Podcasting to Build Blog Traffic

Novice bloggers frequently experience early setbacks prior to launching a website. Traffic can be disappointing. You might not make enough money to make it seem worth the time. It’s easy to become discouraged after a few disappointing months. You shouldn’t. These are pains almost every blogger deals with in the early going. It can take time to build links, establish domain authority, and attract a loyal audience.

What separates successful bloggers from the rest is the ability to make adjustments.

Expand Your Audience with a New Medium

Not all readers are alike. Some want only written text, some prefer video, and some would rather download a podcast. You should provide multiple options for your readers to consume your content. If your blog exclusively features writing, you should consider adding a podcast or talking-head video to your site.

Podcasting will enable you to connect with your audience beyond the written word, and create a favorable first impression. They will see your face, hear your voice, learn nuances of your personality, and eventually, feel like they know you. This connection can go miles towards building your credibility and authenticity with your readers.

Some bloggers are uncomfortable getting on a video soapbox and ranting on and on. If this describes you, there are still options. Try an interview format. For instance, if you write a baseball blog, interview bloggers of other teams. Simply compose some relevant questions, and let the other blogger do all the talking.

An added benefit to this approach is the linking potential. The interviewees are likely to link to your content to show off their importance and fame to their readers.

If this doesn’t work for you, you should still consider providing some sort of audio content. Using the above example, you can provide a list of baseball podcasts your readers will enjoy, and add your own personal reviews. This can give them the impression that they are listening alongside yourself.

The end result will be fresh links, a loyal following, bookmarked pages, and last but not least – traffic.

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  1. Podcasts are a great way of attracting a new audience. Podcasts downloads are very popular at the minute, so if you offer this as a feature, people will be sure to download your podcast, as long as there is some interesting and relevant content.


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