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I don’t write reviews on something that I think is not worth attention. And the way I find out if it is worth any attention is by looking what people are saying. I mean real people, not the affiliates hyping up the launch. Warrior Forums is usually the place – if a product sucks, you’ll know it. Presell Secrets X doesn’t seem to suck. There was a Warrior Special Offer going on the forums prior the launch which got a lot of good responses. So I got interested.

Presell Secrets XWhat  Presell Secrets X is about is essentially about promoting affiliate products through preselling. Every affiliate marketer is doing it in one way or another. The package is supposed to give us all the methods we can use to promote stuff. It has 3 modules, the first one is about niche research and the other two about preselling. The niche research module is geared towards beginners. All of this course really is, while evidently still  laying down all advanced matter.

All material is in a step-by-step walk-through  format with videos and manuals. Which is a good format, you get to see everything done before your eyes. There are also templates for presell sites, as well as a bonus on getting cheap PPC traffic.

All sound good, but here’s the thing, I’m wondering if it’s worth buying or not (as probably you do, in case you found this page in Google looking for answers about Presell Secrets X). I get the idea that beginners can get a walk-through of one of the best affiliate marketing models (preselling), or you can give it as a manual to your virtual assistants, employees, etc. But what about me, a guy who knows quite a lot about this affiliate thing as a matter of fact?

I know a lot of these “secrets”. I can tell you the main ones:

  • Social proof – a review page with a story of a user of product in question. You tell a story (preferably true) how you used a product and how it helped. This usually works well if your traffic comes from people who seek to solve a particular burning problem.
  • A real review of a product that tells everything about the product straight to the point, especially if the product has a sales page of a type where it says nothing other than promises to fulfill buyer’s dreams.
  • A comparison of products which looks like you’ve done quite a job finding all that stuff and giving the buyer all the options, with your recommendation towards your favorite (which admittedly often the one with the highest commission).
  • A review that has the answers that the prospects are looking for about the product. You try to guess (or research) the questions and give the answers. You are an expert in your niche, i.e. you know more about it than the prospects, and become sort of an authority. This is what I try (emphasis on try) to do in this blog btw, it’s no secret. 😉

In all cases you need compelling headlines, interesting copy and strong call to action. Choose one of the above, get down the latter right and you will do pretty good. Those are the secrets and Presell Secrets X apparently does a good job on explaining them in detail and showing how to do it.

Then there’s traffic. They give you a bonus for cheap Adwords traffic, but that’s not an easy treat I can tell you. I know how it’s done, and I can do it pretty good, but there are many pitfalls and I’m a bit skeptical about beginners doing it right. Here’s how it goes:

  • Basically, you target the demographics with your keywords, rather than keywords themselves. It’s called bidding lateral keywords. Instead of bidding on “how to do xy”, you bid on other keywords that albeit are not directly related to your offer, people who would be interested in it search them.
  • For instance, take weight loss. You’d pay through the nose if you wanted to bid on directly related keywords. But if you assume that women over 30 search for weight loss related terms, you can find what else they are searching for. Magazines, celebrities, tv shows – those terms are penny a click (given enough quality score) and they are the same people, so you sell to them. Granted the conversions will be lower, but the CPC will pay it off.

The pitfalls of this are that often you have to bid on brand names and Google won’t let you to. Then you have to show your craftsmanship in writing ad copy. The CTR is often hard to maintain too, since you have to keep the ad relevant to both, your site and the keywords which may be totally unrelated.

And anyway, I like free traffic better. So this might be a drawback to  Presell Secrets X.

Nevertheless, I think it’s a good product. If you want to learn more in detail about what I just rambled on about,  try it.

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  1. This is definitely a hot system – I’m been testing the Presell Secret X methods pre-launch, and having awesome success so far, definitely a notable increase in conversions! This is gonna be great for all the lucky affiliate marketers who get their hands on this!


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