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Paid Ads Free by Philip Mansour and Andrew X

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4 thoughts on “Paid Ads Free”

  1. No comments yet but I found some great reviews on the methods used. Bottom line is the product shows you how to do revenue sharing with webmasters so that they give you the advertising for free. If it does make you money, you share a percentage of the revenue with the webmaster. Best of Luck.

  2. I downloaded the product and in theory, it’s a great concept. Revenue sharing. WOW!. But, I find a problem with the concept. Say you want to promote a ClickBank product on someone elses site. Why would the site owner or webmaster settle for a cut of the commission you earn if he/she can promote the same product using their own affiliate code and get 100% of the commission?

    Just a thought.

  3. Well I purchased Paid Ads Free this morning at the discounted rate of $19 (when I tried to escape they offered a $20 discount so I thought why not?!). Today is 9 August 2012. So far I have had nothing to confirm my purchase either from Paid Ads Free or from and I have not had the product yet. When you go into the website it is completely blank so I don’t know how to contact anybody about this.

    There seem to be some reasonable reviews all at the end of 2011 but this seems to have been relaunched. Anyone else bought it recently? Any advice much appreciated. Maybe you have to wait a while for the product but I would have expected some email confirmation by now about 8 hours after purchasing.


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