PPC Classroom 3.0

I’ve just heard that PPC Classroom 3.0 is to be released in November and it’s brought back the memories. You see, I’ve been a member of PPC Classroom 2.0 last year.

The reason I had joined it back then was because the videos of Anik Singal and Amit Mehta got me hooked.  They talked about something I knew only the basic concepts about – the PPC and Adwords. And what they’ve talked about, the little tips they’ve shared got me interested enough to give it a go. I have to say it was a smart move in general, to learn PPC and I’m glad I did take action.

PPC Classroom 3.0 VideoBut I’ve only been in it for one month. Not because there was anything bad with it – PPC Classroom had tons of information, they held webinars and I’ve learned a lot. But the reason was really the pace at which they taught – they’ve released one module per month and that was definitely too slow for me. Granted there was enough information to learn the basics and some advanced tricks in the first month, I just didn’t want to be kept waiting. Tip of the hat for making it easy to cancel – I didn’t even need to contact support, there was a button in membership area for that.

Even though I’ve quit, I appreciate the knowledge PPC Classroom has given me, and that’s why I’m writing this. I don’t know what improvements there will be in version 3.0 yet and I haven’t stayed long enough to know every single module there’s been, but the recap of what I’ve experienced is as follows:

  • The membership area is organized in to different sections and modules, there’s a lot of information about PPC and Internet marketing in general you can read right away, and there are the main modules which are added monthly.
  • There are enough of the modules to start with so you can launch your campaigns and the additional modules are more advanced, full of tips and tricks. Some of them include video tutorials. And finally, for each module you go through, you can take a test.
  • There are also some basic keyword tools (nothing fancy), the forums, some bonuses and up-sells if you’ve taken any.
  • I took their Niche Detective trial which was quite useful for the ideas and the case studies. As a matter of fact, one of those niches was the first to give me substantial sales and I’m still in it to this day.

One thing I didn’t like was the scarce appearance (pretty much none) of Anik, Amit and their coaches on the forums. They had a VIP access as an up-sell (don’t remember the price, but it was pretty expensive) and apparently they’ve posted in there. But as a comparison, the Commission Blueprint forums are full of one of its authors answering questions or even just chatting, definitely gives a nice experience and I certainly would have liked to see at least a fraction of that in PPC Classroom too.

Over all, as I said, I do appreciate what I’ve learned, it was a professionally presented course and worth the money I’ve spent, even if only for a month. And hopefully, PPC Classroom 3.0 will be improved even more.

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