Delta Squadron

Michael Cheney is opening the doors to his personal training called Delta Squadron. So let’s see what he has to offer, the pros and cons of this opportunity.

Michael Cheney is a known Internet marketer so you’d expect he’s capable of teaching you this stuff. If at first the name of this product sounds weird, watch the second free video (in Las Vegas) and you’ll see what he’s doing – pretty clever. It’s good to see someone who practices what he preaches, and not just teaching the inapplicable theory.

Delta Squadron VideoDelta Squadron is really all Michael’s Internet marketing arsenal that you’ll be able to get your hands on with his coaching. If you don’t have a mentor and you really want to learn the ins and outs of online business, it’s a chance to make him your mentor. Delta Squadron offers:

  • A comprehensive Internet marketing course full of specific strategies that Michael Cheney is using himself
  • Live video seminars with Michael every week to answer your personal questions
  • Lots of tools and resources you will need in your business

The Pros

  • You will get a mentor which is crucial for a speedy learning and success.
  • You will get all training you need to learn the ropes of this business.
  • Live seminars every week.

The Cons

  • If you already have bought some IM course and you are happy with it, stick to it, there’s no need to buy anything more.

If you’re interested in Delta Squadron, my advice is to twist Michael Cheneys arm to teach you and take it seriously. Getting into Delta Squadron means joining his class and you will have the right to do so.

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2 thoughts on “Delta Squadron”

  1. 1. The box you must check to opt-in for the continuity program says the price is $37/month and the $37 figure is repeated further down the page, but the check box at the bottom and the order confirmatioin says $97/month.

    YES! Please Upgrade Me To Become a Delta Squadron ELITE Member And Give Me 30 Days FREE! Each month I will get FOUR extra, exclusive webcam shows ($497 value), the $10,000 Blueprint ($397 value) and the wealth-making Cash Recon videos ($397) giving me a TOTAL VALUE of $1291 and I get 30 days FREE. After the 30 days, if I don’t cancel, I will be billed a crazy low $37/month. I understand that I can cancel ANY time I want!Click the box to the left.

    2. The order page where CC# etc must be entered crashed or timed out AFTER I clicked “continue,” so no idea if I will be billed twice.

    3. Followinmg the order you are advised to watch your email inbox. 4 hours later, no receipt or confirmation of any sort has yet arrived.

    4. the Delta Squadron “contact Us” link is 404.

    I was buying through Mark Ling’s affiliate link and cannot speak about any other affiliate linking experience.

  2. Hi Bill,

    All I can say is errors happen. And it seems a rule nowadays that servers crash on almost every IM product launch. Oh well.

    If you can’t find a way to contact them, try


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