PPC Bully 2.1

PPC BullyEarlier this year I wrote about PPC Bully 2 when it was first released. PPC spying programs and services are aplenty, but PPC Bully managed to improve things, especially in the international front where most other services were lacking.

The big drawback was its price – not many could agree with $2k price tag, as good as service was.

Now PPC Bully 2.1 is being released with the free Toolbar in the lead. The toolbar gives you free tools – a little bit of what the full PPC Bully service will be about.

And looks like the nagging price issue will be addressed  – it will be available for a reasonable monthly fee (TBA).

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2 thoughts on “PPC Bully 2.1”

  1. My only concern is that these guys pretty much hijacked the CashKeywords.com toolbar, which is more complete IMO. Couldn’t they at least come up with something a little original???

  2. I’m not familiar with CashKeywords, but why is that so bad if they modeled after it? It’s not like they ripped it off and just replaced their brand. Competition is always good and if they listen to the feedback, here’s their chance to make something better.


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