Profit Instruments

Profit InstrumentsProfit Instruments is a blueprint of making little sites called Profit Instruments that are easy to set up and that make money on autopilot.

The sites are focused on product title keywords and ranking for them high in SEO. As a result, all traffic is free and highly targeted. The creation process and maintenance of these sites is simple so the goal is to create many sites that would make money on autopilot.

Each site may not make a fortune since the product specific traffic is limited, but the simplicity of the process allows you to make a lot of sites and the profit adds up.

The blueprint works with any affiliate program including Clickbank, Amazon, CPA offers and other networks.

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  1. Great course so far, I’m only about halfway through it and I’ve made 4 sites already. It’s been a few weeks and they’re all on the 2nd or 3rd page of Google so I’m hoping with more SEO and more articles I’ll get in the top 10. It seems pretty similar to Google Sniper, which I’ve just heard about, and considering buying as well.


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