Net Space Profits 2.0

Net Space Profits 2.0 by Tyler Ericsson is a local search marketing system.

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1 thought on “Net Space Profits 2.0”

  1. Does this product work?

    The only site that i see that is rank number 1 is –> “” &“” that has a real number & information

    everything else that he’s telling us to use that can save us money does not work! for example: if u were to type

    in or in the search engine those site are not even rank number one

    in Google. His idea sound great, and I know people that do make money this way- but it’s NOT going to work if you try to get sub-domains like

    Tyler is suggest in his course. His OWN sub-domain sites aren’t ranked and aren’t making him money,as they’re not even rented out. &

    also Google DOES NOT like sub-domain if we use his method it will be harder for you to rank number one! Mr Tyler knows that! This product is not a scam however, his methods that he’s teaches will not get you far if u use sub-domain. The only way I know this will work if u get individual domain for each site . There customer service sucks,it takes them 2-3 days to get back to you.


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