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Mobile Money Machines

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Mobile Money Machines by Frank Lucas and Matt Marcus is mobile marketing software.

Here you will find the feedback from real users of Mobile Money Machines, their experience with this product as well as how they rate it. If you have used Mobile Money Machines or other products by Frank Lucas and Matt Marcus, please leave a review below. Your feedback can help someone else decide, so it’s very much appreciated.

You can also rate Mobile Money Machines on different aspects – its features, the value you receive, the level of support and overall rating on the scale of 5. This will help anyone to see how good (or bad) the product is at a glance.

If you don’t see any reviews yet – don’t worry – sometimes it takes a while for consumers to try the product and report back with feedback (especially if the product is just launched). If you want to see more Mobile Money Machines reviews, bookmark this page and feel free to check back regularly.

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  1. Hi, I’m not that savvy with internet stuff put I did purchase the Mobile Money Machine. It seems like it will work if set up properly. But the support sucks. When I ask a question I really neet to be explained with more detail and their support doesn’t do that. They are very vague with their answers. So if anyone that has purchased the software and can help me with steps 4 & 5 I would really appreciate it.


  2. Diane
    I somehow deleted the training video. If you have a contact venue for HELP, please post. I can’t seem to find one. I got as far as to set-up an affiliate site.


  3. I tried your program and, needless to say, it did NOT work. I know full well your system is out of date and this is a pathetic way to introduce tactics to rob people of their hard earned money. I am a computer software developer and I went through all of the code and read every single line from the 6MB install files and they don’t interact with facebook whatsoever! I have come to the conclusion that the system does not work, and if it did before it is now out of date. It is very similar to google adsence, just a lot more complicated. I requested a refund after explaining this to them, and I got it about an hour later. It’s a total JOKE! They take that $49 and put it in one of their high interest accounts and make money off of you during that 60 day trial even if you request your money back. This person is EXACTLY like the people he’s complaining about in his video. Don’t waste your time, effort, or money on this POS program.

  4. Hey Thanks for the honesty, i new it would be a scam and i just searched google for feedback.

    If he was so rich, why is he selling $49 software ??? why does he add the ps , pss, psss at the end. STAY CLEAR DO NOT BUY

    People like these scam poor folks for every penny

  5. I found his video by tracking back a link from Russia that was trying to spam my blog. He seems to be using Russian spambots to get through Google spam detectors.

  6. Marvin Adams Reply

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  7. My mobile money machines helpful tips. I bought and installed mobile money machines and it worked but I got only two email subscribers. It worked fairly quick concidering my job and everything else going on it took a little while to set up. I got impatient (big No-No) and thought something is not right (which it was right), so I removed facebook api key and got a new one then my facebook connect button did not work when clicked. So I put an aweber subscribe form on my mobile money machines page and recieved two more subscribers. It bothered me my connect to facebook button did not work so I removed mobile money machines then reinstalled it (thinking I deleted something or my anti virus did something). Now my website is messed up. I put in a support ticket to brainhost and they are working on it. I like wordpress and I believe the setting up of funnels will work even better given time. The thing about it working quick is I did not even promote the page, It is not on first page of search engines by my typed in keywords. I believe Admob helped. Anyway I have 4 subscribers with doing nothing hardly. Dont mess around with the mobile money machines install or the facebook connect button, and be patient. For the one that lost the email above (contact clickbank and let them know you deleted the email by mistake. They have your purchase information and will send you a link, Or they did me when I did the samething with another download. I hope my mobile money machine tips helped.

  8. Don’t believe it people! Frank Lucas is a scam artist just stealing your money. He got $49.00 out of me and then I got nickled and dimed right into a negative balance just like the other work from home sites and gurus that he claims to hate so much do. DO NOT order this program. It left me in tears.

  9. I have e-mailed now 5 times even e-mailing offervault who not only sent me the link but, got commission on my sale – NO RESPONSE. I am so, pissed off that I have got sucked in again. They say they offer refunds – as well as a lot of other empty promises – DO NOT BUY!!!!!

    The so called BONUS is a webinar that is supposdly live and, “you can never listen to it again so don’t close out of it” – what a joke – not only is the audio and visual screwed you can go back and listen to the same BS again and again.


  10. I will say that I have not bought, and don’t know definitively whether it does or does not work, BUT every sign from the inception of the presentation of this video, plus what Matt said on (October 2011) are all RED FLAGS. The disclaimer underneath says “3 party voice actor depicting author’s experiences”, the style is so completely perfect down to the last detail that no self-described ex-Joe Shmo would ever be able to orchestrate it, it reads identically to an infomercial but instead of a hillarious Billy Mays, you get monotone, condescending freemason cocksucker voice. It employs every psychological marketing trick known to man in perfect synchronicity (note the rampant salf island polka mixed with immediacy and scarcity, combined with positive and negative emotional appeals to reciprocity, and door in face technique). Finally, when you leave the page, it does what all sleazy internet sales pages do and asks you not to “miss out” giving you a discount that wasn’t previously available with a fake live chat representative available. Just how perfectly tailored and polished the video was, and half of the evidence I cited was enough to say “F this” (even the top google results are by the author, which is again plain as day). A true opportunity like this can’t come from the internet, the only way it would come is through someone who has humbly SLAVED for your trust over YEARS of sincear friendship, and then, no way would your friend alledge that you are somehow a loser if you don’t partake, like in this crap here.

  11. I will say though, thanks for the amazing tip, I will be doing more research on the dark internet and mobile phone exchenges of money, and how it can be profitable to me. The product here is exactly the same as a virus is to a microbial cell: seems innocuous at first, but drains you so long as you aren’t aware of the parasitic nature of what you just let inside. That’s what it’s doing to mobile customers as well, it’s a parasitic, innefficient middleman that the provider and the clients don’t need, but can’t live without because they’re essentially fully dependent on them, so people who buy it should be (but mostly aren’t) aware that what they’re buying is just a really inneficient, totally unneccessary electronic franchise. I doubt that anyone who bought this actually thought “how am I providing people with value? I’m getting money for nothing which is against the univesal law of economy, something here is wrong…”. But who buys something that advertises itself as “nobody really knows how it works”? The voice actor tries so hard to be buddybuddy, mr. understanding-of-your-woes with you, I felt dirty after watching the video.

  12. I bought it thinking if I get amy ideas fromthis it may be worth the $49 BUTi recieved only emails offering more great money making ideas each offer around …you guessed it $49 and if yousign up for one of them they try to see if they can escalate you to the $99 or $149or $249 and even $499 sucker levels.
    I have recieved NOT onepiece of software, No white papers nothing but other offeres..
    I have sent MANY “refund my money” emails and i never get contacted and haven’t see a cent refunded.
    ….So if you want thetrue trick to this program I’ll sell it to you for 1cent…ok because you read this far i’ll give it to you for absolutely FREE…..the trick is…find a sucker that dreams of making easy money…sell them on the idea then…..keep selling them more ideas a sucker is always a sucker so drain them dry….oops that’s the entire secret..for FREE. If you want you can send me some pennies to offset my learning fee on mobile money.

  13. Wow- am I glad I read these reviews and DID NOT get sucked in to buying what appears to be one of hundreds of thousands of internet “scams”- Even the video contradicts itself- he says he will give you this “special” software free, then it says a one time payment of $49, THEN if you go to the order page in fine print(of course), it says you will be billed monthly. Seriously, on a common sense level, if this guy was REALLY that rich, do you think he would “keep coming out of retirement” to “help” people?? Face it, millionaires are concerned with themselves and making more money, not with “helping the little guy”- just a fact of life- cold, but true.
    I will commend him on using every conceivable psychological trick to prey on you and separate you from your money. It was cleverly crafted, and for that reason I knew it had to be a scam. If this guy was really truly concerned about all the “poor little people” like he says over and over in the video, then he wouldn’t charge the “little guy” anything, right? Remember, he feels so “sorry” for us for being taken advantage of by the “gurus” LMAO I hope this guy gets caught as he is no better than the scamsters at Enron who ruined countless lives of people who trusted them.

  14. I just listened to this presentation too and if it had been truly free (meaning no $49 to ‘support’ the domain) I might have signed up for it. But I figured it was a scam from the beginning. Not to mention, using a ganster’s name! Frank Lucas! American Ganster! Come on dude, that’s a red flag right there.

  15. >>>>Who can I talk to that has a pulse and is satisfied with this product? <<<<>>Is the website accurate in anyway?<<<<

    Just read the terms of use and see that the states dont match up the names dont match up they are not bbb accredited the warenty is a joke and on top of everything else this free software costs 49 dollars per month while you are tring to make money!!!!!!!!!! BSBSBSBSBSBSBSBS!!!!!!!

  16. Jeremy David Wilson Reply

    Dear Sir/Madame:

    I think that Liam (above) hot the nail on the head. This reminded me of a sermon I recently listened to in which the preacher was committing every sin he was railing against, pride, arrogance, self-indulgence,etc., etc. This sounded exactly like the “other” Internet scam artists Lucas was dissing from the start. He made one blundering claim, “…you have already seen how well this software works…”. No I have not! It has all the red flags I look for: “Too good to be true”, “too much of a testimonial”, “charging a fee after claiming it to be free”, etc. Thank you for this page which is exactly what I expected to find.


    Jeremy D. Wilson, Honolulu. HI

  17. They almost had me! I’m guessin that video’s almost done, but I had to pause it and look this sh*t up. I’m with Bridgette. I almost looked up Frank Lucas (yeah, the gangster) from the jump to see what he’s been gettin into. I’m glad I got a lil’ cautious instead of staying curious. The more I watched, the more flags kept gettin’ thrown. Damn, my heart goes out to those who fell in it. $50. Look at it like this: it started out for free+ “for only $49″= SCAM!!! Like Liam said, no of us “little guys” knows any of those “secret guys” for sh*t. How about you just keep your MILLIONS and i’ll hold onto my $49. Hell I got great friends, but there’s always those you know you can’t trust with money. This guy never even shows his face, at least up until I stopped to investigate. Thanx for the heads up. There’s gotta be something that can be done, legally, to stop these people. He kept saying shit about being “untraceable”, but amazingly gets people to hand over all their info. I almost bought it, literally. Frank Lucas? HAHAHA 20%! He’s absolutely right though, cuz that shit he’s doing is designed to keep you, no US, poor.

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