without employing the services of a marketing firm. This performance was far from the 5%-15% conversion rates Matt claims his representative samples generated within a mere few days of the ads ‘going live’. Variables do factor in, but the bottom line is that you aren’t likely to see the profits you want within the general time frame mentioned.

    ON A POSITIVE NOTE, this program may very well be quite effective if given a month or two of ‘$50 days’, but to rain on the parade again, you’ll need considerably deeper pockets than you’re led to believe you’ll need. Anybody can play the waiting game, which seems much longer than it’s alluded to be, but to play it effectively, plan on having a substantial financial cushion to prop you up as you wait for those immediate returns on your investment to begin flooding your ClickBank account.


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