Membership Blueprints

Membership Blueprints (official site at is a step-by-step guide to building membership websites that bring recurring income from your business.

Created by John and Matt Rhodes who are known to have a lot of experience running membership sites, Membership blueprints is a solid course, for a solid price. Is there a match between its content and price though?

Internet Marketing product market is on a huge trend past few months, the reason behind that can be seen as the effect of the world’s economic situation. What’s more, the prices of these products are totally loose, meaning the author can set whatever price they want. And they can get away with that just as easily.

Where I’m getting at is, no-body and I mean no-body can quite tell what a product can be really worth. The bottom line is, it’s worth only as much as it helps your business, so it’s completely subjective.

Anyway, on to the Membership Blueprint review, I want to shed the light on this product from the aforementioned perspective. Is it worth your money?

Membership Blueprint Pre-launch VideoIn essence this product is nothing groundbreaking by no means. If you seen the pre-launch videos, two things might have happened – you might have known most of the stuff (which I found to be rather basic) or you have gotten a lot from it (if you’re quite new to the whole IM stuff).

Now the question is if there’s more to Membership Blueprint than what you can see from the pre-launch videos? I mean, usually you can get a pretty good idea about the product from what pre-launch content you receive from the authors – their goal is to intrigue you enough and get the taste of it to make you buy. And in my subjective opinion, this is the case with this product too.

So what does that mean? Essentially, what I’m trying to say is that Membership Blueprint is made for novices rather than the experienced. Really, what use could be of a product that tells you the basics when you already run a membership site of some sort. And by membership I don’t mean just community sites, it can be a simple paid newsletter.

With that said, a single tip you didn’t know can pay for the whole price of the product. I’ve had this happen to me over and over again with numerous products, when in essense the product offers nothing new, but one single tip means extra income to me if implemented.

I should also mention that¬†Membership Blueprint has some intriguing “cool” names to its “ninja” techniques, such as Riot Shield Technique, the ACF Method, and the Pillbox Formula. I’m not a big fan of these hype building names as usually they turn out to be old known techniques only with an extravagant name. On the other hand one of them might be that tip that would add to your business income – that’s something worth putting up with all the hype.

So the punch-line is, the Membership Blueprint is a plan to raise a recurring income business, be it a community or a simple paid newsletter, from ground up. It assumes you know nothing about Internet Marketing and online business, but it has some tips from “experienced to experienced” too.

To wrap up I should mention a really sound drawback that is really common to all IM products. It’s the traffic. Once again I see a product targeting novices and ¬†settling with a generic word on getting traffic. What that ends up doing is the novices don’t implement normally very sound business model and techniques to the end, simply because they can’t get enough traffic and get discouraged. That’s something that these “gurus” forget too often – traffic is not trivial when you’re just starting out!

Anyway, do I recommend Membership Blueprint? Sure, it’s a fine product on building recurring income for your business. But keep in mind that business needs clients, so be prepared to do extra research on how to do it if you’re new to that. It’s well worth it though.

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