Perfecting Ad Copy Will Perfect Lead Generation

Launching an online lead generation campaign can be a humbling process. You may have pre-conceived notions of exactly what your target market is, and how they respond to advertising. If you are new to pay per click (PPC) advertising, you will quickly learn that the key ingredient to running a successful campaign is perfecting the art of writing excellent ad copy. You must better your understanding of your prospects, learn to speak their language, and figure out what motivates them. Once you do, you can write ad copy that will motivate them to click on you ad, and hopefully, convert into a lead or sale. The $64,000 question is, “what is good ad copy, and how do I know if I have it?”

To get started, you must be patient, and willing to monitor your progress or lack thereof. You must have clearly defined goals and be prepared to adjust your approach based on your results. The internet marketing graveyard is littered with stubborn marketers who refused to adapt when results failed to meet expectations.

Writing an Ad

You must be able to write ads compelling enough to encourage user click-throughs. A good tactic is to consult with your sales team to identify the buzz words your clients are using. Request a copy of the cold calling script they use when placing outbound calls. Essentially, your goal is to “close” a click-through and a conversion, so a sales approach can be to your benefit.

Gathering Results

Running diagnostic tests to measure the effectiveness of your advertising copy is often a painfully exhausting operation. Yet, it is paramount to learn what specifically communicates your message most effectively, and you must undertake the effort to keep your advertising in front of as many individuals as possible, and then recover and dissect the resulting details.

Additionally, you can collect some take-aways that can be implemented to augment your alternative strategies, including SEO. If your are thorough, PPC Advertising can be a very meaningful instrument for examining the quality of your overall marketing efforts. It can be exceptionally simple and easy to develop and initiate when starting out. Within days of establishing your campaign, you will have numerous statistics at your disposal.


The statistics and numbers you collect will amount to your marketing report card. Without having very strong figures, your efforts to form educated assessments regarding what direction you should take, and what will fall short. You should look at the data you gather not as a crutch, but an opportunity to learn more about your target market. When implementing a web based advertising and marketing campaign, you will always have tons of helpful information that would be impossible to gather from an offline campaign. By properly analyzing your data, you can continue to write and improve killer ad copy that will get you to your ultimate goal.

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