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Mobile Money Bandit by Justin Elenburg

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2 thoughts on “Mobile Money Bandit”

  1. Don’t buy it. The promotional videos are impressive, but once inside, it’s a letdown. First of all. Justin states over & over that you don’t need a website, yet in the very first set up video to register with Commission Junction, you learn you need a website to qualify. So, he says go to WordPress, but gives no direction on what kind of website you have to establish. Then, he instructs you to tell CJ how you intend to promote PPCall. How was I supposed to know? That’s why I bought the course! He gives no instruction on responding to that for either CJ or for the advertisers, which require the same thing. He just tells you to write a “short description. ” And then you learn that you won’t have access to the community frum unless you spend another $497 for a “toolbelt.” He had promised that everything would be provided, when in fact he holds back very important tools for an astronmical extra cost. I could go on and on. If you buy it, prepare to educate yourself on the process because there won’t be muich help.

  2. I agree with Martin’s post above. The promotional material used to sell it is good – as usual you are shown the bells and whistles, like holidays and a neat RV to impress you.

    The drawcard with Pay Per Click is supposed to be that this is so easy – that you can just use WAP (or dumb) phone ads to drive clients to your sponsored ads. And you can – but what they fail to mention is you get the usual battles with Google for cost per click; then if the caller doesn’t stay on the phone for long enough you just DON’T GET PAID. So you can end ups spending lots – but getting little in return. You are also going to have to set up websites at some stage too – because most phones are going smart these days and that means they work just like a PC and need a landing page. So – you need domain names, web design (if you want it right) etc.

    It’s sold as easy – but its not! Google suspended me 3 x times, because they still are confused themselves about Pay Per Click – I had to ring them to get reinstated.

    The forum has only a few good helpers – and Justin himself rarely appears (must be on another holiday) – and when I asked for some success stories there was almost total silence? In the end I utilized Clickbank’s fabulous 60 Day Refund policy to cut my losses (lost about $1700 to Google).



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