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Moneta Method

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This is a review page for Moneta Method by JP. The launch of Moneta Method was announced by JVNotifyPro.

I would appreciate that if you know anything about the product, good or bad, please post it here in the comments.

As it is with most of the internet marketing and make money online products, they are rarely as good as the promise and extreme caution is always required.

Your comments can save others time and money!

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  1. Received e-mail, opened and read it. It seemed like a scam but decided to take the plunge.
    The sales person was fantastic, curteous, pleasant, patient and charming. I invested $500.00 with a $100.00 bonus added to my account. I released my credit card info and waited for about 2 minutes on the phone when she (vanessa) came bqack and said payment received and she wished me luck with my trading. The thing is i can not log onto their website and view their platform. $500.00 gone down the drain and the fact that they could deduct monies off the account when ever they wish. Now i have to cancell the card and be mad with myself for being stupid. Commen sense said to do the research first. People be carefull of the scams.

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