Perpetual Traffic Formula

Perpetual Traffic FormulaPerpetual Traffic Formula is a traffic generation system from Google through SEO created by Ryan Deiss. The system explains and shows how to get traffic from organic search engine listings on demand.

But how is this system different from any other SEO course (and there are hundreds of them, many talked about here on Ryan Deiss has proposed an interesting theory and a new twist on how SEO is done. Perpetual Traffic Formula has three parts:

  • Content
  • Backlinks
  • Activity

If you know anything about SEO, the first two parts are obvious, but the third one might be something new. This SEO method was design after the most recent Google changes and their move towards social media and fresh information. In other words, in order to rank higher and easier on Google, your website has to be active with new user generated content and flood of links from social media.

As any new theory it still has to stand a test of time but in worst case you will simply get more links with this system and rank higher anyway.

Beginners aren’t left out also as the system takes you through the whole SEO process from scratch and teaches all aspects of it and how to do it correctly.

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