Money On Demand – The Newbie’s Guide to Internet Marketing

I’m being asked over and over again, what’s one thing I would advise a newbie to do to start making money online. I always tell them to start blogging. But that’s too broad of an answer, you will agree.

Recently I’ve tested the new features in Google’s Insights for Search tool and it struck me that this tool is a killer when it comes to making money from scratch. The feature I’m talking about is the Product search filter. This tool used to show stats for the general search keywords, now you can narrow down the results. What this means is that you can effectively see what products are hot right now or for the past period and in what niche (Electronics, Health care, Automotive, etc.). With that Google is telling us exactly what we should promote to make money.


This tool literally changes the way we do niche research and now I’m positive that even the very beginners can do it. There’s no guessing anymore, or need for expensive tools that are vague anyway, you just ask Google and it tells you.

I’ve written a short e-book on how to use this tool and this marketing method effectively, I called it “Money On Demand”. The reason why I called it so is because essentially that’s what it is – it’s a very quick way to make money whenever you want.

You don’t have to know anything about the Internet marketing whatsoever, you don’t need a website, you don’t need to know SEO, you don’t have to spend money on PPC. You can be a complete newbie and still use this method to make profit. Just download the e-book and implement the few simple steps to start making money right away.

And oh of course, I’m giving this e-book away for free.

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