This is an entry for Nichevertiser, a software to monetize unused parked domains by Michael Fountain.

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5 thoughts on “Nichevertiser”

  1. Yeah …right. none of the sites the video shows are online anymore. Actually … you are VERY unlikely to find ANY sites made with Nichevertiser anywhere on the net. I guess that says enough.

  2. I have nichevertiser running on two sites and a further four I’m working on.

    For 27$ I would say its quite good value. To be honest I had to do quite a bit of figuring out myself to get them working and you have to be prepared to setup a database and experiment with the API.
    On the basic setup the only earning potential is with Adsense which may happen with enough visitors.

  3. I liked the idea of Nichevertiser I was looking for something like this for a long time so I went ahead and got it.
    The bottom line is if it workes for you the first time you are very lucky there is no such thing as a 10 min. install as for support I sent a ticket in and got a reply 15 days later with a one word answer good news is that there is a forum sad news is that all posts are moderated and from the looks of it nobody has been able to add anytyhing for over 6 months and from all of the old posts I’ve seen on there when somebody asks a good question the creator of Nichevertiser replies and says send me a PM so all you have are just Questions and no answers.

    If you have very very good PHP skills try it and I strongly belive it will make you money.
    As for sites made with Nichevertiser I have come across very many of them on the net.


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