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Member Money MagnetMember Money Magnet is the latest launch from Jack Humphrey, the man behind Backtrack SEO where he’s thought the ins and outs of search engine optimization. Jack has now turned his attention to membership sites and has created a complete blueprint for anyone who wants to make money in this area.

Member Money Magnet provides a complete breakdown of everything that you will need to set up a membership sites, including 4 pdf files and 15 videos that will teach you how to start, run, grow, monetize and outsource your membership sites.

One of the main obstacles that people come across when they are involved in member sites is trying out script after script to get the best results. Member Money Magnet helps bypass this problem as it includes a custom developed software with the templates included that will enable you to create your membership sites in a matter of minutes. You can also by pass the tedious research element involved with membership site setup as you will be able to take advantage of the niche research that is already done for you. This product will also look after the script installs and server setups and hosting, making things run more simply for its users. Upon signing up the users receive 5 sites that can be promoted right away.

The key thing that usually stops people progressing in internet marketing is having a stable income and with membership sites this becomes a real opportunity. This is because once you get a signup you are in a position to capitalize on this every month with recurring income. If you decide to flip the site later, potential buyers will look favorably on a membership site as a good recurrent source of income.

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