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Let me start by saying that I don’t like the name of PPC Loophole. The word “loophole” implies a temporary bottleneck in a system that can be exploited to your advantage, and you may start thinking where you put your money bag to fill it with quick cash while the loophole lasts.

This product, however, has nothing even remotely to do with such a loophole. It’s a very well prepared PPC course on top of the popular Speed PPC software. It has great value despite its name, but I guess it’s just a matter of personal preference.

Onward, here’s what PPC Loophole contains. There are three major parts – theory, practice, and tools.

The theory is a set of videos picking up where the pre-launch videos left. Here’s a complete outline (up to day as of writing this):

  • The Traffic Pivot:
    – Increasing Traffic Without Increasing Costs
    – Improving Quality Score (QS) through Increased CTR
    – Improving QS through Better Landing Page Quality
  • The Conversion Pivot:
    – Increase conversion rate with Quality Traffic
    – Dynamic Landing Page Tricks with SpeedPPC
    – How to Optimize your Landing Pages for Conversions
  • Lifetime Customer Value Pivot:
    – Introduction to LTV and how to calculate it
    – Increase LTV Product-Free
    – Increase LTV with complementary products
  • Profit Multiplier

What all this theory is about and why I think it’s of great value, is because essentially it teaches a great business practice (reminiscent the likes of Mark Joyner’s “The Great Formula”, if you haven’t read it you absolutely must), in the light of PPC. That is, the same good business practice explained in detailed terms of PPC.

The Practice section shows how all this theory fits in practice with the tools, in videos and manuals. And the tools are:

  • Speed PPC campaign builder
  • WordPress plug-in for dynamic landing pages
  • SpeedPPC Affiliate Datafeed Software which allows you to build sophisticated dynamic landing pages (such as completely unique and targeted content pages for each keyword)

The Speed PPC software is one of the best programs of this kind, and if you use PPC marketing, it’s a must have. I remember it back from when I started seriously learning PPC over a year ago – it’s exactly what I’ve copied to create my own private campaign builder.

But enough of that, it’s great, it works and all that, however, the purpose of this post is different. I want to bring up an important point of who can find use of PPC Loophole and who won’t. First of all, it’s all about PPC so you must be using it or ready to start using it.

Second and most important point is that all this theory works exclusively best for people who have a business selling products or services. There’s little use of the Pivot Points if all you do is send traffic to someone else’s business as an affiliate. You can improve your PPC campaigns to some extent, sure, but the whole power of it will be left unused. It’s like buying a Ferrari and driving strictly at under 60 mph.

With that said, for those affiliates who are excited about PPC Loophole and Speed PPC and are eager to try it,  I do have some tips on how you can move from a classic affiliate business to eventually your own product without having a cultural shock:

  • Come up with a bonus – anything that is related to your promoted products (you must ensure the merchant doesn’t disallow bonus incentives, though)
  • Start building a list – it’s straight forward with a bonus.
  • As the list grows, survey it and find out what their biggest problem is.
  • Find a way to create some sort of a product or service to address the #1 problem.
  • PPC Loophole will pick you up from there.

Meanwhile, the business owners will get great value, I have no doubt about it.

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