Project Covert Persuasion

Project Covert PersuationProject Covert Persuasion by Andrew X and Dylan Loh is a little bit different kind of IM product. It teaches you the psychology behind converting offers, affiliate and your own. In other words, how to persuade visitors to buy.

The ebook consists of two volumes. The first one talks about persuasion in general, and the second one about persuasion in the Internet marketing. In it, numerous psychological techniques are laid down in a step by step manner, which you can implement in your offers right away.

Why buy?

If you want to learn the art of persuasion and maximize your conversion rates of any offer you have out there, whether it’s affiliate or your own product.

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2 thoughts on “Project Covert Persuasion”

  1. I actually got a review copy (as an jv partner) and manage to read them before its release date. I thought the volume on IM was really refreshing because I’ve never seen any IM marketer take that kinda angle in the mainstream market with their products before and it is not full of fluff. I’ve made some changes to my pre-selling pages changes have have seen some very positive results already. (will wait longer to post actual results).


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