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Rank BuilderRank Builder is a link building automation software for SEO. It allows you to easily get backlinks and rank high in search engines.

How does Rank Builder get links? First of all, it automatically creates link wheels out of Web 2.0 sites. That includes registration with 35 Web 2.0 sites, automated verification of accounts and posting spun articles with your links. It creates a link wheel scheme by linking from one site to another as it posts the content, again all automatically.

Next, it submits RSS feeds to top 10 RSS feed directories, and has Onlywire integration for automated bookmarking (30 social bookmarking sites). And it has a profile builder that automatically creates and verifies accounts on over 650 membership sites that have member profiles where you can add your links.

And finally, Rank Builder has its own link network where you can submit your articles to get even more decent quality links.

Looks like it’s a well rounded link building tool that can produce some quality links as well as a mass of lower quality but still important backlinks that are crucial for SEO.

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4 thoughts on “Rank Builder”

  1. I am trying to figure out if I should invest int Rank Builder or not. This is the best review so far,meaning it’s easy to understand and not a lot of hype.



  2. Is there anyone out there who has subscribed to the rankbuilder SEO/linkbuilding service. I’m very tempted, but for a continual $77 p/m it would have to be really good and substantially better than the competition ( mind you, that wouldn’t be hard!).
    If you have tried it, we would be very interested to hear your feedback.

  3. I got it… but I couldn’t get it to work (being a newbie) so I can’t comment on whether it works or not… That said, I can comment on the ability to discontinue my monthly membership… It’s been a disaster… I can’t get anywhere. I may have to cancel my credit card in order to cancel the membership… Customer service is not clear at all and I’d recommend you think about this prior to getting it…

  4. I subscribed to RankBuilder, took the free trial, now a full paying member. I had high hopes, but I am very disappointed. I am NOT a newbie, I may not be an internet guru, but have many years experience. There is a 100 page manual and all kinds of videos to learn from; however, I have not had much success in even getting started. Just the set up is way too complicated, too many error messages, etc. I spent the whole weekend on it, roughly 15 hrs., and still at a loss. Support is useless, they tell you to read the manual. I’ll keep trying because it looks like a great concept, but if I don’t make any headway soon, I too will be requesting a refund.


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