PPC Ninja Review

There’s free traffic and paid traffic. Either has its advantages and disadvantages. To get free traffic, you have to put a lot of effort and spend tons of time doing SEO (or paying money for someone to do it), with paid traffic you don’t have the burden of SEO but you have to pay for PPC.

With free traffic you get bigger return on investment as a rule, with PPC it’s a lot lower but depending on how much you spend the money can be much bigger.

But isn’t there the golden middle where you spend little time, pay little, but get a lot of cash? The guys from PPC Ninja say there is.

These guys are all about paying little for traffic, but getting great conversions and raking in big commission. In his Obama Coin video Chirs revealed how he made about $3,000 in profit from about $530 spent on traffic. Now that’s my kinda ROI numbers!

So how he can do it? The answer is of course CPA offers. If you don’t know what that is, basically it’s getting commission for people entering data on merchant websites. All the people you refer need to do is enter their e-mail, zip or sometimes fill in lengthy forms, but usually that means no credit card or paying a penny. That means bigger conversion rates.

What PPC Ninja is about is essentially finding the cheap PPC traffic and sending it to the CPA offers. Usually that means finding hot trends where there’s lots of traffic but little competition. Not only that, PPC Ninja has some case studies of driving people to AdSense (i.e. doing what is called PPC arbitrage), which means you get paid for measly clicks – again it’s all about getting dirt cheap traffic and lots of it.

To put it in even shorter terms, PPC Ninja is about lots of dirt cheap traffic and monetization of it.

The Pros

  • First, obviously… lots of dirt cheap traffic.
  • Secondly, a big ROI potential. If you don’t like spending a lot of money, this is what you do.
  • Affordable and easy way to learn the ropes of making great online income

The Cons

  • I really would like to see it also talking about SEO to get quick and free traffic. When a niche is hot and new, there’s not much competition and it’s not a big of a deal to put up a free blog or Squidoo to get some of that traffic.
  • I don’t get tired to say this in every review that I make. If you are already working on your online business, do not distract yourself. Sure it’s a good opportunity, but it’s not magic and will take your time. Focus on what you’re already doing and for goodness sake, stop buying those IM products!

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