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Passive Profit Portals by Chris Freville is a software designed to create a network of affiliate websites.

Here you will find the feedback from real users of Passive Profit Portals, their experience with this product as well as how they rate it. If you have used Passive Profit Portals or other products by Chris Freville, please leave a review below. Your feedback can help someone else decide, so it’s very much appreciated.

You can also rate Passive Profit Portals on different aspects – its features, the value you receive, the level of support and overall rating on the scale of 5. This will help anyone to see how good (or bad) the product is at a glance.

If you don’t see any reviews yet – don’t worry – sometimes it takes a while for consumers to try the product and report back with feedback (especially if the product is just launched). If you want to see more Passive Profit Portals reviews, bookmark this page and feel free to check back regularly.

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12 thoughts on “Passive Profit Portals”

  1. I´m interested in this product but I need more information. I´m tired of scams or products that don´t offer a valuable information or software that when is implemented, you get banned for Google, yahoo, etc.

    thanks for yuor help.

  2. Hi folks

    All I can do is repeat the info supplied at the top of this page.
    It states that what you get from these products are the mere tools and not a guarantee that you
    will be making hoards of money any time soon even.

    But like me you WANT to believe one of them will work for ya because you are desperate to make money
    and thats what these people thrive on. They don’t have to change the price the story of how they got
    hold of the software etc or anything because at the end of the day YOU want the product to work.
    So you go and buy product after product listening to each raconteur as he rambles on about how he
    picked a disc up that a guy had dropped by accident or received it from a computer nerd one day etc
    and finally make the payment.

    Truth be told as there are so many people desperate to make money such as I and others, you
    CAN make hoards of money, by simply becoming one of the raconteurs or story tellers such as
    the one’s you paid time and time again.Comprende amigo?

  3. I purchased stealth profit machines from Chris. The software does not what it promises it to do. I use this software manually, in parts, because the parts on its own are usefull. I do not know this product but the Russians did not fix the bug to make stealth profit machine work as it should. You are directed to a friends site of Chris by support and you can hire help to set up your site, but I did not buy the software to do that, did I? I just want it to work. To my opinion the Russians drunk to much …. However, as I said, the individual parts work fine and Chris really overdelivers so I kept this product for the individual parts, which are great. I am therefore, reluctant to buy this product. It probably is a good product, because if Stealth Profit Machine would work as it should it is an exellent product as well. Did I make money with it? NO.

  4. I have received an e-mail invitation to buy the product passive profit portals and I read through the sales page.

    But to be honest, it is not clear from the information on the sales page what exactly the software will do and how it will help generate money without using all SEO tactics known so far.

  5. The jury is still out but I have spent the better part of the last three days trying to configure these sites with nothing but headaches and scant support. Be Prepared to do a lot of tinkering if you intend to get these operational. They say they give them to you, but these are simply zipped files with other peoples clickbank ID’s, and then you have to configure your Databases and set up cron jobs etc. This is complex, even for seasoned pros, so good luck if you are a newbie?

  6. I have to agree with Jeff on this one. I tried for 6 days to get at least ONE of the pre-made sites to function correctly to no avail. Sent a request to support and got a response telling me to go to the Profit Portals Instructions… DUH? My question wasn’t about the “Profit Portals” software and nowhere in my request did I mention “Profit Portals”, it was about the “Premade Sites” I purchased at an additional cost and I even included the error being displayed in the header of the particular site in question. Submitted some login info they requested yesterday and now I am told it will be 6 days before the (singular) tech person (same one whose reading comprehension level is in question) is available to help. Haven’t tried setting up one from scratch yet but at this point I cannot recommend the purchase of Passive Profit Portals to anyone.

  7. Product being sold as Passive Profit Portals a 38.00.

    After paying this amount, I discovered there is an additional amount “Pro” This was not mentioned at the start.

    Then I see that what I bought is “Home Website Center”. Another hidden information.

    Hidden charges, names. I prefer Honesty up front.

  8. Hi guys,

    I recently purchased IPP and can’t get to the member’s area. I got to the area once and began watching the introduction video offered after the member’s tour. Once I clicked to play the video, it could not load the page. Now I cannot get back to the member’s area.

    Does anyone have the contact information for a refund on this product?

  9. What you all are looking for is a product that really works.
    Now let me tell my story. I saw the stuff on a website. I thought that this might be something. So, after a long thought I decided to buy it.

    The salesproces starts with the first sale, Passive Profit Portals. After that, you go to a second salespage where you can buy the first upsell, the Portal Traffic Tsunami Software Suite. Priced $197,- This piece of software is to give the buyers traffic a boost to your blog. Next you are guided to a second upsell, 10 ready made Passive Profit Portals, so you can start very quickly. Priced $197,- Now we go to the third upsell. This is a so called vault with a lot of articles, that you can use in your blogs, priced $97,- Well, it isn’t cheap to get started. After this there are some additional costs. These are the webaddresses or so called url’s that you need to buy and hosting to get your blogs in the air. So to start with, you need a lot of money, for me it is a lot of money.

    With the Passive Profit Portals are the training videos. They are not bad at all, but it takes several hours to get through it. After that you can give it a try. I just said give it a try, because I did gave it a try and stranded. On may 23th I started and a month later it still didn’t work.
    The problem is that it is not easy to install. Secondly, there are several problems. Let me describe these problems I encounter. First, to get a amazone ID as an affiliate is not easy. They review your website, and when you start for the first time, you don’t have a nice looking website, and your application is denied. So, you will miss one income source. Secondly, they recommend to install several plugins. For one plugin, you need API keys and for a facebook plugin an Application ID and an Application Secret. And they are not so easy to get is my experience. I struggled the whole weekend to figure this out, but I failed to solve it.
    Now you may think, but you have email support, isn’t that great? Of course it is, and they answer your question, but they also give you two links : and

    Now pay close attention. They can solve your problem, but there is a price list.

    Above I have written down some of the problems I encountered. Maybe when you work with it, you don’t have problems with it, but my experience is that it is very difficult to get this thing working. You have to make your mind up whether you want to buy it or not. I have decided to give it a try for one more week, and if doesn’t work, then I ask for a refund.

  10. Rachel,

    I read your post.
    You could sent an email to
    There you can ask for a refund.

    Another possibilty might be that you go to
    Click at the top on Order Help
    The fill in your Click Bank Order Number (look it up on your invoice from ClickBank)
    Fill also in your Email Address
    Then press Submit
    On the top left side you see a link in red Click here to get support.
    Click on this link.
    Then you see What problem are you having? –Select a reason
    Now you select in the screen where it is written –Select a reason
    More options …
    You see Type, here you select Refund Request
    One line beneath you see Reason. Here you select I was not satisfied with the product. / Product did not meet expectations.
    Leave the box with Additional comments open.
    Now click on Send on the bottom of the page.

    I hope it is helpful for you.

  11. Refund my money!! They really know how to give you the run around around that question, I ask for one on over 20 documented occasions, to no avail! I am still waiting for my refund!

  12. Sounds like Plan B, Massive Passive profits etc. The one thing we newbies seem slow to understand is that all of these products have a similar story line. Buy this product for $37-$47 and as soon as you do, you get hit for an upsell if you want to do it properly and then another upsell if you are serious.

    I bought three of these things, got all three refunded by Clickbank and will never look at another one again. Shame on the people who recommend them as well and everyone of those I have now unsubscribed from. These people make their money by building our dreams of earning an income online, taking our money and delivering nothing.

    I did find a way, it is called building free blogger sites which cost nothing and doing some basic back links which also cost nothing. It takes a bit of time and effort, but it’s unique content and all my own work.

    These people will still be ripping people off for many years to come. The only Russians involved in this was the amount of Vodka you would need to drink to believe this.


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