Push Button Money

This is an entry for Push Button Money, a system to easily create converting websites by Aaron Darko.

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8 thoughts on “Push Button Money”

  1. I just bought the product a few days ago. Its easy to understand and I hope it holds out in what it is offering, in way of making it online

  2. Well, the software (Traffic Volcano) is cool, but illegal. It violates YouTube’s terms of use and the law itself. I tried to get Aaron to convince me otherwise, but instead he refunded my money without a request from me. That’s ok, but I guess he then knows what he’s selling is criminal.

  3. Hi Simon. That’s a very strong accusation, would you care to elaborate? I haven’t seen this software and haven’t found much info about it, so I don’t know how it works. I can understand that it might very well break YouTube’s terms – most automation software breaks terms of the sites it’s directed at. For example, all keyword research tools break Google’s ToS, many link building tools break the ToS of sites they target, heck 99% of SEO as such breaks the ToS of Google. Breaking ToS is actually a big part of IM if you consider it.

    But terms of use are not laws. If it’s breaking the law and is criminal, please tell us what law you think it breaks. And if you think it does, why don’t you report them to the respective authorities.

  4. I bought this software and had numerous problems accessing and using it, as described in an article on my faceplate. When I eventually did get access, my computer crashed on me. Haven’t yet tried it again, so can unfortunately not give more comment here and now.


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