Mobile Monopoly

Mobile MonopolyMobile Monopoly by Adam Horwitz is a course on mobile advertising and marketing. This course is based on real campaigns and testing and reveals a system of mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing is the next big thing as everyone keeps talking about it lately. There are millions of mobile users who have smart phones and access the Internet via their cell phones. The time has come to reach out to them with your message.

In 11 step-by-step modules this course will show you how to build mobile advertising campaigns and run them successfully. And most important of all, it will show you how to do it before everyone else gets into the still very fresh and unsaturated area of mobile marketing.

BeastMobi is not part of Mobile Monopoly course but it comes as an upsell, still it’s worth mentioning. It’s a software that generates mobile campaigns automatically. It includes a mobile compatible squeeze page generator, banners and more. The purpose of this software is to streamline the mobile advertising campaign creation to the point where all you have to do is copy and paste auto generated campaigns to the advertising platform.

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  1. This is nuts. Almost NO ONE is talking about mobile advertising. This is some seriously “behind the scenes” master-ninja stuff that crushes everything else. It’s going to seriously add some extra income to an already great business for me and countless others.


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