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158 thoughts on “Push Button Cash Site”

  1. It is the best program I have bought so far but I had a problem getting it set up. Forget about customer service. They’re too busy trying to sell you something else. They have never returned my emails for help.

  2. Susan, how many sales have you made in the last week with this software. Calling it the best program you have bought is one thing, but actually making sales is another. I appreciate your feedback, as I am considering purchasing but am leery of another “push button” sales generator.

  3. I don’t have THAT much to tell yet, but here is what I have to say so far:

    1) I first bought this product on Friday, January 28 late at night, and just watched the training videos.

    2) Saturday, January 29, mid morning. I got my hosting account, and set up my first wordpress blog. I was very pleased with how easy it was to set up this software. It was simple to use, and easy to understand. Took me about 20-25 minutes my first time around and to get a feel for it. But it was SO easy to get used to it that I just kept setting up sites faster and faster and I’d say in about 4 hours or so I had a dozen different niche sites up and running.

    3) Sunday, January 30, mid afternoon. I logged into my main c-panel just to check the stats and expecting nothing since I only set things up the day before. To my surprise I actually got hits on my sites. Between 2-15 hits combined. Not much to sing about, but it was only a day later.

    No, I have NOT made any money yet, but it’s only been about 2 days that my sites are live. I spent a few more hours making more sites. It’s become so easy to do now that I do it while watching TV. I can get a new site up and running in about 10 minutes each now. NO, I do NOT expect to get RICH with this over night if at all. But the way things look, I’m sure I’ll make my investment back before the end of this week and maybe even start MAKING a few bucks here and there. THAT is a LOT more than I can say for any other “Make Money Online” product I ever bought before. I say give this one a shot.

  4. Hi, I just bought this software the 29 of january at $47 ,
    I did all the steps till the CAMPAIGNS and now I have a WARNING sayng that I need a liscence for the Push Button to be activated?

    Do you know if I need to purchase another liscence?
    I thought that this was included

    I send them 2 emails but no answers

    Thanks for your help

  5. Yeah, but what does it do? Keyword generater…word press template software…SEO tool? Sure it may be easy to use but so is my caculator. Easy doesn’t mean effective so I guess the real question is how does it work.

    I’ve noticed that no mater what the latest and greatest software is that claims it’s a cash making, traffic generating brake through etc. never – and I mean never tells you what it really is. Every review talks about how great some new software is but no one ever breaks down what it really does…why is that? I mean I’m not asking for code or scripts or anything like that – I just want to know what it does.

    I’m getting emails from all the so called “gurus” about this one so the buzz is trickling it’s way down the food chain…but what that tells me is all the affiliates are trying to cash in quick before people catch on and stop buying – which makes me even more skeptical.

  6. Hi DANIEL,

    I just received your promotion in my email for an answer about what I just post on this blog but buying again the same product. It’s seams that a machine is taking care of all your emails you receive.
    Could I have some support somewhere with you?

  7. how does the money comes in ………………yes it’s easy to set up ect. , but i want to know how do i really make my investment back……..can anyone tell me that ?
    i payed for it and i want to set it up, but now i see that i need to bay for a hostgator site, i dont want ot put more money into this not knowing what it’s really about , or if im really going to make money……………….


    THANK YOU!!!

  8. Yes i have used this software and it is amazing this is what you call push button software it actually does what it says.If you are looking to make money online this is the product to buy i would recommend this to anyone who wants to make money online……

  9. Hi Tim, can you answer my questions then, if you said that it is so good, what did you actually bought?

    I have paid for the Push button software but it seem to need a liscence as well? Am I correct?

    I did all the steps but at the activation of the Campaigns that stop because of the liscence eventhought I have entered my password etc.

    Did someone had the same issus as mine?

    Thanks NCL

  10. but where does the money come from…….how does it get there….??????????

    anybody else have answers for my other questions ?

    O! if i set up more then 80 sites a day or a week (it’s very easy to da ), will i get more then $500.00 a week ????

  11. I just realized that the website we are promoting is all the same which is what we bought. Google ‘push button cash site’ and there’s all of us. Up to 50 pages right now

  12. any answers????????????? what, is it a secter no ones allowed to talk about ? i mean,… how come everyone’s so hush hush about it ????

  13. wtf is this shit we bought this crap expectin what we are told but there is nothing saying how to use it or wtf to do with it…. how is this crap supposed to make u money if u cant use it cuz ur told absolutly nothing and the ppl that say it work and support(what support?) wont say anything or email back on any thing… this 60day money back beeter be real or im takeing these ppl to court for fraud… this is bs…

  14. I think this new site is all’ BS’ i cant even open the down load, a message tells me I need an administrators account-What is that. Also when he was selling he said only a few left, but for the next two days I got emails from about 5 or 6 different people. He doesnt answer any quires. This was offered to me by one of the reptable opperators, Gary Bacchetti what does that say?
    “Lost out again”

  15. hi guys, I’m with you. this is crap. I wish we could get it known out there that this is BS.
    I have been trying for 2 weeks to get a reply from support that actually makes sense and tells me what I need to know. Apparently I need a license?? I cannot get any campaign etc to load on my website as it tells me the plugin is not valid and to go and get a license. What did I pay for?
    I guess a refund is the only way to go here.
    Everyone please be warned – CRAP!

  16. I would deactivate it and then reactivate it again. It should work.

    I got all the way through the set-up process for the facebook money maker and there was no pdf file in the zip file, nor any autoresponder messages that were promised me.

    I emailed the support email at davidyoung.service@gmail.com but all the emails are returned… yet I’m ready to go and the ZIP files don’t contain all the documents I was promised!!!!!

    Any suggestions?


  17. Under “Terms of Use” there is an email to their support desk. You MUST register to SUBMIT A TICKET for a response in order to get any customer service response or issues resolved.

    Go to:

    I hope this helps you guys out.


  18. Thanks to all of you about telling the truth on how does this program works. The last ones reveals the secret of the whole history: Another junk piece of technology. Cheap but worthless. Don’t spend another penny for this and send it to the Recycle bin, then mark it as Spam and save your money. Thanks because out of your comments for sure I could be trapped again into another crap miracle.

  19. hi guys, can anyone tell me how to activate this software? i’ve tried every way out there to open it but it wont’ open !!! and ya i sent them few emails but no reply !!!!

  20. I as a new owner of this package, and have had an issue with installation of the plugin in WordPress, getting the samemessage as others that the package is unlicensed. I sent several emails that were returned to addresses found in his emails and then on the Push Button Cash Site homepage. Recently, the email on their site has been amended to danielyoung.service@gmail.com, from which I did get a response that to solve the plugin license issue I needed to uninstall WordPress from my website cPanel and reinstall it from scratch. I did that but the issue remains and am waiting for further suggestions from them.

    To Heather, if you want to know how to use the package, you need to log into the PBCS homepage with the password sent to you after your purchase and watch all the videos to learn how to use what you have purchased.
    There is some work iinvolved and you need to spend money on your own hosting account with a third party. You also need to create accounts at Clickbank and Google to have any way of making money with his advice.

    In his video, he suggests Hostgator who have a package for $9.95/month. We here at Unicorntechnologies.com have an easy to use package for only $9.75/mo billed annually, with 24/7 support for all the free tools included.

    I’ll keep you posted on my progess in getting his license issue fixed, but if you follow the rest of his instructions and are at all internet savey, you can make money with it, just not with 1 button.

  21. Wow! Really? I didn’t spend a dime! Ya know why? Because the dude said he was only giving away 200. So I thought to myself “Self! If this guy is really only giving away 200 at $47 then realistically within a day he shouldn’t have any left.” So I waited a day! And guess what? The SOB is still willing to take my $47. MUST BE A SCAM!!!

  22. I just bought it so I haven’t made any money yet, but I can tell you it works if you follow the instruction videos. They’re very detailed. You need to log into their website with the user (email) and password they sent you. The same goes for the licensing: you just need to go to options and fill in your username (email) and password. Again, it’s really easy to set up if you follow the videos step by step.

  23. To David….for some reason i cant install the software , it won’t open at all , i’ve tried alot of ways and it simply won’t open , i even tried to open it with the jzip file he added there … any suggestions??

  24. @ David. I agree he provides excellent documentation. I have been able to login to the membership web site multiple times and have reviewed all the videos. The only thing I have not been able to do is add my login details in the Options for the Plugin in WordPress. I keep getting “unlicensed package” please purchase a license error message.

  25. Hi everyone. Oh God, let me tell you guys, you guys HAVE NO IDEA how lucky you are to have me here. I bought the push button cash, and no, I have no problem with license thing like these other people who comment here. Why I say you lucky? Cause I research AND research this software before buying it. All good AND VERY BIAS. I decide to just heck with it, and trust it, and voila, TOTAL DISAPPOINTMENT.

    How can I do anything wrong if i set it right and is on autopilot? First off let me tell you, this is NOT A SOFTWARE, is a friggin’ plug in for wordpress. What it does? Attract MASSIVE TRAFFICS TO YOUR SITE? Heck no, all it does, is put contents on you website, THAT’S IT. Are you listening, THAT’S IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! What kind of guarantee is this? Just putting content and the traffics will come? WHY DIDN’T HE MENTIONED THIS ON THE VIDEO? He said it has potential to attract traffics, some sort of a miracle product he designed. Dude, is just a firggin zip file!

    47 bucks is just for the softwa- I mean plugin, where it only post contents on your websites. It works perfect on that part, BEYOND perfect, is great you will have massive content. But it DOES NOT INCLUDE in the plugins that you get good keywords for traffics. That part he just show you through video, through friggin’ google adword. He gives a guarantee that you will see traffics and MONEY quickly an soon as it set, is been four days, no results. Now maybe the post content thing on autopilot with a very flexibility features is actually valuable in setting website. It claims that it will be “google-friendly”, means your site will be on google search results. My site is STILL not in google search results. And google adsense still not accepting my website. The things he DOESN’T tell you is, it takes time to enter google search results, some people takes more than weeks for their website to get accepted by google adsesne, and THERE IS ADDITIONAL PAY WHEN GOING TO HOSTGATOR TO GET YOUR DOMAIN. AND I PAY FOR THAT TOO!!!

    Speaking of additional pay, did you know in order to make real money is to buy ANOTHER “software” that is more that 200 bucks!!!! Why he didn’t mentioned this earlier? Why he only say, “Just 47 bucks make thousands!” Liar! Only with 200 bucks sottware you can make money since it allows you to have MULTIPLE websites with CONTENTS always filled on autopilot. But even that software I have doubts. My question is, what kind of guarantee money making is this, if it only post contents to your websites???????????? That’s a guarantee? I only bought it because he said the product will literally grab the traffics to your website. That was a friggin’ metaphor? I call that a lie.

    The most damning thing about this, AND I MEAN THE MOST DAMNING THING! Is that the software DOES NOT fill the big hole in your website. Pages. It indeed post content, in categories, NOT PAGES. My pages are empty, there’s only ‘home’ and ‘about’, even the ‘about’ the software did nothing to it. This gives a bad look to my website, and hard to get approve by google. Although this is still in theory, I’m still waitting for approval. Who knows maybe it doesn’t matter my websites have no pages, but has massive contents, maybe I will still get approved. But highest percentage of me don’t believe on that. Because IS REALLY UGLY with no pages, will scare of my traffics. That is the MOST DAMNING ABOUT PUSH BUTTON CASH. Oh, and another thing, there is no “button”. Is a thing he create, to attract customers.

  26. I just bought this product and watched the videos, signed up with clickbank and adsense but I’m lost! What do I do to get the ball rollin with the campaigns? Can someone please show me the next step? I have read some posts that claim this product and I’m fairly sure they are correct but I paid the money so I might as well try as hard as I can to make this work. Please help if you can. Thanks.

  27. I have been working with so called gurus online for years and I could say that most of them are liars!

    Provide services to online marketers like seo, web dev, research, article writing and more, these way you will really make money!

    I know you will say that you don’t know any of the above services then OUTSOURCE it!

  28. Is it true that a vendor in clickbank is charge $18
    for every return they get?

    I read that somewere.

    Also to pfreelancers, they are ALL LIARS, believe me.

    My segestion is get out of this business it is all dreams
    and f cking bull shit.

    Could I be wrong?

  29. Clickbank isn’t very clear of what charges they impose upon chargeback, but it seems there is one under ‘other charges’:

    I’m not a vendor so I cannot tell exactly. But I think most of the time it doesn’t come to chargebacks as Clickbank gives refunds very willingly.

    Regarding getting out, it depends on what you call business, John. If it’s chasing the holy grail then by all means get out of it and do it fast. But my understanding of business very different.

  30. Ok guys,

    I purchased the same program and now have found this site.

    I followed the sites video tutorials ….but when I was ready to start a campaign I got this error….Update frequency cannot be empty or 0, …..the problem is that I don’t have Update frequency area for that input. I do have the Number of posts to retrieve on update but NO Update frequency area to fill in…thus I can not get past the “Start Campaign Page”

    I have emailed 3 times for help with no response

    I just completed what Jim said above……………………..

    Jim Says:

    February 2nd, 2011 at 9:07 pm
    Under “Terms of Use” there is an email to their support desk. You MUST register to SUBMIT A TICKET for a response in order to get any customer service response or issues resolved.

    Go to:

    I hope this helps you guys out.


    thanks Jim

    Now waiting for resonse….in the meantime…..has anybody made any money doing this ….or any other tips?

    Today is Wed Feb 9 2011…if I get no respsce by next Monday…I will probably get a refund


    I have bought others from ClickBank….wasn’t what I was looking for….asked for refund….took several days, but did recieve it.

    Hoping ya’ll have luck

  31. Please everybody! You want to believe this works!? guess what? it dose…but only for who sold you this, just ask for a refund and Good Luck!!

  32. Hi guys,
    I’ve been doing Internet Marketing for over 4 years and have bought many books and programs from all these so called “gurus” all claiming that they have a software or product that can make you tons of money on autopilot….very similar claims to this so called “Push Button” software.

    Let me tell you that it’s all bogus. There’s no easy way to make money, ok. The truth is that you can make money on the Internet, but it takes lots of hard works and skills. You really need to learn and master the skills before you can make money. These skills include traffic generation, writing good content, testing, design.

    So, don’t waste your money on these bogus products. Take the time to learn the skills first.

  33. nothing is instant to become rich, everything is done with effort, hard work, diligence, patience, even to dream too we must sleep first. so try, try n try, try n try. good luck. Amen

  34. I’ve got my money back through Clickbank. It is sad that somebody is gaining advantage by making to-good-to-be-true statements about their defective product. We’ll make a petition letter to Clicbank to carefully screen the products that they’re going to sell by sending them a free copy and review it first before sending it to their marketplace. Their reputation is at stake here. I lost my confidence in Clickbank anymore.

    Who wants to join?

  35. I haven’t bought this sftwr yet but i was considering it. maybe not anymore, unless i decide it will help me build sites. If u want to build sites, then google it . There are a lot of plug-ins for wordpress. all you have to do is google it and there will be a lot of results. You also have to cover you own asses by checking out things before you buy. that is how i buy things now. I used to fly blind and buy a lot of stuff on recommendations of all these gurus, but do yourself a favor, and check it out by the reveiws. The first clue is when they start bragging about how much money they make, not how much it will help you. My advice to my kids is “don’t show off, just show”. Wait, go to forums like this, see what others have to say, find out what the product does,if u can use it , then by god, buy it . Save some time and money, also there are a lot of bonuses if u just take the time to read a few reviews till u get a feel for the product. A few products can help to automate your process, but it all starts with a plan. And yes, I have figured out that all these guys are in it for one thing, that is to make money, what do you think???, Duh, what do you make when u trade your time for a “job” right , these guys have figured out what it takes to be an affiliate to sell other products. That is the easiest way to get started. My advise is, learn what you can, then go out and start “making money” if you can. Otherwise learn how to promote your favorite hobby, build a site, learn how to drive traffic, then, once you have learned that, then you might be ready to jump in as an affiliate marketer. Learn what u can about the whole process first. Also, spell things right, because when i read all these “pitches”, they all have spelling errors. That looks real professional doesn’t it, duhhhh. Some of these idiot markerters and product creators don’t even make time to spell things right, they are too lazy, they’d rather pay someone to do it for them. That’s what every rich person in the world does, they pay some-one to do the manual jobs. They sit back and make the money. Do you want to make money? Then it’s going to require a little work on your part. Learn about it then go apply it. Good luck. And yeah, quit wasting your money on things you don’t even know about. Learn, learn, learn Remember,,,, Google it first. It works for everything, If you all can remember my name, i have made up my mind to give the truth and i will try to help newbies. I wish someone could have done this when i started out. I still don’t know a lot and i have been trying to learn for four years now, but i have responsibilities that take precedence and are more important than giving all my time to a dream i know nothing about. I will not give up though, and neither should you. There is a lot of awesome info out there, you just have to find it. It’s out there. Don’t trust anyone, unless u find the truth. It is out there, remember the web is the info superhighway. Take care, and good luck.

  36. I was about to buy this program..Good thing I read here..That’s true I agree with onlinemarketingcoach..There’s no such thing as a quick rich scheme…everyone has to go to a process…Skills are needed…

  37. The last few months I have been researching what seems to be every ‘get rich quick’ scheme out there and as you know there is no shortage. I came across ‘Turbo Commissions’ by Michael Jones. It looks like Michael Jones and Daniel Young are partners in this business. After much research on Turbo Commission, and not finding any negative remarks, I bought it. I was pleasantly surprised of all the information which is offered. I am not sure if I could make any money or not but I felt the information given was worth the $27.00.
    Another offer was sent to my E Mail a few days later. Yup, you guessed it. Push Button. PBCS is just a better and easier Turbo Commissions with the same instructor (narrator) who claims to be Michael Jones. So I researched PBCS and did not find much negativity. I went ahead and bought it believing I am not taking much of a chance as they offer the money back guarantee. By the way, I had purchased a few other of MJ’s products and got immediate refunds from Clickbank. If you need to get a refund, just call 1-800-390-6035.
    PBCS seemed pretty promising until I read all the previous complaints. I have not implemented the videos yet as I do not fully understand the last couple of videos.
    I take these products with a grain of salt. They are difficult to take seriously due to their sleazy presentation such as the many upgrades and constantly lowering the price until you bite. That alone is enough to make me run the other way.
    At this point I think I might get my money back even though I think there could be some money made.
    Is there anyone out there that has made any money at all from an on line product such as PBSC?????

  38. This software or plugin is retarded! It puts other peoples articles on your post and so, there is no real way to make money! Don’t buy it if you are thinking of it. You make money from blogging, but you have to do the work. Nothing is that easy! Daniel is just another liar!

  39. Thank you all for you comment; I almost fell for this guy, he appears to be sincere at least on Video. I love to meet him in person and ask him to give back the two and a half hours of my time checking out is American greed!

  40. hi there just wondering has anyone made any money frm this program yet,
    im still trying to get my refund, but there not answering back
    wot should i do

  41. I have the same problem about saying I need a license once I uploaded but I thought I weas getting a single site license. Such promises but don’t know how to find support.

  42. Based on the experience of this purchaser, once you buy this software, expect NO customer service. Why invest in an entity that represents what they do, which is “take the money and run”

  43. I agree with Rog. These people are there to make the money on selling you the product. You, the unfortunate gullible idiot (that’s me, at least) are left to your own devises without any support. My three e mails have been ignored. I have gone through the videos. I even bought the Multiple sites thing for $200.00 but I still believe it is all BS. Thanks for the advice of going for a refund on Clickbank otherwise I think I can kiss my money goodbye.

  44. I bought the plug in on a whim and am enjoying setting up my site. I only paid $27 for 1 plug in. I wish I had paid for the 10 sites – i think the cost got down very low after several clicks, but I was still skeptical! I am assuming that the money will be made from adsense and affiliate marketing of clickbank products. However I am only reading the videos as I get to them and I haven’t reached those videos yet! I am regarding the $27 as money for training, as someone else said. I think I got a bonus when I purchased. I have a traffic program so will run my blog with that, once I learn how to use that program! I agree with the online coaching – it takes time, knowledge and experience. I don’t regard this as a scam. I put it in the same category as the old encyclopaedia salesmen “would you like to enter a free raffle?” and then they ring you to sell you books! I believe there is money to be made and envisage that I will one day launch my own product on clickbank – but this takes time. I have learnt a huge amount in only the last 6 weeks since I decided to take my education more seriously. I’ll let you know if I actually do make any sales!!!

  45. I’m considering buying the software, even after all your negative comments. Why? Because these are not get rich quick schemes. They take work and creativity. If it was so easy, everyone would be doing it. $47.00 is nothing…AND if you buy it through clickbank, you got 90days to return it back!!! What’s the risk? There is none. These products take consistency to work. Yes, i agree. The guy makes it sound like you’re making thousands tommorow to make a quick sell … but the reason it doesn’t work as well is because like 95% of the world’s population, we try it, fail and quit. I’d like to talk to someone who actually did this program, EVERYDAY, for 30 consecutive days … following directions EXACTLY as laid out in the books. Then, if there is no results, fine,

    Its like Multi level marketin / network marketing. I’ve tried them and i failed. However, i’ve never turned around and called them a scam due me failing …but most people do. We all want to get rich quick.. but hardly anyone is willing to pay the price. And im one of them. However, i realize it and im working on it. So instead of blaming the systems (the easy way to do it), blame yourselves and work on improving your patience and work ethic.

  46. I fully agree with Dale, lost confidence in Clickbank Products. Must give this though, they do refund. Takes a few days because they first inform the vendor. I also think they could make it easier for affiliates to find the place for asking a refund.
    As to PBCS and others – if I can’t get the product to work at all, never mind the hyped up promises, there is just one way – ask a refund. One thing I’ve learned : if there are more than 2 up-sells leave right there, because then the original product doesn’t work on its own.

  47. I am beginning to think this is a scam folks. I bought the PBCS as well as the multi-site edition. When I got to video #7 PBCS Installation it talks about a PBCS auto-pilot plugin that he had already downloaded. I searched the entire PBCS site for this plugin and it was nowhere to be found.

    I went ahead and opened a ticket with their Customer Support

    and they replied with a link to download the plugin. When I tried the link, it didn’t work it gave me “Server Not Found” so it was a bad link. I opened another ticket explaining to them the link is not working and I have not received a reply back from them since the 20th.

    I have since opened several more tickets and sent multiple emails but to no avail. I have heard nothing back. Thus, this whole thing sounds very suspicious to me. Has anybody else run into a similar problem of if you know what the correct link is for the auto pilot plug-in it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  48. Hi john I’m going thur the same thing as you are bought the software on 2/19/11
    did not get a link went to everprofits, clickbank customer support and sent daniel young email on 2/21/11
    did not get a reponds untill 2/23/11 this is what i got:


    Download the new plugin:
    1. enter the member area (
    2. enter the plugin zone: from: Push Button Cash Site – Start Here!
    3. download the new plugin to your desktop.

    Updateing the plugin
    1. Login to your wordpress blog admin (
    2. From Plugins page, deactivate Push Button Cash Site
    3. Once deactivated, delete Push Button Cash Site – This option will appear on the plugins page AFTER deactivating.
    4. Click Add New button on the Plugins page
    5. Click Upload
    6. Click “choose file” to select the new zip file to upload
    7. Activate Push Button Cash Site
    8. Confirm version is reported as 1.1



    are these the urls you’ll talking about John becouse these don’t work ether.
    can any one on this forum help us Thanks.

  49. Thnx Jim that’s wicked knowing where to go for support. All my e-mails to that danielyoung.service@gmail.com were getting bounced back too…how the heck were we supposed to know about this other link for support!? That puts up a red flag for me right off the hop, and now I can’t even login to the members area for some reason! I’m not to optimistic at this point, although I will say setting up the sites was actually pretty easy but that don’t mean squat if you’re not making any money off of them! Good thing there is a money-back guarantee…

  50. Hi, I bought pbcs about two weeks ago. I created 2 websites, and have seen about 70 unique visitors – haven’t made any money yet. Aside from that, I wanted to let people know that the pbcs plugin does not seem to be working correctly. I have been trying to post new content, and it acts like it is doing something, and an hour later it is still doing the same thing. Not to mention, I set up the campaigns to run (just like the video said), and have never seen any new content come to my site. It would be a good tool, if it acutally worked.

  51. does anyone knows if aaron pays for click?and how much?cause …i make free traffic for his site when people clicks on my link ,right? shouldn’t i make money from him too ,the clicks i mean?not only if i sell the product from clickbank,right,thats logic.i have the soft for 5 days now and no money guys …so…i dont know,if you are”bored’with your money in your pocket,buy it ,if not ,don’t.and one more thing let’s say i pay for advertise my site ,if nobody subscribes,i make no money ,right? thanks all

  52. @ Deb, I am having the same problem, when I click “post now” the page looks to be loading but never gets anywhere! I have emailed CS and they have suggested

    Download the new plugin:
    1. enter the member area (
    2. enter the plugin zone: from: Push Button Cash Site – Start Here!
    3. download the new plugin to your desktop.

    Updateing the plugin
    1. Login to your wordpress blog admin (
    2. From Plugins page, deactivate Push Button Cash Site
    3. Once deactivated, delete Push Button Cash Site – This option will appear on the plugins page AFTER deactivating.
    4. Click Add New button on the Plugins page
    5. Click Upload
    6. Click “choose file” to select the new zip file to upload
    7. Activate Push Button Cash Site
    8. Confirm version is reported as 1.1

    I have done this twice and it still is not working. I must add it did work to start with and I liked the idea of getting loads of content with out having to write it myself. So the plug in is useful, if it bloody worked!!!!

  53. The most accurate review here is that of Jean on Feb 5th,2011 at 5:17pm
    Guys beware.
    If you plan to purchase this one, think twice maybe several times and only if you got 200bucks to spare just for this software alone and a few bucks to spare for domain name and web hosting.

  54. I bought the software two weeks ago and I am still trying to set it up. I have everything from others comment. Deactivate and reactivate the software. I have also removed and installed wordpress again and again. But the push button cash site wont appear on my plugging, every time it says file error and some -10 and zip blah blah. I have tries to contact them on every link email and help desk but no response. I want to get a full refund because i bought the ten site. I really think that this product is a scam. I have bought mass money software. I have not make any money yet but their video tutorial is really good. can somebody tell me how I can get a refund.

  55. Folks,
    The latest update on PBCS. All contact email adresses and links are invalid:


    as well as their “Customer Support” link

    Q. What kind of product is it that cuts off support email addresses and all form of Customer Support I ask you???

    A. Scam product folks, just good old fashioned scamming in the new technology age. Dishonesty is a timeless trait. No matter what century we are in, what generation, etc. It will always be there!!!

  56. Yup this software has issues! If you buy the initial package and bypass all those “you’ll never see this offer again pages” you will have to go back through their rinky-dink support system!

    Fortunately I bookmarked the affiliates offer and found the link to that! Here: danielyoung.service@gmail.com
    This was interesting also, joint ventures and affiliate issues ONLY: mj6355@gmail.com – (only affiliate issues will get a response)

    I must admit I had apprehensions when I read the details of arbitration in Europe, but bought my copy anyways.
    Sure it looks good to a newbie, just set up a few sites, set parameters and keywords, and run a campaign!
    The twenty ten page style is ok, but when I looked at other word press options there wasn’t much that excited me!
    I too, ran into issues with the single site license but I upgraded from the member’s area. what a bleak area that is! when you click on your license link, all you will see is the word “approved” in the upper left corner of the blank page, I asked what’s up w/ that???

    Another issue you may encounter will be getting Google to crawl your sites! Make sure you have your publisher ID entered into adsense optimizer. Each & every site you build will need individual attention to this detail! I am also told by an article marketer that Google has recently changed its policy on the origin of the articles on your blogs!, Just frickin Great!!!

    I have successfully added some Amazon links, however where to put them is still foreign to me, in the php editor page. Under appearence.
    What I want to know is why do the Youtube videos stretch when you scroll down??? I’ve just gone back and trashed about a dozen amongst several of my sites! That sucks to loose 4 out of 9 for my “everything Wisconsin site!” Why are keywords ignored? Wis. has nothing to do with the European articles! or Bangcok festivals! Those too went to the trash!

    Because I played around with some settings I lost the cron job application on another siter site.
    My welding site w/ aweber opt in box still shows only 1 optin from a serious spammer!
    Watch out for all the European linkbacks that will start piling up pretty quickly as well! I suggest the “no comments” option.

    As for the missing download from the JV Auto Mass Traffic one of the complaints I submitted was closed w/o resolution because my log in frooze in the support page for three weeks! I will be looking to clickbank with the next ticket for support! If nothing else works, the 60 day guaruntee or credit card options await!

    What good is a blog if there is no traffic still hangs over my head like a rain cloud, ya know??
    In summary $450.00 is gone, one month has passed and I have yet to make 1 thin dime!

  57. Hi!

    I am from the Philippines and $Dollars$ is expensive here in my country. I purchased PBCS on march 1, 2011 and when I downloaded it, I found out it is not a software. So I watched the video instructions, found out it is a plugin and set PBCS on a wordpress blog with my domain hosted at hostgator. It was only now that I found out that you need to pay for a domain to create a site which I didnt know because what I know is making free blogs. I was dismayed that I could only make 1 site and that I need to upgrade to a multi site license to create many blogs with a price I cannot afford as you know the price is like a 1 month salary here in my country. I know that I can make money with adsense and clickbank by promoting ads. I got no experience with clickbank yet but I got experience with adsense with my free blogs that i created at blogger.com, etc. and I did made money but only a little, very little.

    PBCS plugin created many posts on my wordpress blog and I monetized(posted) it with adsense and clickbank ads on which if someone buy using the links i posted i will have commission(clickbank) or you can make money just by someone clicking on the ad(adsense). But it has been 3 days now and you know what, traffic seems to be very low and not as promised. The wordpress blog i created with PBCS has low visitors compared to my free blogs at blogger.com which i made money with adsense. Seems like there’s no advantage at all using a hosted blog to a free blog. I thought that with PBCS you will have tons of traffic but no.

    So I got only a single license blog and not a multi site licencse on which I can make many blogs. What good will a single blog be? It’s useless and I think I cant make money using it also because it has less visitors making traffic. On my free blogs at blogger.com, there are many visitors creating traffic and I made a little money with adsense but not yet for clickbank. So I think PBCS is about creating many blogs with many contents and promoting adsense and clickbank ads to make money and is not about traffic or having many visitors to your blog site.

    I think I will have a refund, from clickbank and hostgator but don’t know how. Have anyone tried it yet honestly? Can someone post steps to follow or tips, links on how to have a refund from clickbank and hostgator? And I think it should not be named as push button cash site cause theres no button to push but should be “Automatic Multiple Blog Builder WordPress Plugin”. Free wordpress blogs at wordpress.com have no plugin feature but only at wordpress.org using the wordpress administration panel and can only be accessed by hosting. From experience, making money by blogs is hard. You post ads to your blog and make money. Someone might buy throught your ad after 2 years or so. I think I am losing hope on clickbank. It’s like selling products in the market and its only luck if you have many customers who buy. but in adsense, if someone click on your ads you make money but very little only- lucky for those who have made much money.

    Sorry for my English but I think Im a bit better than Congressman Manny Paquiao-multi awarded world boxing champion from the Philippines

  58. I was very interested in this but decieded to check out other comments! Thanks you for saving from a bunch of work and headaches!

  59. I was doing fine till I got to video #7 – PBCS Installation ,I can’t find the Push button cash auto pilot plug in file .In the video he says he will show us how to install the PBCS plug in and he say he already has it downloaded but he doesn’t say where to find the file to download .I watched the Video 5 , 6 and 7 several time but I must of missed where he says the download is located. Can Anyone please tell me.

  60. Hi,

    Thanks everybody for sharing your genuinue comments about this push button cash site software. I was like everybody out there quite interested about this amazing cash generating software with auto-pilot. But after reading your comments and yes this is a NO NO situation to get this software that doesnt work properly.

    Thanks for sharing and it helps me save my $$$.

  61. Paul if you go back up near the first videos you will see you have to download the jzip program and then you should be able to upload the push button cash site plug in from your computer this step took me quite a while to figure out I hope this helps

  62. Go to Clickbank.com and get your money back. You have 60 days to do so. I’m asking for my money back tomorrow. I’ve put in multiple support tickets and still no answer. Also, sign up with Warrior Forum and post your complaints on there. All of the guru’s go on there and see what’s said about them. Jani G. screwed me with Auto Profit Hijack and I got my money back from Clickbank after 65 days. There were extenuating circumstances and i had problems from the beginning. I’ve seen Jani G. commenting on Warrior Forum myself. I just want it made public what scammers these guys are and we should try to get the word out whenever possible.

  63. Sorry, for refunds go to http://www.clkbank.com. You will need your Clicbank Order number AND either your e-mail, your last four digits of credit card used to purchase or Paypal Transaction ID number. You could also send them an e-mail from clkbank address. If you prefer, call them at 1-800-390-6035. They will speedily and cheerfully refund your account. Promise. I’ve done it many times.

  64. hi
    i have been running the software for about a month and have around 30 sites running , i only put in a few hours here and there but have seen some results but nothing to write home about , the software works by grabbing articles and videos etc from the web automatically so you get the content for your site which updates automatically then you add clickbank and adsense ads which also update automatically and can be matched to your posts using keywords . sure you can make sites very fast but remember you need traffic to make any money on those sites so bear this in mind , you can visit one of my sites and have a look how i have done it if you like at howtogainmuscleweightfast.net there you will also find links to my other sites.
    good luck.

  65. forgot to mention your license code is the same as the user and pass you use to sign in with the push button cash site ie email and password.
    hope this helps

  66. Wow steve your website looks pretty good for this program. I might have to use a few of your techniques.What I mean is some of the plug in options that you have on there. Im not lookin to copy you lol. But it looks like a cool website. I got a few different ones set up and I started havin some internal server error problems. What a headache how do you expect to get to get traffic if no one can view your websites. Im still tryin to figure out some of the wordpress stuff, and plug ins. But i did get advice that you should only post 1-2 posts every hour not 5 like he says in his video or at least thats what I think it said.
    Doing bulk posts and 5 posts every hour even with randomizin your posts I guess can cause Internal server error problems. If there is anything else that may cause that please someone let me know I would appreciate it. 🙂

  67. Of couse this is a scam people!!! Wake UP!!! There is nothing that can make you money with the push of a button………

  68. Ok people… here is the deal with this site. It’s not a scam. But not really ethical either – or should I say, “shaddy”. NOT illegal, but does not sit well with me. This is what these types of “push button” money programs do. They show you how to set up a word press blog and provide a plug-in that builds your articles for you – instantly. It takes articles from all over the web from other sites, and posts them to your website with different dates to look like there is a real human posting the articles. So yes, by pushing a few buttons, you set up a blog with hundreds of pages. In a niche marketing. you will get traffic instantly just by nature of the volume.

    The site continues to grows on auto pilot forever… but how it does it is by taking everyone else’s articles and reposting them to yours. This in itself is not wrong… many article writers do allow you to repost their articles in their entirety, but all of the articles will have links to the products they are selling containing their affiliate links. So the only way to make money is through ads on the header and columns of the blog… NOT from within the articles like real bloggers do to make money. You can also make money from the traffic to the articles and these types of “push putton” programs show you how to insert Google ads and get paid for clicks from people visiting the articles. Because this program creates duplicate content blogs, it would take a few months to make your money back – unless you get lucky in an untapped market.

    That said, the reason why I think it is unethical (and a waste of time), is that all you are doing is creating “duplicate” content. Google does not like this. They like unique content. Again, NOT illegal… but if you really want to make money from blogging, you need to like writing and create your own unique blog or site. It takes time and it takes work and ANY push button website technology being sold simply duplicates other people’s work. And sites like these do no do well in the long run because Google eventually catches on that the site is duplicate content and I believe it will die off from getting traffic.

    As for the comments about this being TOO EASY and therefore is a scam… these people are correct in that you CANNOT get rich quick… however, it’s not a scam in the sense that is does offer a way for you to build instant traffic through an instant blog with a few clicks of a mouse.

    In regards to the comment about this only being offered to the next 200 buyers… unfortunately all of these hard sell sales techniques work to get more sales so just because you see that doesn’t mean it’s a scam – only hype about how rich you can get. MOST PEOPLE will not make much money doing this type of “easy” system. That said… there are many programs that do in fact close their program because they do not want to flood the market with too many people. However, push button sites do not care about flooding the marketing because all of the content is duplicated anyway.

    So the people who have purchased this program and are raving about it are not lying. But you will not make money money from it unless you change the affiliate links within the articles that are being skimmed from others, which is totally unethical.

  69. Look ill keep it simple for you. i promote some products for clickbank but im telling you out straight this is a scam scam scam scam you buy the product for 47 then you need to purchase another product so all in it costs you 200 quid and even at that good look to you getting it set up will reck your pages. get your money back

  70. does anyone know where i can get the push button plugin license i cant seem to find it.. bought the program but the plugin didnt come with it… they never mentioned that so i was really disappointed…. but i have come a little far i want to see some results… so thats all i need is the freakin license wherever it is..

  71. Hey everyone!

    I was contemplating buying this software and have spent the last hour looking for online reviews – thankfully I found this page. I was actually at the “PayPal” stage of purchase and decided to do one last search, to see what I could find out.

    Every other site I came across has a review from “admin” and only one or two comments besides, they were all rave reviews. I thought that seemed fishy.

    Thank you to everyone who posted on here, you saved me and my two kids $47 that we can not afford to lose! Good on you!

  72. Bugger. I got sucked in today. Red flags started to appear after video 7…. up until then it seemed so easy.

    I’m assuming no-one has made a cent from this…

    I’m asking for a refund now.

  73. i hope there someone can explain it to me..i need to know and im willing to join… 🙂 im looking forward for your responds

  74. Please will someone tell me from scratch how to install a single, a single plugin, because I brought the single plugin, follwed the videos, but when reading the next video it said nothing of how to laod a single plugin, SO here I am following it, and at that point it says, now click on upload single licance plugin, only problem was , there was no box to click to load a sinjust a single licancesd plugin up from my desktop, so I clicked in desperation upload the multi plugin, I installed it and got the warnings I had not got a multi user licance.

    I made my site, and it worked for around 8 days, but now its been disabled saying i need a multi licance, I guess I will start from scratch, but cannot get any hlep from them, so please please please tell me from scratch how to upload my single plugin user to wordpress and how to install. Im a disabled ill guy who works from home, and I cnnot afford to lose all the hosting and names I have brought for this to work.

  75. Hi folks,

    I have been a programmer for 27 years now and have explored *literally* every major technology and programming language. Here are the points you need to be aware of:

    1. The guy says he has only 200 copies left or 50 copies left or 3 copies left. Do you understand this is not a hardcopy to run out of stock? It is a software that can be downloaded for unlimited times by unlimited number of people. There is no question of running out of stock or having limited number of copies.

    2. The guy says all we have to do is press the button everyday. On days he did not press, the earnings were liek $200 and on days he pressed the button, earnings shot to 4K a day! Trust me on this one guys – this is as foolish to believe in as the above point – if a software can do magic as to make millions every month or thousands every day, it can ALSO PUSH ITS OWN BUTTON PROGRAMMATICALLY – EVERY DAY – without any human intervention!! So why do we have to give it a push everyday?

    3. Their web page is the notorious template with big fonts, bogus reviews, videos (not telling how it does at all), multiple buy it now/download it now buttons running down from top to bottom, popups if you try to leave their page to press OK to stay back or Cancel to leave, every time you go to another page (even on their own site) or refresh page more popups with a $10 rebate (!), same amount of limited copies even if you visit them after a few days… and the list goes on and on and on.

    4. Exaggerated display of earnings in thousands and millions without showing their actual web site that made them that money.

    5. Right after buying the software, he takes you to another page (before download) saying that you will NEVER see that page again if you surf away (!!), talks about a plugin that he wrote that makes 97% more money, has only (not: 50 – struck off) but 17 copies left – that costs $1997 but would charge you ONLY $297 FOR TODAY ONLY. Do you get the idea? It is a classic example of how the internet was made a fool out of by nefarious people.

    If you fell for this crap, create a ticket for refund – even before downloading the software.


  76. If at all he gives you anything to download, it would be a WordPress plugin or something that would create articles without any content in them. Do you want to lose your traffic/search-engine rankings to empty pages? Thin again!

  77. Hi, I got conned by the creator of this software as well. Till today I haven’t get a cent out from the websites I made via Hostgator which supposed powered by Push Button Cash Site software. Silly me….

  78. Hi! Got this a couple of days ago. Seems to do what it says buy have 2 problems if anyone can help me?
    1. Works well with root site but not with sub domains. Can’t create campaigns.
    2. Does not update content every hour

    Have 1-click Multi license but to no avail.

    Have I made money? No but it put enough content on site for google o give addenda acct after being knock back the first time. Have sent support email to the gmail acct. No reply in inbox or spam or junk folders.

    Can someone help me please. With the first problem I do exactly the same as the root directory (which works) but in subdomains I just get a big red line where the error messages are usually in place. No error messages come up just a big red rectangle. Any ideas?

    Doing it tot the root worked a treat! Subdomain help pls.

  79. Hi could someone reply to my last post and this one, im a disabled guy who works online for a living, and im in deep with this , my problem is …….. all my youtube links worked for around a week, now only the text that comes with the video shows, so i have massive caps all over my wordpress blog. I wrote to support, ah ah ah ah, if thats the right word for it, and I actually got a reply for the first time out of 12 emails to them, this is what I got…….

    In the occurrence of this error the following things are suggested to ensure the correct installation process.

    All these steps should be done from the c-panel

    1. Delete the wordpress installation (from fantastico),
    2. Remove the folders then start with wp- (file manager)
    3. Reinstall from scratch

  80. hey y’all there,

    I think a lot of people have already been a predator of PBCS. I honestly came from a legit work here in online business. I started as, ohh well, an article writer, brought my way up as an seo expert and then later on I decided to find my ladder of success as a marketing affiliate. I first stumbled on the home automated website, which as a newbie on this field has been very zealous on seeing such empty promises and lies. IT WAS A SCAM. So I issued a dispute on paypal and asked for a refund. That didn’t end my misery when I stumble on this another great lie, which was the PBCS itself. Daniel Young has created a good strategy in making-believe. I purchased the product myself but when I got stuck on the Multisite license because it was the expensive part, I already started searching further for negative feedbacks from the software. Previously I just typed in the keyword on google “Push Button Cash site scam” and all the results the gave me were no,it wasn’t. IF IT’S NOT, THEN WHAT IS IT ACTUALLY? Because it already victimize a lot of people already.

  81. Thank goodness I read this review. I will never not read a review before I buy a product again. If anyone tells you that you have to act NOW on an important decision and not give you more time, they are absolutely lying and you should delete the message immediately. Noone does not want to make extra money. These lying gurus are greedy pigs.

  82. hi
    why are so many people buying pbcs when you can get the same system completely free from free cash site , you go to there site and all the instructions are there in black & white plus all the links to the free software etc , you dont need to send any money to daniel young or anyone else for that matter , i have made 35 sites so far using this free system and its making a little money each week , not thousands but its ok (last week made £27.00) you can make as many sites as you want , it even tells you how to get the best keywords etc its the best one out there by a mile.
    email me if you want the link as i am not allowed to show it on this blog.

    • It’s ok to show your site that you’ve made using the software. The no promotion rule is to prevent spam. I will clarify it.

  83. When I create a new site it registers it in the my site area , but when I Create a new Campaign on the new site and click on the save button , it says it’s saving it ,but it doesn’t because when I click on the Campaigns button in the PBCS pack at the bottom left the – create a new campaign screen come up and says — You have not set up any campaigns yet. Start now by creating your first campaign! Has any had this problem and fixed it? If so I would appreciated your help. And is there any support for PB cash site?

  84. I like the software so far but I’m disappointed with the update because it limits your article posts to one a day, preventing bulk posts as well.

    To the people having trouble getting the plugin activated on WordPress:

    If you’re using Godaddy hosting, you need to install ioncube to your hosting account in the root directory. It was a pain to figure it out but I made a video tutorial to save people some headache:

  85. guys here is my advice…before buying anything (1) read reviews not just from those offering bonus etc etc, they are biased…read more realistic review sites such as this (2) to check on a clickbank product’s performance, gravity is not always the gauge as we are made falsely to believe..but look at other factors esp with rate of refund performance, there are several criteria too long to mention here. you may want to read  

  86. Look I am going to let you all in on a little something. Nothing is this easy. This guy tells you “I made this button and if you click it the button will generate income every day!”. Being the gullible people that you are, you believe it. You want to know how this guy got all that money that he shows in those so called “Proof” videos? He got it from you. All the people who want to make money in an instant, and don’t want to put in any effort for an extra income.

    He basically made a package with a bunch of dead programs that don’t work, and a whole bunch of videos that give you advice on how to ACTUALLY start making money over the internet. Do you people know how to do that? I mean really know how to do that. Apparently you now know about “Traffic” and “Hosts” and “Content” but do you honestly know what it takes to make money over the internet? You need to be dedicated. You need to have a team of people helping you, you need money to put into your dream of making money over the internet. It requires you to upload content YOURSELF, and pay attention to these websites that you make, because if google sees that you just threw a crappy website together (And they will see) in order to generate income, they will throw it in the garbage and never host that on their search engine!.

    First of all the best gift you can have when you want to make money over the internet, is to LEARN HTML!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    YES! YOU HAVE TO LEARN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All of you 40+ 50+ people who want to sit at your computer and click a button while you watch money flow in, you might as well dream bigger and become famous! It isn’t going to happen. Ever.

    Learn HTML and make your own website from scratch, then pay for a host (There are some very cheap hosts out there now days). Once you have your website created and a host to host your website on the internet, start CREATING YOUR OWN TRAFFIC! weather it be news, sports or simply things you find cool. POST IT TO YOUR WEBSITE! TELL YOUR FRIENDS! TELL YOUR FAMILY! ADVERTISE!

    All of this is part of making money over the internet. Once you have a steady flow of content running on your website that you made yourself because you took a month of your already wasted life learning HTML, you can then start adding advertisements to your website. Through google and whatever else. I have multiple friends who do this and make 3 grand every 2 months. NO THEY DID NOT PUSH A BUTTON WHILE WATCHING TV. They took the time out to actually figure this whole process out. Save yourself the time and money and put a little effort in. It’s not that hard. A lot of you should put a little more effort into typing as well. I mean it is so easy but you all talk like a bunch of country bumpkins.

    Here it is folks, the key! Learn HTML, make your own website through HTML, buy a host, decide what the main point of your website is going to be, set up a google adwords account through the website you created, POST CONTENT ON YOUR WEBSITE THAT WILL ATTRACT PEOPLE!, Advertise Advertise ADVERTISE! In about a month of hard work you will start to notice that more and more people are visiting your website. If you do not update it frequently, that number will decrease. Set up a personal bank account or a paypal account so when people click those ads google knows where to send that money. AT FIRST IT MAY NOT BE MUCH!!!!!! but you will slowly start to generate income.

    Another thing I want to mention is, a lot of people think “Oh if I have 25 websites all streaming great things I will make SO MUCH MONEY!!!!!!!” oh hell yes you will! HOWEVER, do you have a staff of professionals that can help you maintain all of these websites? Of course you don’t. You are probably a stay at home mom or dad, or someone with a shitty job who wants to generate more income. My point is, keep it to one site until you feel confident enough with that site to branch off to another. It requires a lot of effort to run ONE website, let alone multiple websites. (Anyone can own 10 websites. I am talking about websites that get over 10 thousand visitors a day. Those are the real gold mines).

    Listen up. There IS money to be made over the internet, and if you know how, it is easy. But before you do this you need to be ready for ACTUAL WORK. The guy who made this, I don’t know what type of man he is but if he can scam people he must not be very nice. Knowledge deserves to be shared. For free. You cannot put a price tag on knowledge. I do not know if this is a scam or not, because I have never bought any software similar to this one, ever. Just from the comments can I see that people aren’t happy with it.

    It is your money, make sure you get the most of it. Now days money isn’t worth the paper it is printed on.

    Those of you who actually choose to read this and follow my advice, good luck. I mean it. I wish you all the best and I hope it works out for you.

  87. I have my main website and 3 subdomain websites set up. One thing that gives me trouble is sometimes I can’t create campaigns for my subdomain sites. I need to get some content for my blogs. I use the push button software and create my campaign but it doesnt get created for some reason. Does anyone else have this issue?

  88. I have problem at video#7. Can’t upload push button cash site. i don’t know where to download it?????
    Could anyone help please.

  89. Gregory K, had a question for you, did you ever get the problem resolved regarding the multi license issue?
    I’m having the same issue, it’s telling me I have to purchase the license, which I already did in order to run
    my campaigns. Please let me know, if when and how.

  90. I experienced the same problem like other users in that bloag. I did all the steps till the CAMPAIGNS and now I have a WARNING sayng that I need a liscence for the Push Button to be activated?

    I send them 5 emails but no answers. Finally I have sent a message to Pay pal and they returned my money. Probably they are selling a WordPress pluging without havina a licence.

    Thanks for your help

  91. I too am trying to get answers from support. I was very disappointed to see my mail returned. That is very bad business.

  92. Hi push button user!!
    well first I have to say that I have bought this system and I am realy desapointed . This system is NOT for the
    average web user i have tryed to set it up and rerun time and time again the 11 videos that are the so called system and could not make it work. I have even ask some friends that are much better than me with computors
    to figure the ”system” out but they all failed. I have tried to get help from the push button web site but they keep on ignoring my emails. Furthur more I am getting mails like crazy from all these guys that claim that they have the real gimmick . My personal feeling is that the only one who are making money are the ones who sells these so-called ”system” so be aware

  93. Well, I have gotten response from support via-email and they are working on it trying to figure out why
    the plugin is not working. As soon as I learn as to why it’s not accepting the plugin and how to
    fix it, I’ll post it.
    Stay tuned! I’m not giving up just yet

  94. dao, do you have the jZip downloaded, if you do, then do what I did, when I downloaded the push button
    I clicked save. After it was downloaded I then went into my download folder to make sure it was there in as
    a zip file.
    Now from your wordpress site where you upload, just browse to your download folder and upload the zip
    file push button that should solve that problem.

  95. I’m not going to complain about the software. I didn’t buy it. I have no idea what it is all the readers of this post expect to accomplish on the internet; what business niche, what their knowledge level is regarding software, the Internet, the World Wide Web [yes, they are different], nor how fast you expect to make a living, let alone get rich on the ‘net. HA!

    I will tell you this: I was directly involved in the development of the very first [ever] online store so many years ago that some of you weren’t out of grade school yet. Let me explain that business is business. If you don’t know how to run a business, whether it is a brick and mortar store or a virtual one, you’re already in trouble.

    Think for a moment – if someone came to you and said give me $47,00 and I’ll show you how to make a couple of million a year do you REALLY think that person is going to sell you the concept for $47.00?

    A quick segue [change in topic related somehow to the topic at hand]: A guy came up to our local coffee shop. Had a truck with a name on the side “Audio and Video Equipment Sales”. He pitched a bunch of us. Cheap electronics, not hot, original paperwork, original boxes, etc. etc. I even went and took a look, but I already had an entertainment system – didn’t need what he was offering. Of all the people he pitched three guys bought Panasonic DVD players/burners at $100 a piece back when they sold for around $300. They got a receipt that had the company name on it, the Panosonic plastic bag with the users manual, warrenty, etc. and a heavily taped Panasonic box [no it wasn’t empty]. They all sat down as the truck pulled and started trying to get the tape off so they could see the equiment. Eventually they borrowed my pocket knife and slit everything open…. can you guess what they found? Something that weighs the same as a DVD.
    A brick.

    Back to what this guy is selling. If you don’t know how to run a business then I know three guys dying to get rid of Panasonic DVD players {smile}. Seriously. I have 5 businesses, and yes I make money. I’m not rich, don’t make 2 million/year, don’t have “plugin profits”. It only takes a few things to generate an income full or part-time on the ‘net and it’s not what this guy is selling, although for sure he’s making a living by selling bricks.

    Look… Pick something – i.e. What do you want to do for a living? If you saw an ad in the newspaper that said send me $50.00 and I’ll give you a job, are you going to send the fifty? Because if you are I’ll place the ad. {smile} Internet business is not much different than a brick and mortar business. What you need is:

    – a good product or service that you believe in and enjoy working with.
    – a general understanding of how to get people into your store or onto to your site. This one is so easy you won’t believe it: Be honest, support what you’re selling, do a little niche advertising [once your first sales come word of mouth takes over], follow up with the customer email to make sure they are happy, upsell anything that might complement [go together with] your original product or service, ask them if they know of anyone else who might be interested in what you’re offering, but most importantly… you have to WORK. It’s a job.
    – be consistant – don’t jump around to the latest fad. You sell what you sell and you sell it well.
    – stay directed and stop looking for a quick buck
    – if you need help, there are a lot of people and forums [like this one] out there who are willing to give you their time and advice free of charge – places like [no I’m not affiliated I just know they have some good people over there.]

    Isn’t the idea of building a site [whether that be a website, blog, social, whatever] to give you 1. income and 2. the ability to work [and I stress that word] for yourself out of the comfort of your own home? Or are you thinking of reinventing the wheel and taking on Google, going public and raising 90 billion? For most reading this it’s #1 and 2 above. To do that you have to work, obtain knowledge, learn from others and then apply yourself. If, after a year or so you’re where you want to be, then look for something else to do to make money on the ‘net.

    Forget about the the “money making systems” out there unless you intend to sell one… and if you do… at least make it a good one that’s legit – I’ll buy. Make sure that YOU’VE made money from before you start selling it to others.

    Well, that’s my two cents. Gotta go to WORK on my internet “stuff”.

    I’ve made a living in; advertising, import/export, computer consulting, writing education, article/ebook writing, and now I’m working in two new areas that caught my fancy: the stock market and traffic exchanges. I’m 51 years old and without blowing my own horn I know what the heck I’m talking about. If you want to stop by my stock market site [that’s still in development] just click my name. Srop me a message if you need some help with the subject line “MadIMMarketing” – Ill see if I can help, but don’t expect immediate response – I’ll get to you, but first I have to work.

    I wish you lots of prosperity, oh BTW, to get refunds on products use your credit card, it’s one phone to your CC company and simply tell them you didn’t order “it”. They’ll reverse internet charges so fast it’ll make your head spin.

    Best of luck,
    Rowdy Rhodes

  96. hi fortune seekers
    If you think you are gona make real fast cash like the sell pitch says ”in a few minit” well think again. This tutorial is made of 11 videos that take at least 2 hours to run and then you have to figure it out and then install the plugins and then try to set it up witch is close to imposible. To set up this ”system” you have to be computor kind of wizz witch is not the average web user. I had friends over to try the thing and after hours of some mind bending
    torture we let go. Now if someone succede in having this gizmo up and running i would like to meet this genius.
    if you decide after all to buy this product do not expect to get help from the web site they simply don’t give a damn.
    I guess that the best thing is to learn how things are working in the affiliate web traffic buisness and set up your own system. I realise that all of these so-called money making programms are designed to make money but to the sellers of those gimmicks. Well good luck anyway

  97. I purchased the multi-site license, but can’t save campaigns on my subdomains. I have contacted everprofits and have a ticket, but no response so far. Does anyone know how to resolve this issue? Thanks!

  98. I am trying to get a refund on this as promised but nothing so far and my bill collectors aren’t waiting. Anyone no what i should do to get my 47.00 dollars back, sincerly, Jonathan

  99. I really like the software and it is easy to use after I figured it out. I have one major problem and that is getting the initial campain to save. It is true, customer service seldom returns emails. So after some time I could get it to save by deactivating the pbcs plugin and the reactivating it. Some times it says it is saved but does not show in the log and I have to do the same procedure again.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? Regards, Bryan

  100. Hi
    I have been using PBCS on a blog that was already set up and have been small amounts of $$ from Google Adsense for this one.
    I am also having trouble with saving new campaigns on the subdomains, doesn’t seem to want to save them, only parts of the campaign such as new categories.
    I like the concept of the plugin and I was recommended to me by someone I trust so at this stage I am persevering with it.
    Also I guess you have to look on it as a learning curve – I can now install plugins on wordpress and various other functions on WordPress that I would have had no idea about previously.
    My pbcs site is check it out.

  101. Dee, I too am having the same problem and I have gotten a hold of someone who is hopefully going
    to fix the problem soon, at least that’s what hoping for. As soon as I get the issue solved I’ll post it.

  102. it dosent work. i have been locked out of membership,cant get in word press.had this for 5 days,all this stop working two days ago.no response back from support links,or any of his links. so please understand this just may be a scam

  103. yes i agree with most of you this program is absolute crap
    it requires you to set up websites and most of the tools in there are free on click bank
    ive done some research on these push button cash sites
    the revenue these guys recieve are mostly from these useless programs
    as thier seems to be a lot of 37/49 they recieve in commissions
    and for any to work they must be linked to a paypal or clickback account
    none of these seem to and some ask you to pay for a web site
    this is the sixth one ive tried
    and they all fail to deliver
    push button cash site/easy click commissions/auto traffic avalanche

  104. hi, i hear alot of negative things about this so called software. if you want to start your own business on line you need to go to auto wealth maker. you get passed the video, i enjoy the software theres nothing to download and no license to get. they have training modules that teach you everything you need to know. i am a member just started out with this. they want you to make a passive income, they seem to care about your success. its defaintly money well spent.

  105. Hello everyone,
    to all who purchase this program called push button. i found that after reading all the comment of this program that it is not a good investment. i call and requested a refund @ 800 390-6035. click-bank customer service was great was on the phone for 5 mins and they refund my money for Daniel Young product.i also purchase another program called flow of cash. it is not bad and they do call you and follow up with you progress. although it is expensive form me i will try it out. i have 30 days to see result and if i am not happy i get a refund from them too.i know that there is a site that does make you money on clicks but i don’t have the name. it is a friend of my daughter and he is making money. been trying to get a hold of him to find the site. our economy is hard right now and there are many who is trying to find ways to make money to survive or get by. i wish everybody the best of luck in finding the right site.
    i own a business online and have been having trouble with my page generating customer. i though by purchasing this i can link my own website to this one and create business for my website.i am glad i took the time to read up on it before i went deep into it. Thank you all for commenting on this page. God Bless America.

  106. Thanks alot “MIA” i called that number you gave and got a refund in like 2 minutes WOW!
    800 390-6035. click-bank customer service

  107. I purchase this system as well and had no luck with the support team, paid for this system, paid for the domain name and signed up for the one year plan, worthless is what this product is. No one has return any emails, I can’t get word press to install, the plug in to work nothing. Don’t buy it waste of time and your hard earned money, that this man wants to steal. This is how he makes money by scamming his victims.

  108. Thanks for this website and all the honesty. You all saved me some money and lots of headaches. I have been through situations like this before and even not got my guaranteed money back because of fine print. So I say well done people for looking out for one another. I will try my hardest to do the same with others as well!

  109. Hi All,

    I have not yet purchased this software & didn’t want to buy it – as i have purchased many autoblogging plugins earlier – But I have no problem to buy & try a product from Click Bank – because they honour all refund request ,as admin said – If you are curious about this software you can try it – You can buy it for $ 27 ,close the website window twice & opt to stay on page ,you will get $ 20 discount .- if not satisfied ask for refund . You will learn few things in this process.

    Get Targeted Traffic.

    To make good money from Internet You need targeted traffic not just traffic – you may get few adsense clicks from untargeted traffic .

    How all these autoblogging softwares or plugins works –

    All these autoblogging softwares (actually they are wordpress or blogger plugins) will post content from Article directories,youtube,yahoo answers,rss feeds to your wordpress blog based on the keywords you have have entered – All these process will be run automatically . But article directories may block your IP address and this plugin may fail to fetch content – You may need to use Proxy IPs.

    So you will have tons of content overnight in your website .

    Duplicate content Issue

    You may not get good traffic from duplicate content – or google may not index those pages – But most of the autoblogging plugins will overcome this issue by spinning the articles or by translating from english to another language & again translating back to english – BUt the content will not be good to read .

    Traffic But no Sales

    Google will instantly index wordpress posts & you may see traffic to your autoblogs – But there will not be any sales as it is not targeted traffic .After few days or weeks this traffic also will slow down .

    Can You Wait :-

    Even if you get the refund the content you have generated will be there on your blogs – After 1-2 years you will some sales or good adwords,chitika,or kontera income from your site .

    Most Important part is Keyword Research

    Use Adwords Keyword tool along with google suggestions to find low competition keywords which could generate sales – make content with autoblogs or your own – wait for 1-2 years = You can make atleast $ 100 per day – if you make 100 niche websites .

  110. I bought this very package but it was called something else. All it does is post to your wordpress pages that you have gotten from a tired old list. The hits you are getting are from people trying to post on your wordpress page. You can do this without this software. And gator will host you for nearly nothing. Thank you, Tom.

  111. Do i have to pay a hosting fee for each site that i set up or can i pay a flat fee and set up as many sites as i want?

  112. OK. Michael Jones from “Info (at) everprofitsDOTCOM” sent the email to me claiming he invented this product that on the website belongs to Daniel so what in the hell is going on? Again, like every other scammer out there, they’re making money selling you this product and it’s like so many other push button products out there. Don’t worry. They will get what’s coming to them. Karma is a B**** and governments want their tax money.

  113. I bought this product and when I updated wordpress the plugin did not work. Asked for my money back but no reply. These people are thieves or I am stupid?

  114. Tony,

    Just go back to Clickbank, they have a 60 day refund pollicy and ask you money back.
    When you place your order, they have sent you an email, in that mail you can find the clickbank ref which you need.
    btw i did had that number available and they still found my order and cancelled it, i already received my money back, i advise to call clickbank or chat with them (available on theire website) that speed up everything.

    Good luck


  115. i also bought this system – and maybe if i could get some techno support and help it would be a good one!!!!!!!!! but i think dear daniel young doesn’t exist! i think the deal is to get people to buy it and them let them struggle!!!!!

    until daniel returns emails or support centre is open – i would suggest dont buy it unless you have a techno phobe friend in your back-pocket.

  116. My rating would be lower than 1 if available. I downloaded Push Button Cash Site, and it didn’t work. I emailed and sent in repair tickets with no response only an automated referral to their technical site which will not accept my login code and password. I would have phoned but there is no contact phone number. I discovered that with wordpress 3.2 there is an updated program which will not categorize, or accept post tags. I cannot find the upgraded program (which sounds like it’s downgraded program to me). I have emailed and sent in more repair tickets. The technical site gives instruction that when signing into the membership area the new program is there. BUT it’s NOT! Only the old program which doesn’t work with 3.2 wordpress. I still have had no responses and plan to send an email today to request a total refund of my $47. It has been 3 weeks trying to get this upgraded program. I’m sure they will not honor their 60 refund policy, just like they do not acknowledge their emails, and I will be out $47. This is extortion! PLEASE DO NOT waste your hard working money on this scam!

  117. Hi.. there for who expert on this business.. I am from china, last week i am decide to bough some software, as their marketing way attracted me so much, I am not intend to be rich faster or what ever they said.. i just want to know exactly their working.. The first i bough its absolutely rubish product, must use facebook and on theri adv not mention the facebook, now on going to process refund hope i can get back the money..

    Then I bough this site button from daniel young, i just open and watch video and havent do nothing, so can work or not, as their i need to buy webhosting, need cost about 97 USD, so i am pending..cost i need learn more about this product before spend more money..
    My question is where i can find the license, i dont know even single or multiple license.. then how this progrom working?
    I try to send email to them no reply already couple days.. infact i am intend to purchased the webhosting if i get email explanation..

    or this only for waste time program to cheat money? does anyone can earn money.. let say 100 usd ( at least return the cost)

  118. On July 21, 2011 I purchased online the Daniel Young Push Button Cash Site package for $37.00 and one upgrade for $9.97. Upon purchasing the product, and following the links and downloads, you are immediately bombarded with pleas to purchase additional products to be able to access the full potential of the offer; it became quite clear,that in order to make the site viable and make any money from the product, you needed, at the minimum, to buy an additional product for $197. I thought the sales letter and marketing pitch they used were deceptive and manipulative and they were dishonest in not disclosing up front, the total investment required. It was a classic bait-and-switch deceptive marketing ploy. A few hours later, I emailed the customer support saying I wanted a refund for my $47 investment,and to use the 60-day money-back guarantee promised on the site. I received an automated response back saying they had an influx of tickets to process and it would take 2-4 business days to respond; it has now been 7 business days, I’ve sent 3 more emails asking for an update, and I’ve received no response; like so many of these websites, they give no live support, phone #’s or addresses to be able to track them down. I simply want to access their money-back guarantee and get a refund. They are not responding… Don’t be fooled by their promises of easy money and slick videos and ad copy; unless you have about $400 to invest (and who knows if it will even return an investment after that), this site is another smoke-and-mirror internet scam dead-end and a waste of time and money. Don’t be lured into their trap…”

  119. I have had the PBCS sw since April and have about 50 sites going and monitized but have not really made any money. Now Gator the hosting company has asked me to disable the push button sw as they claim and I quote PBCS is no longer suitable for shared or reseller accounts due to recurring issues with performance and critical flaws!..what ever that means.

    They will of course put me over to another sever for 40 dollars a month from 8 dollars to solve the problem. Then they have diabled parts of the software so I can no longer make further sites. This whole thing seems to be a moving target and things just seem to change randomly. I can not make any further sites due to inability to post tags even with their upgrade and can not post UTube from my drafts etc. The CS for PBCS is very weak and I am advising everyone to avoid this until there is some sort of stability.

  120. Heather, First of all do not go with Host Gator. If you look on the page with Daniel’s video’s you will see the recommendation for Brain Host. I personally tried the Host Gator and there are too many ways that they mess it all up and try to get you to spend more money…extreme headaches to boot. I have had a much easier time with Brain Host and they are more compatible with PBCS. My question to anyone that can answer it is…can anyone tell me if they have had success in finding the “customer service number”? This would be a big help since my site is up and running and we are not seeing any monetary generation. We have gone through everything multiple times with a fine tooth comb. PLEASE HELP!

  121. Hey guys, the push button does nothing more than collect material to fill out your WordPress site. You will not see any real traffic anywhere either to post or to read. I tested it with StatCounter and the only visitor I saw on my WordPress page was myself, although new posts kept coming in.
    Finally I decided to Cancel the order and ask for a Refund. In the email ClickBank sent when I ordered there is a link for support at the ClickBank site. I used it and there I found the Cancellation option which I used.
    The worse is that the Scam does not stop there. Someone else from a company called Paragon Learning Academy called me telling me that they are associates of the Pushbutton business and he was promising more millions and financial independence with an imposing tone of voice, trying to make me feel obliged that I was the chosen so I had to accept the deal to pay $ 7,.895.00 for a web site where I would sell products on drop shipping basis.. Of course I explained to him that I am already doing this because I am a programmer and web developer,and of course not the sucker he is looking for.
    Anyway the bottom line is that it’s really sad to see how some people are trying to take advantage of the ignorance of others and sell fake hopes to them.
    Someone earlier mentioned that to achieve serious real traffic and make some money requires time and work, this is truth. So next time someone comes with a BIG SMILE and BIG WORDS how to make us rich fast , we should look out and become suspicious.

  122. Hi Heather

    I m from Sydney, Australia, Recent Member of PBCS. you need more money to invest for update the software to multisite($197.00), Web hosting first time around $30.00. per moth $8.00. you will get pay commision for your sale through your website, from clickbank for promoting their product. its good money and reliable.

    if you can invest more money, give a try. this is easy and faster way to promote clickbank product. i will give a try.


  123. I bought the Push Button Cash Site program and was doing fine until video#9, i tried running the campaigns and they didn’t run and didn’t get any content on my site.Only got error messages come up. What a waste of time and money and a definite scam! Will be demanding a refund from Clickbank. Did anyone notice that the guy who did the sales pitch/presentation claims he was Daniel Young and the guy who narrated the videos also said he was Daniel Young but they definitely didn’t sound the same, what’s goin’ on! DY probably doesn’t exist and is a made up character. The whole thing is to good to be true!

  124. If this product doesn’t work for you, the refund is simple. No problem. The 60 day refund policy doesn’t come from the vendor, per se, it is Clickbank’s policy. If you used credit card, then you probably bought it through Clickbank. Go to Clickbank.com and look for their PHONE number. Call the phone number; even if you lost your order #, you can give them your last name and zip code, they will find it, and give you a no questions asked refund. It will take 3-5 business days, but you will get confirmation as quick as you hang up the phone. No need to worry when you use Clickbank. Anytime when given the choice of Clickbank or PayPal, take Clickbank every time. If you use PayPal, you are on your own.

  125. Hi all,

    I do agree with people that have a warning about the license!

    It was working fine until one day recently it started to ask about the license! Tried to send them a support ticket on Oct 13th, and guess what, it is STILL open up to this minute! Nothing on the site to explain why this plugin suddenly stopped working.

    Very BAD support (actually-none). They are just about selling and taking your money, however, with 0 customer satisfaction, this scam will not last for long!

    I’m sorry I invested in this plug-in!

  126. Push Button Cash site is a really easy way to make websites, yup it is.
    How does it work?

    It scrapes articles other people’s websites, other people’s hard work, their writing, and steals the articles, and then posts those stolen articles to your sites.

    push button cash is simply article scraping.
    it’s good for your seo for a very short period of time.
    then google finds out that you’re just another scraper site, and they remove any rank they may have given you, and push you so far down in the serps, that no one will ever find your sites again.

    do yourselves a favor, save your money, and just make your own websites with your own content, and ad google adsense, amazon affiliate programs, clickbank etc etc, and you can make hundreds to thousands every single month and not be a content thief of other people’s hard work.

  127. Hi All,

    I totally agree with your comments Kat .In my view it is a scam although on first impressions I thought the software was amazing.I paid for the program at $47 then as you scroll down the introductory ads you find there is additional payments to be made.
    The Web Host company is great and have resolved a lot of problems I have experienced. and will create your Blog website for you if you are a novice like me.

    Setting up the campaigns on Push Putton was not a very satisying experience and the content extracted from other peoples sites I agree is wrong .In my case some of the posts were unrelated to the subject of my domain.I constantly received e-mails requesting me to pay for the search engine submitter when actually it is the Web Host Company deals with this matter depending on the package you initially take out.
    I received more today threatening to’pull the page down’ if I did not pay $97 which would increase 10 times in future.I ignored these e-mails and subsequently unsubscribed.

  128. Hi!I always get my money back almost every time.Go to Clickbank website,get the customer service phone #,call and tell them that you don’t like it. Make sure to give them the day you bought and order # and voila,about a week later,you’ll get a full refund.I usually tried the one i bought for about a week,and then called clickbank right away.Good luck.

  129. I’ve been trying to get mine going for about four months now, the support is virtually non existent. I was just following a training video showing me how to set up the magnet sites and he just pulls up some program that the file needs to go through and didnt explain what it was or where to get, so basically i’m stuck. I am extremely dissappointed with how much money i lost on this 🙁

  130. Watching the first video to suck us in i saw he was reading from a sheet, and to me the length of it is ridiculous, oversell. Thanks for all the advice above. He would be making money, say 100.000 people send you $47.!!!!!!!! You do the maths.

  131. Hi everyone….my job is to secretly expose so called “money making” machines and websites just like this and it is all BS. Yes, with a whole lot of time and more money u put in then expected, u can make money with this product, but it lies to u how easy it is. Nothing is on autopilot and u will not make that much money within seven minutes unless u have a million dollars in ur pocket to invest in hosting sites and other nonsense right then and there. If I were you, don’t bother. It’s just a bunch of talk and lies. Stay away from this bogus BS!

  132. hi…after buying many ‘internet marketing programs’….And reading through all these comments…. > I think I’ve come up with a solution that would take time and effort and knowledge to write a bit…. but what if I were to take those ‘auto content with other pple’s aff links on them’ and re-wrote the ones I LIKE and signed up for the affiliate program that’s goes with the article or video… would I THEN get ‘free traffic’ or at least some decent sales?? I’m not even sure if I’m allowed to do this, but at least then it wouldn’t be duplicated material and best of all I can delete any content not suited for my website… these ‘auto plug-ins’… only seemingly use would be to give me an idea and product to sell and the only viable money making marketing make-over of their programs into a website or multiple sub domains to re-coup my $47.00…. which I could make with one sale of one affilate program … yes / no ? Does anybody think this is a good idea or /and If there are any IM pple actually making money think I can run with this and actually make money for MySelf . lmao… yes/no ??

  133. Hi…i am not too sure how this PBCS work.As far as i understand it retrieves Articles from the Articles Data Base,that is how this PBCS works.In other words we said it steals other people hard works,that is also true.We just need to understand that those hard works were submitted to the Articles Data Base for Publishers like us to use.Every single post has got a Link back to their sites,that is the reason they submitted their Articles and we can do that too.We can submitted our Articles to the Articles Data Base,so other people can use them ,that way we can bring more visitors our sites through the Link in the post that we submitted.Yes…i have been using PBCS for the past year and i only create site on my spare times,currently i have over 80 sites.The PBCS seems to stop working especially on (key words) apart from that it works fine.For Web Hosting,make sure go for unlimited,so you won’t have any problems creating sites or any other issues….

  134. i spent over $200 to get set up.
    $47 for the program and then te domain name and other crap. a waste of time. I just lost my job and i wish i saw this before i spent out the money. only looking to make extra cash. i hate rip offs.

  135. I’m sitting here reading all of these posts about this worthless program. As of now, these products are being released left and right. Look this one up “Traffic Accumulator” it sounds just like this one. I never listen to the BS presentations. I start researching the product immediately. And 99% of the time this is what I find. Long winded forums complaining about how this particular software sucks. NEVER listen to these guys! The next time you get one of these emails, just find out what it’s called then look it up. Don’t listen to their crap. If you want a real opportunity try these FREE programs. $35 a month traffic done for you. Quit falling for this crap. And no, these are not affiliate links. Just go check them out.

    5 Minute Mogul
    Daily Income Network

    Have a nice day.

  136. I bought this product about a year ago. I tried it for about a month or so. It kind of worked as far as adding content to the blogs i set up. But because it just re-posts articles that others have written you don’t move up in search engines. Google likes unique content, not the same article as somewhere else. Because of this I got a very small number of visitors, and you need lots of visitors to make money on the internet. I was able to get a refund for my money.

  137. I bought it and used it. very nice website. Hostgator emailed that they would no longer host these push button sites. lost the site, but I do think i made a few dollars with it. that’s a lot of hits. now i would like to use it again, but don’t think it’ll work. virtually no support. not worth the effort. now i’m setting up my own sites with my own content. that’s the only way to go with this. heard that google is shutting down on systems that do many sites with little or no real content. do your own and enjoy the process.


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