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My Mobile Money Pages by Andrew Fox and Chris Fox

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10 thoughts on “My Mobile Money Pages”

  1. Are you kidding me? The sales video tells me all I have to do is click a few times and I will have this great site. WRONG! It’s WordPress for goodness sakes, which is free with any webhosting package. This program had more steps to make a decent website than coding a site in html. After an hour I requested a refund. Is anyone REALLY checking out these programs and giving an honest review? Or is it all about making a sale. I’m truly disappointed.

  2. Dear all

    I don’t even know where to start.

    The video message is about web sites and good online marketing and all I got was co open up a back office with the so call clickbank company that sells ebooks

    I felt mislead and the support is crap, no means to contact them directly

    I want my refund emediately

    What a waste of time Alpha & Charlie Foxtrot

  3. If the ratings would have let me give zeros i would have. Product did not function like it was advertised so when i tried to get support, it did not and still does not exist. I did however get 19 emails from the provider on other affiliate software he was hawking. If this is the worst of internet marketing I am afraid for us all. Avoid anything to do with Andrew Davidson (his real name is Andrew Fox) or products he is promoting. It is obviously all about him making money and nothing to do with providing quality products.

  4. I agree with what what someone above said. The sales video was misleading. The actual website that the software will generate is too damn tedious to produce and long-winded, not exactly the user-friendly outcome that the video tried to portray. There are some flashes of cleverness in the software program, but I don’t think it is easy to operate. It might, eventually, but the learning curve is a bit steep for newbies like me. Too many things to learn and remember. And we we were taught automation is the key to this kind of business!!!

  5. I was about to purchase this product until i chance upon this review page. Is it really that bad? Totally different from what was shown? Andrew even mentioned that we just need 2mins to set up a website. Haha!

  6. In case you come across this review site, there are only seven total comments and the most recent comment is over a year ago. The product was released barely over a year ago, hence there were perhaps some bleeding edge problems that soured a few early adopters. Since then, the product has been improved tremendously and I’m not totally certain — but guessing hundreds of thousands of users are making money off this tool. I highly recommend My Mobile Money Pages, and suggest you check it out. If you don’t like it, just return it.

  7. I ordered this silly thing. Instead of the “just a few easy clicks” to get started I was directed to this “upgrade” and that “upgrade” I think the only one who makes money off this site is the guy selling the upgrades. Very disappointed in the blatant misrepresentation.

  8. I have bought this product as well called Mobile Money Pages. Looked very promising in the first video so I decided to give it a try for $ 37 dollars. Right after purchase it lead me to another video with another product for $180 dollars, then if u skip that one they show a 3rd video which asks for some kind of a membership for $ 97dollars. Thank god i didn’t buy those other two and my card was only charged 37 dollars. I feel super ripped off don’t fall for this bs guys !


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