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Million Visitors Free by Gavin Stephenson

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3 thoughts on “Million Visitors Free”

  1. I used this product, and whilst the idea is good the usability is not. You need to be a genius to follow it all and put it into action. Still, it does give an insight on how to attract traffic for free so is not a total waste of money.

  2. This guy, maker of “Million Visitors Free” calls himself “Assassin of Clickbank” and claims he is from the “Clickbank Mafia”. If you don’t believe me check on Warrior forum.

    As if the names are not dumb enough – his product seems to fight right in.
    According to some reviews it’s a combination of “chain letters and pyramid scheme” which is supposed to bring you “Millions of Visitors for Free”.

    How goes the saying? If something looks like #### and smells like ####…it’s probably ####.
    You decide.

  3. Some items on Million Visitors Free where great. By example: The tweet software on a video. But, after about 2 months (after the 60 day guaranty) the log in failed over and over again. The support never answered my complains. I complained at ClickBank, then i’ve got refunded. And the program was kicked out of ClickBank.
    I loved the product (while i could log in), I hate the customer service! There was none! I’d tryed to contact Gavin a few months later, but still no reply. Gavin is now promoting new stuff, DO NOT TRUST THAT MAN!!!

    Kind Regards,

    Ivan Van Dyck
    Antwerp, Belguim


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