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Mobile Mass Money by Frank Lucas and Matt Marcus is a mobile marketing software.

The purpose of this page is for the real users of Mobile Mass Money to provide their feedback and inform everyone interested about their experience with this product. If you have experience with Mobile Mass Money or other products by Frank Lucas and Matt Marcus, please leave a comment with your feedback below. Your feedback can help someone else to decide.

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57 thoughts on “Mobile Mass Money”

  1. I am still searching, (since the year 2000) for a profitable, legitimate Marketing solution. I am afraid to spend another $47 (a lot of money for a hard-working, below-the-average-income mom like me), on yet another program, only to find out that it won’t work unless I invest even more money into it.

    I like the sound of Mobile Mass Money, but I wonder if I will be able to implement the program with the initial $47 and make money with this program, as it is, or will I have to come up with more money to make it profitable.

    I’ll keep searching for answers to this issue.

  2. Well, the Internet marketing shortcut E-book is quite a different tool! It’s written well and it’s easy to understand. There’s a lot of information in those short 8 pages, so I printed it out so that I can actually follow it line by line, and I’ll have no excuse for failure.

  3. I’m sorry to tell you but I feel stung by M M M
    They do not tell the whole truth, for example you do not have to have
    a site is not true you need
    You do not need to understand anything all automatic no longer right
    You are not Far from Success onle fu clicks …. wrong again
    I have only 43 copies, please hurry to buy because it’s going to give out – wrong again
    I did just recently I purchased the product and still at the beginning
    But I think there’s much time to invest in research
    Video explanations are not clear and sharp is not really significant

  4. Here is what you can expect from mobilemassmoney. On the official sales page you will watch a video where Frank Lucas gives the usual sob story about how he was broke and desperate until that dramatic turn of events that changed his life. (why do all the “money making system creators do that?) are we all really that stupid? Anyway the sales page is pretty convincing that he has THE SYSTEM of all systems and holds the secret to making money online, which he advertises isn’t online at all but on the mobile market. So if your thinking about purchasing mobilemassmoney here is what you will get. First of all don’t pay $47 for it. Close out twice and you will get the big discount price of $27 but keep that credit card out because your going to need it! After your purchase you will go through a series of 4 upgrades ranging in price from $70 – $300. Now if you don’t choose that upgrade you will have to click a link that more or less says ” No thanks Frank I’m not really comminted to my success” WOW!!!!! So if you purchase this system and don’t chose the upgrades you are basically not really interested in making money (never mind that you just paid money to purchase the system) and now you get a nice little insult to go along with it. Now welcome to members VIP area. Which is so VIP its on a public url with no login or password so basically any one who knows the web address can access it or pass it along to whoever they wish. Now in the members area the first thing your going to see is that you need to purchase web hosting for your free website. Hmmmmm Doesn’t the sales page state you don’t need a website to make money with this system. Oh and not only do you need to purchase hosting but according to the training video you should purchase for the max two years because the search engines give higher ranking to those websites that are registered for a longer period of time. REALLY????( Search engines are sophisticated word matchers period!) There is no preference to length of registration. Now sign up for that website you werent supposed to need and then go pick your products to promote, like CPA’s. Hmmmm doesn’t the sales page say this is not CPA marketing? I could go on and on about how Frank put this together out of his sincere desire to help opportunity seekers get in early on mobile marketing but you can certainly decide for yourself. I’m going to get my money back!

  5. I was just getting ready to make my purchase and I have my own reseller account with Hostgator.

    I hate it when marketers hold the customer hostage like this.

    If it’s a free website then you should be able to take delivery of the FREE website if you own your own hosting.

    Where is the customer satisfaction these days.

    I am hesitant to purchase the product at this point but it is being delivered through Clickbank and they always honer refund request. So what do you have to loose? Just don’t buy into all of the extra crap!

  6. I’ve been trying to figure this out for three days now and have no idea how this program works. I wish I had did a little better research before purchasing it I only got a 10 dollar discount didnt know there was another one. I didnt purchase the extras simply because I cant afford to right now but it seems like the only the program will work is with the automated extras. I am pretty disappointed myself with this program as it doesnt seem to be what was advertised at all. No where in the ad did it say you would need a minum purchase of fifty dollars in credits and have to spend a minimum of 10 each time you sent out a campaign. Thats going to add up real quick. At least thats the way I interpret it. I still don’t understand about the free website. The free website is supposed to be about something you have an interest in but the video says your website should be about affiliate marketing. Which is it? I checked into the hosting site and I assume mmm is a partner affiliate of brain host so frank probably makes commission on that as well. Also brain host will also do websites for free for their partners so something really stinks about that whole situation. I think it’s in very poor taste that the home page tells you to ‘Unsubscribe from the lists of marketers sending you the ‘next best thing’ every single day. Because you already have it. Period, end of story” then the bonus section if filled with advertisements for other programs for you buy. I’ve purchased programs before and you expect an upsell but with this program it seems like you need to spend more money with every click of the mouse. I’m going to give it a few more days and see if I can make sense of it all and do it without going completely broke. If not like the last guy said at least you can ask for a refund. If anyone has had some success or even know how this program works please post for us.

  7. Well, Char is correct – I paid for 1 year and came to my senses and realized what was really going on…… so I asked for a 30 day refund. I get an e-mail back telling me I would loose $14.95 for setting up my domain name – I am told this service isn’t free 8 …… So, I read the info for myself and I quote (this is from front page of website creation page brainhost “if you do not recognize a charge, or contact our Billing Department via email at billing[@] Security Note: Your IP address and other information has been saved in order to protect your confidential credit card information.*Money Back Guarantee Details:
    Brain Host maintains a 30 day money back guarantee. It is important to note though that customers that register a new domain name will have $9.95 deducted from the refund amount. To receive a refund, you must cancel your order within the first 30 days of having service with us.”
    I e-mailed and called and , despite what their site says (LOOK CLOSE – A NEW DOMAIN NAME IS ONLY $9.95!!!) I am out $15 AND was also charged mysteriously $1.95 from a web hosting company I never heard of or visited on MY CREDIT CARD?!?? Stay away – it’s not worth the headaches.

  8. All I can say is sorry for those of you who lost your money! I read his whole fricken article and bought into the fact that he really wanted to help people like us! Yeah Right! Also I noticed that one of the screen shots actually showed $17K in commissions were pending and 0 had been paid! HMMMM makes you think! Forget what these GURU’S Say….Yes he is a GURU himself! I think just stick to the basics using google and adwords is the only way I have made any of my affiliate commissions! Good Luck to everyone out there!

  9. I have been doing affiliate marketing 7 years and a fellow marketer purchased this system and sent it to me because she didn’t understand it. I am not an expert in mobile marketing but have purchased and participated in more of these types of systems than I can count over the course of my IM career. Some good, some bad and some outright scams. My opinion about mmm is this. This whole system raises far too many red flags for me to believe this is a legitimate, stable platform and I personally would not do business with this company for the following reasons alone:
    -VIP member’s area is a public website. There is no secure back office.
    -There is no member’s forum or area for members to openly post questions, not even a faq page.
    -The step by step training consists entirely of a series of three short difficult to follow videos and there is no disclosure on how this system actually works.
    -The company pushes too many additional purchase offers using “one time/limited time only” scare tactics to get members to purchase now.
    -There is no clearly stated value to members purchase and much of the information that is available is contradictory.
    -The BONUS area consists of a one – time potential 15min coaching session with an expert which is no doubt a teaser to get members to purchase more coaching time. The remainder of the BONUS is sales pages to other systems. Not exactly a bonus in my book!
    -Finally this so called software is membership to another publically available website that anyone can purchase and use.

    Again I am not an expert in mobile marketing but for a guy who claims to have spent so much money on internet marketing books and courses he obviously didn’t learn or apply even the basics to his own product. I am recommending to my friend that she get her money back. I agree with this guy on one thing… that mobile marketing is the future for affiliates. There is plenty of free information out there and lots of other gurus to choose from.
    Good Luck To All

  10. If you asked my wife she would tell you I am a professional money making purchaser and she’s right. I am always on the look out for the next guru to show me something I didn’t know. Always purchase thru clickbank so I can get money back from the really bad ones. This guy is the 2am act at amateur mike nite hoping everyone is to drunk to notice how bad he s*cks. At least give me something, anything I can use man! An explanation of mobile marketing, the mobile web, the app stuff, how the hell all this stuff works! This has got to be the worse mms I’ve seen in years. Sorry dude! if you actually got something worth other people paying for get ur sh*t together before you start parting fools from their money!

  11. I bought this and think it is pretty good for the cost. I did have to do a little outside research to clarify a few ideas but it was not too hard. Don’t waste your time on the ad ons…I am waited for a refund on the 20 premaid campaigns (worthless). I learned a ton and have a campaign up and running now (my first). I am cautiosly hopeful !

  12. Its a rip pure and simple do NOT spend your money on this thing! There are so many things he dont tell you by the time you get in then your on your own also Im still waiting to download the software which dont exist.

    At least 90% of everything he says in his video is a lie from now on I will never buy anything that says it’s %37.00 or $47.00 dollars again from anyone on the net. Also if the thing your looking at keeps offerering you discounts of $10.00 everytime you try to leave the page dont but it they are all in it together.

  13. I have been making money online for 4 years now. Not to be rude, but some of you people fall for this all of the time. I can look and tell within the first 1 minute that theirs a catch or a scam. If you see something claiming to make you $millions with the push of a button, just know it will not be $47. If you see the price is that low for so much “claimed” value than just know that you will be upgraded every chance you get. They will NOT give you that for just $47 dollars.

    The sad thing, is that most of this stuff they claim will make you money, really will….But they will leave out parts and make you feel like you didn’t do something right if it didn’t work. Or they will make you feel lazy in a way.

    If you really want to succeed online you need the right knowledge and training to succeed.

  14. Really useful information here, thank you all, I was having my doubts about this offer for the reasons everyone has said but really wanting to learn about this mobile marketing, I can tell now that I’m going to be looking elsewhere, thank you everyone –

  15. Maybe I did something wrong but I did buy this yesterday and paid my $47.00 but I did not get any software or links for downloading it. What did I do wrong. Is there a way to contract Frank or MMM?

  16. Robert,

    I love to hear that someone is actually making money online. Can you tell us where one can find the right training, knowledge, support? All of the systems, schools, etc. that I have bought or looked at are all in similar garbage heaps as this one.

  17. Do not purchase this program. Once you pay, you are held hostage and the real “backend” selling begins. That $47 is not what these jerks are after, they want the bigger bucks through the backend upgrades. The sales page does not really tell you anything. These guys have it worked out to a science and play on your emotion and even desperation for money. If MMM is so good, why the hard sell? And, why the aggressive backend selling? Because it is not a good product. When I purchase a product, i do not want to see all of that backend stuff because leads me to believe that MMM does not work on it’s own; it leads em to believe that I need all of that “other” stuff too. These guys have no consciences and have conditioned themselves not to care about you. It is all about getting to your credit card. That is the reality.

  18. wow! thank god.. I was wise enough to search in google for reviews, thanks for these comments… i was actually about to buy it but then I realized something too, usually in marketing sites like MMM most of what I read has Testimonials but his page doesn’t have one at all… and i think he is a GURU himself… >.<

  19. Thanks for the honest reviews on this. I am now closing the sales page and will not purchase. Probably will take me through a few discount pages first. LOL No to those too!

  20. I have ignored MMM’s e-mails for months now. but instead of unsubscribing I just delete . Tonight for some odd reason I took a bite!
    I can see why people fall into these things the way they advertise now- talking like his JUST LIKE YOU cursing and using derogatory statements- just a regular nobody like US- it’s like an insult and a shout out! Anyway- I decided out of curiosity to google this Frank person- and I am glad I did- not because I almost bought it but because I didn’t want to miss out – as if this one might be the real deal— THANKS FOR ALL THE REVELATIONS
    I hope more people google these things before giving up money- Times are HARD — REAL HARD – it breaks my heart that people are capable of taking advantage of other when odds are they are truly desperate to make ends meet or find passage into the new economy ——Best of Luck to ALL

  21. Ok, so I am NOT new to internet marketing, HTML and web design. I have a couple of successful sites. I wanted to check out the mobile marketing thing, so I purchased this RIDICULOUS program for $47. Let me tell you why this program sucks:

    Although there were some useful pieces of information – they don’t actually explain how to put the program together and make it work. The videos are very confusing and don’t go together. They show you one thing and then something else, but never actually show you how it all works together. So you’re like “what the hell does this, have to do with that?” They have Step 1, Step 2, etc…but they don’t go together!

    A large part of the program is about SMS (Text) marketing. Similar to an email marketing campaign, they show you how to set up the text message auto-responders, so when someone texts the word “money” for example, to 417647 (or whatever), you can set it up to text back an affiliate link or a link to your website. The mobile number then gets added to a list and you now have a list of mobile numbers you can send text messages to. Sounds great, except THEY NEVER TELL YOU HOW TO ACTUALLY GET PEOPLE TO SEND A TEXT TO YOU! It’s very frustrating! I racked my brain for hours trying to figure it out or see if I was missing something.

    They do show you how to create a basic mobile website, which was cool, and they show you how to drive people to the mobile site using Admobi. Admobi is similar to Google Adwords, where you pay for ads to be shown on Mobile phones. It’s cost per click just like adwords. In fact Admobi is owned by Google.

    They also show you how to set up an email marketing campaign through mobile marketing – but this is pretty easy to do without them. Just sign up with a email marketing company like Aweber, use one of Aweber’s pre-made forms, then create a mobile webpage, put the Aweber form on your mobile page, then use Admobi to drive traffic to the site. When they get to your mobile site, simply have 1 or 2 sentences to get them interested and then ask them to enter their email address for more information.

    Thats really all you learn. They never once teach you how to get people to send text messages to build you text message list. They don’t teach you how to automate the text message marketing. The only thing you really learn is how to build an email marketing list through cell phones.

    I guess you could put a field on the Aweber form for them to fill in their cell phone number and then manually put the cell phone numbers into the cell phone auto-responder system…but that’s a lot of friggen work. Or you could drive them to a mobile website that simply said – for more information, please text “money” to 41575…but this also seems like too many steps. In either case, they don’t explain or suggest these methods either.

    The whole site is built to get you to purchase their upgrades. They want you to purchase their website and hosting, which you have to pay for annually. They do have a monthly option, but then theres a $50 set up fee.

    I did create a mobile page with an affiliate link and used Admobi to drive traffic to it. Admobi has a $50 minimum and guess what? YOU USE THAT $50 IN ABOUT 2 MINUTES…no kidding. I spent $100 on Admobi and did not generate a single sale or even conversion.

    It did open me up to mobile marketing though. But I need to find a program that actually shows me how to get people to text their number to me. I may give it one more try and create a mobile page that simply says “For more information, please text the word “blah” to 45574 and see what that does. Maybe people will actually do it.

    I did check the stats on Admobi and I had 892 visitors to the mobile page in about 5 mins…so maybe I need to figure out how to build a better mobile page. Mobile Mass Money offers this service…for $300. lol.

    Anyway, that’s my two cents. Find a better program…there has to be some out there.

  22. I almost bought into it, but $47 seemed too low for all that great stuff they promised. Here’s how I check out these guys…I go to Clickbank Marketplace, and type in the search box the name of the program. Up come the Clickbank stats on that program…affiliates get so much for the first sale, and then you see how much MORE they get on the upsells. When I see there are 2,3, or 4 upsells with affiliates making up to $300…(which means you spend about $500) I don’t even bother with it. If the first thing they sell is so bad that you have to keep buying more stuff to make it work, then I don’t want it. I have yet to see a worthwhile program which uses these tactics.
    One thing about Clickbank…when you type in the product ID number, choose “other” and then on the next page click on the Clickbank logo in upper left corner for the page which will come up with the radio button for cancel/refund. You WILL get your money back. but NEVER tell Clickbank you didn’t get the product because that will waste time…they will send you back to the provider for another download.

  23. Whew! it realy pays to google all the “new” money-making stuffs that get to your inbox regularly like mmm. i was already conviced the first time i watched the video and almost fight myself for delaying a few more days before purchasing…but i didn’t. i am glad i delayed doing so and have found you guys here, reading all your comments, stories, and cautions…it all saved me my money. really disgusting to say the least. all these rubbish lucases and their cohorts made life miserable for a lot of people. guys, always use google and do your diligence on something like this time. Best wish to all…

  24. Hi, one thing I have to say about products like this, do not buy, ever!

    They simply grab your money. There are ways to make money online and quick buck kits don’t work. Give your blog / website or email visitors something they want for free gain trust and make your money that way. Honestly the real gurus don’t sell get rich products, if you want to read about marketing or advertising there are plenty of books at the library or for free online.

    I makes me mad to see these vultures preying on vulnrable people. Oh and all the marketers that name there site , review of… arrrgghhhh! Come on , lets help each other not con each other.

  25. Dear forum,

    Has anyone heard of ‘Local Mobile Monopoly’, looks remarkably like this MMM, and am guessing delivers same results

  26. Thanks folks for sharing the info.If this type of magical software did exist you wouldn’t be able to afford it . The only thing magical about some of the software offers is exiting the page. As for me I will use a simple step by step straight forward program that teaches practical and useful strategies,with proven results. Hopefully hand holding for us non gurues. Am I dreaming here?

  27. I’ve just purchased this thing today and wanted a refund already since it just looks like an affliate thing to do yet you still had to pay. This is one of the worst products made online Im pretty sure of it becuase registering on clickbank and they give access to comapnies which you can promote is for free. It’s the same concept with this one except you have to promote a mobile app or something like that plus you still have to pay 45 bucks seriously?? I just hope I get my refund soon on clickbank

  28. Yes, I got sucked in with the sales page even though I should have known better from the level of hype and contradictions on it as mentioned by other posters. This latest theme of, “I was just like you, struggling and broke with a shelf full of failed marketing programs from so called gurus” has become a popular hook from these type of marketers. In fact you could say it’s now a red flag all by itself to people like us that fit that criteria one way or the other and don’t they know it? Actually it wasn’t until I hit the instant up sell offers the moment I purchased that I fully realized I had been taken.
    That’s when I started a Google search to see what I could find. Mind you it took me three pages of crap sites all prattling on about how good the program was before I found this one. The only site where there are some real people telling their stories and not a just bunch of robot spun articles. I must say these robots are getting better at making the articles sound real. It is only the bad grammar that gives them away. Sometimes hard to tell though with bad grammar and bad English now rife among the kids of today. I have already applied for a refund thanks to the very helpful reports on this site. Thanks again for posting.

  29. I would like to start by thanking everyone who posted here, especially those who actually purchased the product.

    I’m very green to IM and trying to find legit sources to learn from, but when I watched the vid, like everyone else here, red flags started going up in my mind. For starters, his constant sarcasm like offering to return your “piddly $47” if you’re not happy, the timer clicking away pressuring a purchase as the lonnnnnnng vid played. The final one for me came when he finally he admitted that nobody knows how the software works! Oh, I nearly forgot. He hired some mysterious guy, he found while roaming the internet, to make the program for him! In the back of my mind, I kept thinking, “How the hell would I know if this program is stealing money or vital info from me? It could be a keylogger for all I know!”

    I’m just an average guy who has a family to support. I have a personal code of ethics. I will not scam nor spam, nor do I want some bastard to do that to me. But, where can one find legit and up-to-date info on how to make legit cha-ching! on the internet? I’ve been researching a company called Wealthy Affiliate, and it almost sounds too good to be true. However, I found someone at a forum not affiliated with WA who started with the program in their first year and as I read all his posts for the past 5½ years, he seemed quite happy with WA. Does anybody know about them or can refer me to legit help?

    Thank you kindly in advance.

  30. hello ladies and gentleman,

    your comments are very help-full!

    thanks to you all out there, that had a go at this shady program and made a comment!

    in darkness of internet some lights have to shine!

    thanks again!!!

  31. Just think one thing and one thing only…If this guy had a great idea and he can make million in a few days why he wants to share with the rest of the world this “unique” idea…It’s not a MLM that needs people to participate on this…No,thanks…I’m not stupid to give 27 $ not 47$ (the guy makes a discount if you turn off his page)… Ahhhh and something for the ending…Internet it’s an oldfashion way ??? Then why he approaches us via Internet ???

  32. Ok here is the deal. I GOT SUCKERED IN LOL! The fact is that I have been doing business online but the catch about the mobile thing got me. Now I would like my $47.00 dollars back. The whole thing was confusing. Thank God I didn’t buy the domain stuff from Brain Host that would have made me even madder! The whole concept was just confusing and when I googled up the cellsqueeze on the internet. One of the tutorials looks completely different from the one that had on the website? It even had information on there about twilio which I didnt see that on his money making website. Now. found out we do have to pay for ever message sent out and recieved from Twilio then why do we really need cellsqueeze? Oh my God this was just a nightmare! That is why he said in his tutorial lol that he would have to take this website down and put up another his system is so good HA! To me he is taking it down for a reason Blah! REFUND PLEASE!!!!!!!

  33. Hi to all

    In every IM course they always say that 95% of the people starting an IM business fail. And they also say it is because a lack of consistency. You need to focus on what you need to do and consistently keep on doing that . But I believe that one of the main reasons is that 95% of the ebooks, online courses and programs sold are crap. And clickbank, ebay, paypal and lots of other similar companies are making a lot of money because of these products and they don’ t care. Money can be a powerful weapon. and so many people want to believe that there is an easy way to earn lots and lots of money but there isn’t. Push button software that can make you rich overnight does not and will never exist. I am doing IM now for a couple of years, without the big success yet I’m affraid, and it is getting more and more difficult to sell something online. But Ironically, it is getting easier by the day to start an online business. You don’t have to be a webdesigner to build a professional looking site or even a webshop but just having it online is not enough. You need traffic. Being seen in a group of about 100 people is easy but when you are in a group of 4 billion it will be something else. Just a handfull of big boys know the trick and they won’t show that to the public. So, if you want to earn money on the net, fine but don’ t believe the gurus or the ones that say they are not a guru. Do your research and work hard and; indeed, focus. Do not get destracted, find your goal and go for it. Do what ever it takes but, see it big and as a real business.

  34. I bought into to the MMM membership.
    Paid $87. Minus my Clickbank commission, it cost me about $47.

    The first thing that pissed me off big-time was the immediate upgrade promo I got when I completed the purchase transaction. I honestly thought after spending 2 days ‘thinking’ about it and finally deciding to buy in, that I was ‘in’. That was my first annoyance.

    Anyway, I ignored the upgrade pitch and the ‘free’ bonus to get a ‘free’ website.
    Needless to say, I got several insults thrown at me for clicking away from the upgrade pitches.

    I decided, since I already spent my money anyway, to try and figure out exactly what I bought before I ultimately submit a refund request to Clickbank or Paypal.

    I agonizingly went through all the ‘training’ and however painful or despite the agony, I did learn some interesting things:

    1) I learnt how to build a mobile website (thanks to Dave Quindon and his handy tool and emulator)
    2) I learnt how to use Free FTP (I really never knew how FTP works.)
    3) I have a Godaddy account. So I registered my own mobile domain name and bought hosting for it also.
    4) I learnt how autoresponders worked and opened an account with AWeber for $1 for the first month.
    5) I learnt about mobile advertising networks, such as Admob.
    6) I learnt about mobile affiliate networks, such as OfferMobi (still waiting to be accepted) and OfferVault (accepted automatically, but still waiting to be accepted into one of the programs they promoted).
    7) I learnt the hard way about the difference between CellSqueeze and Twilio.
    8) I learnt I didn’t really need mobile cellphone numbers to reach mobile phone users.
    9) Thank goodness I have a Google account and knew how to run Google Adwords campaign, so I quickly managed to set up a campaign in AdMob (which is owned now by Google) and spent $100 on my first campaign. Within minutes I had exhausted my funds. So you have to be realy careful with campaigns via Admob. But I did get 9 sign-ups on my newly built mobile website, which was good. I just need to come up with a good product to sell or a better offer.
    10) I learnt that way that you can easily reach mobile phone users via AdMob.
    11) I learnt that if you wanted to collect their cellphone numbers, that you need a system for that.
    12) I learnt that is where CellSqueeze comes into play (using the Twilio platform).

    My biggest disappointment is the CellSqueeze application for MMM members.
    It seems that this system is not ready yet for use. I sent a support ticket to CellSqueeze. Still waiting on an answer. According to Twilio a short code costs thousands of $$$ per month to buy + fees per text message sent (1ct) & received (1/2ct). So my opinion is that the short code in my MMM CellSqueeze account is a fake. I can only send 100 ‘free’ text messages and that’s about as useful as that system is right now.

    All in all, it cost me about $47 to learn all the above.
    But now I have a fairly good idea how Mobile Marketing works.
    I just need find a good product to promote on the mobile networks and a good short pitch.

    Conclusion: Did I have to spend $47 to learn all the above???
    My answer is NO!

    Will I request a refund? MAYBE!
    Still thinking about it.
    It all depends if my questions about the CellSqueeze MMM account are answered.
    But I am not holding my breath.

    Not counting the cost of the Godaddy .mobi registration, the hosting account and the AWeber account, it cost me a total of $147 to get 9 new potential costumers. Am I satisfied with that and the learning experience? YES.

    I am so satisfied with that learning experience, I wanted to share it with everyone else so that they can spare themselves from spending the money to buy a Mobile Mass Money (MMM) membership.

    Overall. MMM is just another get-rich-quick-scheme packaged slightly different.
    All the things I learnt, could have been bundled into a neat ebook and sold for $9,99.
    But who would buy it???

    The interesting part of all of this is the CellSqueeze application with its built-in short code and autoresponder system to send out text messages. If that was an actual working system, the MMM membership would have been worth it.

    Which brings me to the question….. is there another system out that does exactly this?
    I am presently researching this.

    Else it is paying Twilio thousands of dollars per month to use their system to collect mobile phone numbers and build my own database and market to it over and over and over again. Or spend the money via a mobile advertising network. I haven’t decided it. The problem is: I am not technical. So working with Twilio is not something for me. If anyone has a recommendation for a bulk sms application, let me know…

    Thanks for reading.

    PS: How does MMM manage to get a 2 out 5 rating for support??? I rate it 0 for support.

  35. What all these Get-Rich-Quick Guru’s all fail to tell us is that you need thousands on your mailinglist to get the kind of results they are getting with their get-rich-quick offers they email out to their mailinglist. Not only do we buy into these offers, but we also become a solid prospect for their next get-rich-quick offer. Because there always is a next gimmick to plug. The screenshots they show us of their Clickbank and Paypal accounts is actually our money. They are the herders. We are just the sheep. It is the same with MMM.

  36. MMM is a scam. My husband is who is way too nice and trusting signed up for this scam. I am not as trusting as him and therefore decided to do a bit of research on the internet by googling MMM client reviews and this website page popped up. A big thank you to everyone who took the time and effort to write on this page. We have lost $47.00 and have a learned a valuable lesson that if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. However we have not lost any more money like some other unfortunate soles have. I hope these con artists get their just deserts one day as I am a firm believer of Karma. As my mother would sometimes say to they will be burning on the cue in hell.

  37. a fool and their money are soon parted…MMM is not all its cracked up to be…if Frank was such a great giving guy..this would not have such a hard sell..buyer flags galore..especially the “PPS” toward the end of the pitch…you wanna make mola on your PC…stick with the stock hasseles, no upsales, no customers to deal with, no inventory,…just you against the world, pure and simple….47/27 does not seem like a lot of bucks, but that is what he is banking on…cast a big enough net and reel in the fish..that is the true income for Frank and Co.
    believe it, or not

    just remember….GURU
    Generally Unhelpful Relatively Useless

  38. Hi All,
    I am so glad that I found this website, with genuine reviews on another scam. This Frank Lucas is another Bernie Madoff just on a much smaller scale. He is nothing but a thief. As for the thieves that promote these scams, they are all the same. May they rot in hell. I have unscubscribed to the thief that sent it to me. The fact that he sent me this rubbish just makes me so mad. Anything for a buck. Well you have all heard what they say, each subscriber is worth a $1 a month. Now you know why! And if I could be so bold as to ask everyone that received a referral email to unsubscribe from those respective theives as well. I think its about time that we the stupid fools who part with our money, who subsidize THEIR Internet Dream and Lifestyle and only THEIRS should stand together an say NO MORE! We are just normal hardworking people that are trying to set up an internet business and we just get conned from morning till night. They always leave out something crucial, and that is why you feel the need to buy everything thats going, because perhaps this time you will get the next little part in the story and so it continues…

    After starting in 2008 and all I have made in this time is a measly $250 and to crown it all the last $70 I cant get till I have reached the threshold of $100 in CJ . I have spent in the region of $25000 on this lot. BUT after buying all this, and putting all the puzzle pieces together, I think I have finally figured it out. Looking at MMM’s sales page was the last time I ever look at buying anything else. I will now do this on my own.!

    The best of luck to all out there that has travelled the same path as I.

  39. THANK GOD I FOUND THIS!!! I already fell for one on line business. I was so ticked off after they played the upgrade game with me, even though they are actually selling a product!! They then took about $150.00 out of my account, without authorization. To get my money back, I had to spend a ton of time and frustration on the phone. I finally got it back when I threatened to go to the FTC. I DID go to the FTC! I didn’t just go to them, I turned them into the State’s attorney’s office, and the IRS, because if they took money from me, then claimed they didn’t have it until I sent them PROOF that they had it, from my bank, then how many other people did they rip off! Checking out these scammers should be the first thing we all do when approached unsolicited through email!!1

  40. I have been on a medical leave this summer and I’ve been looking for alternate ways to increase my income. The internet is very new to me, and the potential for being ripped off is that much greater than traditional methods.
    I got a link to MMM thru’ Surveys Paid. Yes, I finally gave in tonight to listen to Frank Lucas’ lonnnnng video (est. about a half-hour+ of my life not getting back) with his ‘just-like one of us’ regular guy script to make you feel like this is something you can do…IF you’re commited! But, with my daughter’s voice in my head (it’s a scam, mom!) I found this site by googling for more research.
    The old sayings: “There’s a sucker born every minute” and “If it’s too good to be true, it likely is” were a match made in internet-heaven!
    I want to thank everyone for their honest reviews! I will continue researching.Thank God for Google!

  41. Well like many over here I fall for the offer and the interesting mobile market.
    Being tech savvy helps me evaluate this kind of offers from a different perspective, therefore I never fall for bonuses unless they are required, believe this guy preys on the needy and offers crap formatted in a way it will lure you to buy, at least out of curiosity. Once inside you realized you have been ripped off!
    Their training is just a video compilation made by people. That are not nearly related! So it ends up confusing you, as you never get what you have been promised! Instead you realize you’ll need more stuff to fill the gaps.
    As is they are not related so start looking elsewhere but download their info, it might be useful, and at least you get something for your time. Their support is stupid or outsourced I asked a simple question about one of their videos and the answer was the URL of the training videos!!!
    So it’s frustrating to see how poorly the treat their customers after they have your money.

  42. Thanks to everyone! I WISH i had found this forum before i buy into this. I did do some research but nothing came up until after payment was made. I must say though the sale video was VERY CONVINCING! This thing does nothing it says it would….. Its not easy to understand….. so many other cost! I’m going to give it a couple more days to see if i can figure this out if not i want my money back……

  43. MMM!!! Mobile money machine.

    Do not touch it! It has taken one month and a threat to complain to paypal and clickbank to get a refund.

    Poorly explained and almost non existent support! Loads of back end sell including a so called free website which is expensive and rubbish.

    They are money grabbing uncaring Guru’s! Use your hard earned elsewhere


  44. Was not wearing tinfoil hat when I bought into this :), have 3 weeks left before I cancel the order. I will give it a good try. Will let ya’ll know how it comes out either way.

  45. I too got sucked by these people. The video was very powerful. Nevertheless, after purchasing the product, I was expecting to download and start making money. Unfortunately, I kept getting led to up selling sites that tried to get more money out of me. Furthermore, I was led to believe that a website was not needed and was again led to another site that suggested I need a web hosting service(more money!!). Fortunately, as a computer programmer, I found out that they use WordPress software. I figured why not go to, pay $100/yr, open,build a site, and run my own blogs and campaigns. I could even sell my own products or other people’s products on my wordpress site. By the way, wordpress has their software on most mobile devices. This means you can communicate your sales directly to any one with wordpress installed on their mobile devices. Therefore, you do not need these MMM assholes!!! Nevertheless, I requested a refund from clickbank.

  46. am so glad i jumped on this review i was so freaken hyped about this especially when he signs up on a campaign and leaves for dinner with his wife and comes back after 2 hours to find out he got 158 dollors , anyhow am not buying it but oh man was i close to doing so, i guess the only thing that saved me was me not having a Credit card ready at the time, i never ever comment but out of respect to everyone that shared i felt that i owed a thank you to everyone who warned us out here, thanks god for such a website and am glad it poped up at the top of the google search.
    god blesses

  47. When I read an advertisement that sounds great I first read their “Terms and Conditions”, etc. Then I Google it for comments from victims. The first alarm to go off is when the advertiser makes statements about how tired they are at being ripped off by “other” internet reviews and how they want to get even with their own program. HA….All you need to do is match what is said to the Terms and Conditions and if that doesn’t light up your brain your are in big trouble. I’ve never tried for a refund through Click Bank but getting your money back is probable as big a scam as the program. At least difficult and time consuming Good luck!!!


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