Mega Red Packet Review

If you like shortcuts, there’s a package selling this week with that aim – to give you a shortcut in online business. Mega Red Packet gives you a set of products, sites and other tools to start selling with a push of a button.

Mega Red Packet consists of:

  • PLR e-books and videos
  • Hosting and websites (simple and membership sites)
  • A course on how to get traffic

It sounds like a good business package and seems like a no-brainer. If you want to create an online business but you don’t have anything to sell, this seems a way to go. Isn’t it?

As good as it sounds, there is a catch. For one, you will have the same package as 999 other Mega Red Packet clients and you will be selling “cloned” products. Secondly, getting traffic is not as easy as the guys make it sound and this product is not exactly about getting traffic – there’s just a bonus to give you a start. They advertise access to “traffic networks”, but let me tell you that it’s not where you’ll get the majority of your sales from.

Now that I’ve confused you, let me break this down to pros and cons to get a better view over the product.

The Pros

  • You’ll get a huge pack of products to sell as your own.
  • You’ll get your own websites and hosting.
  • You’ll be given the basics of traffic generation.

The Cons

  • PLR products even re-branded are still clones and there will be at least 999 other marketers selling the same products.
  • If you don’t yet know how to get targeted traffic, and chances are you don’t, you will possibly have to get another course on how to do that if you want to take full advantage of selling your products.
  • Having not created the products you sell, you will likely not be able to give quality support to your customers, unless you have good knowledge about the niches they are in. There’s no way around this other than creating your own products though.

As a final word I have to say I think Mega Red Packet is a good product. It offers you not only re-brandable products but also websites and hosting. They aim to do everything for you, even help you with promotion. But in all honesty, I think you will struggle with promotion, at least at first. That doesn’t mean you won’t sell anything though. Having your own product to sell is a lot easier than selling as an affiliate – for one, you can have your own affiliates to sell for you.

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4 thoughts on “Mega Red Packet Review”

  1. $700 for a set of OLD PLR products available elsewhere for $1. They must be kidding! They play with fear, etc. They have no moral or what?

  2. Hi Luv,

    Have you bought it? While I agree that if you know what you’re doing you don’t need to buy any IM products whatsoever, you can get specific PLR or MRR products you need for a lot cheaper. But these guys also provide hosting, training and support, which is great for newbies. If you’re not happy there’s always the refund option.

    Honestly I thought the same thing at first, but when you consider a newbie coming along who doesn’t even know what PLR is, how would he even know he needs that $1 product or how to use it. If they can provide the guidance that’s fine with me. If they fail to do that, there are the refunds and it’s their brand that they would put a bad name on. That won’t happen as long as they deliver.

  3. i am very skeptical about IM. I’m considering buying the Megaredpacket but i’m a newbies. Worst of all Nigerians are not welcomed on the internet, yet many of us are selfless and as honest as any other person could be.
    can my previous sites benefit from the megaredpacket? can i go on to buy the product as a Nigerian

  4. Honestly I don’t think I would buy it as a newbie. You’re much better off to start as an affiliate and learn IM than jump on buying stuff to sell as your own. Look up Ed Dale’s 30 day challenge and you can start learning for free.

    Regarding you being Nigerian, I don’t think there’s any problem with that. I’ve seen pretty successful guys from your country on Warrior Forums and that doesn’t seem to be bothering them.


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