One Step Developer

This is a review page for One Step Developer by Jamie Lewis. The launch of One Step Developer was announced by JVNotifyPro.

I would appreciate that if you know anything about the product, good or bad, please post it here in the comments.

As it is with most of the internet marketing and make money online products, they are rarely as good as the promise and extreme caution is always required.

Your comments can save others time and money!

1 thought on “One Step Developer”

  1. i bought into the jamie lewis one step developer, with high hopes of making the kind of money he hypes in his advertisements.
    But Alas, no such luck, while they started off helping me build the website, soon i was left with unanswered questions and emails. they must assume everyone that gets involved in these thinks knows all about the deal, i didnt and soon i found that a lot of information was lacking and no way to find it out.
    So I complained to the customer service website and have not heard back in 2 days, so i assume im done with this one ,
    a sadder but wiser potential internet marketer.
    Joe johnigk


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