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Profit Monarch is a 3 in 1 software suite to help you dominate niche markets by Paul Ponna.

The purpose of this page is for the real users of Profit Monarch to provide their feedback and inform everyone interested about their experience with this product. If you have experience with Profit Monarch or other products by Paul Ponna, please leave a comment with your feedback below. Your feedback can help someone else to decide.

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42 thoughts on “Profit Monarch”

  1. I think the product may be useful but the vague 1.00 access discount has made me suspicious. Someone asked on the webinar when they would be billed and the answer was still vague. I bought the software and have been diligently going over it but I have ALREADY been billed 67.00 in less than 3 days! I attempted to avoid any confusion buy asking PM support before there was an issue but received no response. This has made me a little dubious of the whole process. I want to see if the product works before I lay down the 67.00 call me crazy! I will update this if there is a satisfactory resolution, or not.

  2. I bought the product on 23 Feb. and have found 3 or 4 issues with the software suite.

    1/ The Niche Profit Monarch will not open or run on the desktop comp. and on the laptop it does not give any results in the competition column.

    2/ The Profit Monarch software gives the same message on both P.C’s.

    03/02/2011 10:49:21: Started processing.
    03/02/2011 10:49:21: Creating video 1 of 2 – Forex Market.-001.mp4
    03/02/2011 10:49:31: Failed video Forex Market.-001.mp4
    03/02/2011 10:49:31: Creating video 2 of 2 – Forex Market.-002.mp4
    03/02/2011 10:49:40: Failed video Forex Market.-002.mp4
    03/02/2011 10:49:40: Finished processing.

    So far 2 Mar.11 I’ve not had chance to make any successful videos with the problems I’ve got with the Profit Monarch,despite removing, down loading and running the software on both P.C,s

  3. I have purchased the profit monarch. It all looks great and I am sure it will work eventually. I am having exactly the
    same problems as the person who made the comment above. contacted support sent me an update but still

    the same now they say it can take up to 3-5 days to get back to me. I have tried 3 pc and still nothing. I do not know how this is going to pan out. But I have to say my patience is running out.

  4. I just purchased and had no problems installing all 3 parts. The problems I have had is not being able to save projects on video section, also cannot limit amount of niche keywords search, however that is minor compared to what you can achieve. I found perfect keyword in garden niche and exact domain phrase is available, once all the bugs are removed will be great investment for profitable niche websites and affiliate programs, well worth the money!

  5. Just discovered a new problem. Uploaded a video and software said completed , checked 3 sites that was suppose to upload to and found nothing, looks like I maybe asking for refund!

  6. Please ignore my last message, apparently some video sites take much longer to upload videos than you tube, anyways I just re-checked and all is well. I chose 6 different titles and keywords and it worked, that is incredible, apparently some sites monitor for duplicate content like you tube and others do not, will definitely hang in there and experiment more.

  7. Recently purchased this product and have had no problems with it, works fine. Just paid for the product and not the monthly membersip, the product is great but I don’t see any value in the membership. For anyone having problems running the software it could be that they are not running it as administrator, which needs to be done for it to work properly.

  8. Hi, I have the same problems with the profit monarch software.I cannot get any key words and and the video section always comes up as failed. I think this could be a great product if they can get all the bugs worked out. I hope so . I have tried everthing they have thrown at me to try to resolve this issue.

  9. I submitted 2 videos to about 20 sites last night, including YOUTUBE. It’s been more than 12 hours and still NONE of the sites are showing my videos as being uploaded?? Anyone else having this issue?? Got any answers? Thanks

  10. Hi Charlie, go over video training again and you will here it stated that some sites take 3-5 days before they are uploaded, I am learning more as I am taking my time going over training material, hope that helps.

  11. i bought profit monarch 2 weeks ago.I have been able to spend probably one and abit sollid weeks night and day trying to make it work.first i made my own vidios found a niche bought a domain found some pritty rubbish copywright free photos and made a video.I then tryed to duplicate and thats when the problems started.After days of tweaking the lenth of video the text and images i finaly made fifty copys of the same video.They had all different tittles with good discriptions and tags.I thought great ive cracked it.When i tryed uploading nothing worked with the sites available to upload to.This made me think that it might be my videos so i tried to upload one of the videos suplyed buy monarch.i had no sucksess with this eighther.Apart from the fact that the upload sites wont exept even the videos from the people make the software isnt good.You cant get the bonus videos to load into the images section of the fist part of the software and you need to be able to do this to make duplicate videos.I think it is a good idea but good ideas dont cost£60 a month…They havent replyed to my emails i think they are hiding..I hope they are looking at these coments.I dont know what else to say

  12. Hey

    Thanks for your response Ray. I tried again last night and submitted 4 video to 8 of the top sites including Youtube.

    When I went to check my Youtube account I got excited because the videos were listed in my videos. BUT on closer inspection I realised the message UPLOAD FAILED: ABORTED! Also when I click to edit the description all the description boxes are empty!

    Anyone else have this issue??

    Advice would be much aprpeciated. Will give it another couple of days before I get the refund.

  13. Hey Charles,

    That error is fixed in the new release I believe. I had pretty much the same message, Check their download page, they have added a new patch.. It should work fine now..

  14. I think I am experiencing the same problem as well. I installed all 3 softwares using admin account. I tried to make a test video before uploading videos. However, no matter how tweak the settings on the video part, I still can’t get to create a video. It says – Failed Video. I worked on it for hours and hours but still getting the same problem. Are there any updates for this? Thanks.

  15. Hello everyone, having trouble saving projects, also a lot of the video sites are not relevant, so it is not just push button for all sites, all in all I still think software needs a few bugs removed to be completely effective, if I do not get answers from my e-mails in next 2 days, will ask for refund!

  16. I agree with you Ray. By the way, were you able to make a video using Profit Monarch? I just can’t really do it. It always says failed.

    03/10/2011 22:14:08: Started processing.
    03/10/2011 22:14:08: Creating video 1 of 1 – My video.mp4
    03/10/2011 22:14:09: Failed video My video.mp4
    03/10/2011 22:14:09: Finished processing.

    Can anyone please tell me what I should do? I’m really thinking this might be a bug or something. I’ve been trying this for hours now. Thanks.

  17. Disregard my post. I got my video to work. It was my silly mistake. The “Texts” should be equal to the number of “Images” you had added. I hope this helps. I will try to proceed with traffic monarch now and will give feedbacks.

  18. Hi Guys,

    Like most of you, I have bought this product and was very excited as I am a newbie and want to start making money. I spent a few hours last Friday on creating user accounts on all the video sites available. Then I have been trying to make a video. In frustration, I made 5 and they saved to my desktop, but they won’t play – message comes up – Error 2041- an invalid sample description was found in the movie. Maybe because I failed to put a watermark on it.
    I would have liked to preview the videos first at each step of the way, before they were finalised.
    The captcha image will not appear on my Niche Monarch, so I can’t use it.
    I have also emailed for help but have not heard back in 5 days.
    I also had money taken out within 3 days.
    There are also faults in the bonus videos – which I have told them about.
    Do we have to create the free report offered on these free videos? They haven’t replied.
    Looks a great program but I am really frustrated after working on it daily for over a week with no success.

  19. Just received refund, just not as great and easy as stated, best way to get refund is not through support, but clickbank support via chat, also you tube rejected 3 of my videos for duplicate content, I have yet to see any software work easy, good luck to all!

  20. For the lasT 5 days I have been trying to safe my videos, but Im not able to do it, desktop and other files dont save them, customer servise told me that some computers dont save videos, I have an other tool that makes videos and no problem with it at all, can you please help me? I have windows 7.

  21. I bought the Profit Monarch and Automation Monarch upgrade in February. Last week I followed the instructions in Automation Monarch, selected videos that were “published” and uploaded them. A day later I received notice that I had been banned from YouTube for violating policies.

    Run from Automation Monarch. it is a program that has injured my ability to do business online.

    Do not believe the hype behind it. Get a refund and do not use the program.

  22. I really conser the vedio copyright.

    on video ” Video Distribution” of Automation Monarch Software 6:25/10:53, Paul said ” you do not need to worry about to getting any issues” for the copyright, I Doubt it。

    I don’t think you can use someone’s video and just change Description and do not involved copyright issue, I think it is dangerous, but i have not use Automation Monarch to download and upload any video yet.

  23. All,

    I Purchased the software 3 weeks and successfully uploaded more than 700 videos across different websites. Did not earned a penny. Looks like this is just a video creator software.

    BEWARE. Do not use the Automation Monarch Software. I was about to ban my you tube account. I deleted those videos belonged to others. Now I do not use Automation Monarch at all.

    Looking at this I am going to asks for a refund after 50 days. Just HYPE about the product.

  24. I forgot to mention about that. Couple of sites in his will not accept advertisement with the videos. eg. gofunk. couple of other sites got my account banned like college humor, daily motion etc for posting more than 10 videos at same time.

    I selected some 30 sites and did upload of one video, according to the software it finished in about 20 minutes saying ‘completed’ My file size was about 10MB. it never got uploaded to any website. Ans most of the time upload will be failure of check back later.In you tube itself it took about 5-8 minutes for manual upload.

    By this software he simply tells it got uploaded where as it is NOT UPLOADED. As far sites without logins we cannot validate this. Hence I am sure most of the sites it will not go into many sites. I am normally doing manual upload to make sure at least some videos are there in some sites.

    Now question for you and others,

    Have anybody made some money out of this? By the number of my videos I uploaded and not getting any sale tells me it will never happen. Just dumping some video on all sites will never get us actual sale?Any say on this?

  25. Today I took one of the website which is in the list of Profit Monarch’s upload list. Got registered with this site and wanted to upload one video. We cannot upload because we have to pay a fee of EUR 5 to do this.In that case how on the earth Paul Ponna is claiming that he is going to upload to this website. If you visit each site like this, we will understand what is happening.. Totally this is a false claim..I want to hear any positive feedback on this software and how it has been achieved..

  26. It’s been more than 2 weeks really and I have not a single success for posting the videos. I have joined this forum since the 10th of March and still had no luck than creating videos using the software and not with the posting. I am really frustrated about it!

  27. Bryan, Go to “Profit Monarch Software.exe” and “right-click” and “run as administrator” . You have to do this each time when you run. This will solve the probelm of creating videos.

  28. many bugs in this software, i can not submit to any video site that in that software.. no message.. when i go to the video site there is no video at my account

  29. I also had the problem with failed video:
    tarted processing.
    03/10/2011 22:14:08: Creating video 1 of 1 – xxxxx.mp4
    03/10/2011 22:14:09: Failed video xxxxx.mp4
    03/10/2011 22:14:09: Finished processing.

    I was able to resolve the problem by right-clicking the application and selecting “Run as administrator”.

    I had previous success with Niche Monitor, but now when I execute it, I don’t get any results. If anyone else has resolved this problem, let me know.

  30. Thank you to the person that creatred this page.

    I have spent many hours and days trying to get this software to work.
    Up till now I thought it might have been me.
    Pretty much experienced all the same issues listed above.
    Very disappointed.
    Thanks to everyone that has left comments.

  31. I purchased Profit Monarch and downloaded the three units. I installed Nice Monarch and Traffic Monarch satisfactorily, but I could not get Profit Monarch installed, even installing under Administrator. I emailed support at least 3 times, each time having to wait for 4 or 5 days. And each time the solutions that were given did not solve the problem. Some of the solutions were quite irrelevant, and attempting to convince me that nobody else is having any problems, which is not true according to the comments above. If I get problems as some people are getting, when and if my installation problem is solved, I think the refund route is the way to go. I guess I can’t blame anybody but myself, after purchasing a previous product and having problems with it.

  32. Here is my summary after 50 days of purchase.Niche Monarch was never working. Traffic Monarch not uploading videos to selected sites. What I did is to use Profit Monrach and created videos and uploaded them manually. I have more than 700 videos across multipe youtube accounts and other video sharing sites. I did get some clicks on some viedeos. One of the niche I selected got approximately 1500 clicks in video sites (across my multipe accounts) and 38 clicks on the actual sales page with ZERO sales. So If I can’t make money in 50 says, I don’t think I can make money. I am requesting for a refund.

  33. This software suite is a classic case of launch hype, huge promises and ZERO follow-up. The software is all the worse for the fact that if it did work as described, there are many ways it could be utilized. There have been no updates or information posted on any of the Monarch websites since I purchased back in February.

    Truly a tremendous EXPENSIVE ripoff. I would advise anyone to stay far away from any of Paul Ponna’s products.

  34. Bought this today, cannot get Niche Monarch to work.
    Im very methodical and need to troubleshoot any problems as they arise, so I havent got past the first program of the three.
    Apparently in may be to do with flash.ocx file which is linked to the old flash versions, it does not exist in Win 7 64-bit environment, so I guess it wont work.

    Ive contacted support to fix the problems and im a techy so if I cant fix it with their help, then it cant be fixed.

  35. Profit Monarch is a horrible product. I suspect it has never been fully tested across multiple platforms.

    The install is cumbersome and not user friendly. I have tried this software on XP Pro, VIsta home premium and Windows 7, all with the same result…Crash. support is condescending at best. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT

  36. After watching all videos 6x’s.
    Software #1- I discovered the keyword (Niche Monarch)software,stop working,page rank,and the next two columns also.

    Software #2- The Profit Monarch- The videos that were made some
    were to fast to read with no instruction of what to do about it,
    I sent 2 emails to support but was never answered,
    I called clickbank they emailed the company an was ignored also.
    Also the 10 bonus campaign videos had no way of adding a Url domain
    to the video, also without instruction.

    Software #3 The traffic Monarch- the video submission tool.
    In the advertisement it states you will have 158 profit machines
    meaning 158 video submission sites, then the video say 42,
    when I actually used it a number of sites were no longer in business or forwarded to a new domain, which means you have to manually submit.

    I was hoping you folks at profit monarch would address these issues,
    but have not. I have no other choice than to file a complaint with
    The Federal Trade Commission and The Attorney General, if this is the
    way you choose to due business.

  37. I think the product is not good as they claim it to be. The are giving away their Niche Monarch for free. But there is no response or data collected when you send a query. I think the person who wants to contact FTC must do so.

  38. Total waste of time. Product does not run. Why people risk damaging their reputations by not doing proper testing is beyond me!


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