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This is an entry for Massive Passive Profits, a course on creating passive income online by Bill McRea and Mike Williams.

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71 thoughts on “Massive Passive Profits”

  1. I just purchased the MAssivePassive Profits + Mass Deploy for $250 and I cannot access the software, the training or the resources. The site is extremely slow loading and seems almost juvenile.

    I am very frustrated and my experience so far is far below what I expected and what I get from several other membership sites I am a member of.

    I have submitted a support ticket so we will see how long it takes for them to respond.


  2. I purchased the Massive Passive Profits system by these guys, I also upgraded to the Mass Deploy option. So far I’m not real pleased, the first night I had access to the membership website sporadically. They sent me an email claiming their server crashed due to all the people signing up. Sent me a new link for the training videos and upgrade info. I upgraded and received another link for video training, but it’s still very much the same as the first link because there is an upgrade link. In both links I do not have access to the member site. I tried to register in their support website, the site stated it would send a validation email and then I could login. Nothing has come from the support site. There also is live chat support but they’re always offline. The links originally sent to me from Clickbank are no longer working. Needless to say this has not been very impressive at all for a couple of guys who had turned the affiliate world upside down, and made all the money they claim. The video training is good, but it keeps referencing “recommended resources” in the membership area, which I can’t access.

    My recommendation to others be very cautious in investing in this product. So far they don’t live up to the hype.

    Like you Larry I’m waiting to see if support does contact me.

  3. I purchased massive passive profits with the mass deploy. I am disappointed. I have tried to contact them with no response. I could not download the software and many of the videos did not play. I hope they correct it, quickly. If and Until they clear up all of the bugs I do not recommend it.

  4. I have bought a TON of garbage products over the years. I have found a few pearls in the garbage can.
    They are hard to find. Paul I could not agree with you more. I love Clickbank.
    I am going to give this (Massive Passive Profits with Mass Deploy) a fair chance. I am disappointed so far.
    I don’t want to be disappointed I want to give testimonials. I want the authors of this ‘product’ to pay attention.
    I am a little bit even further disappointed that Bill and Mike aren’t participating more actively in developing
    Massive Passive Profits (WITH Mass Deploy) to it’s fullest. I could not access the software, I could Not even see
    most of the videos. I went to their forum and had trouble getting in there.
    They seem to have their knowledge base together, I wish they would make it happen. Their concept SHOULD
    work, I hope it does.

  5. Would love to try it but bad press is stopping me and the high “upsell” which I hate. Just tell me the price up front to get the real benefit.
    Paying $4 go grt the opportunity to purchase the Real product at an upsell higher price is bait and switch type crap

    I know these guys have a great rep, but so does Chris Farrell until he jumped in with Mike Filisame for a $1995 product that take 6 months to finish Jesus I know they sold out(RIGHT). And the offer to onlt 199 people is total BS

    Not pleased with these guys

  6. I just read an email promoting this. They said only 199 people can ‘get in’ and after reading their lengthy promo page the price landed on $47. Had to research to see what the hype is about and there isn’t much available other than promoters (likely trying to make a buck as affiliates). Sounds like it is only hype at this point??

  7. I bought in to their sales pitch too! I seem to remember something about only 30 clicks of a mouse to completely have the system up and running. NOT TRUE.

    Also they made no mention of needing a minimum reseller hosting package to operate this system. I am seriously considering getting a refund, but will wait a few more days to see if there are any changes in the program or some better reviews from people that have used it.

    I believe it would be better to present the product for what it is and retain the fewer sales made than to misrepresent the product and deal with refunds and unhappy buyers that know how to reach out to millions of other would be customers with bad reviews.

  8. I had a similar thing happen with their JV partner Derrick Van Dyke (Affiliate Cash). They must be using the same software. They said the interface broke, and it took them two days to fix it, and now the their support desk doesn’t work…Whatever they are using is awful, and they should get a new program.

  9. I was tempted to try this but the above comments sent up Red Flags.
    Plus only giving to 199 people when they spent $100,00 to create.
    Doesn’t make sense.

    Front End Sale……..$47.00
    First Upsell………….$97.00
    Second Upsell…….$197.00

    Equals $341 times 199 people is only $67,859

    Less affiliate commissions.
    Click Bank Stats are – Initial $/sale: $39.25 | Avg %/sale: 50.0%

    So it doesn’t make sense to sell it at that low income level.

    I’m also a member of Chris Farrell, but I too was disappointed when Chris did that high end product with Mike Filsaime. Mike has just launched another $2000 product
    Using a franchise type model. Sounded like a good idea, but too rich for my income.

  10. Is this product working now, or is it just a scam? The first thing I don’t like is, that they catch you with 45 $ an then you have to pay more…

  11. I feel very sorry for all of u who are still ‘letting yourself to eat the bait’ out of these kind of suckers. Mike Filsaime, Bill Mcrea, Mike Williams, and those alike are living up with their ‘Names’. They are NOT a developer. They are just guys who got panicked when things like server crashes or silly simple code error hit their base. These kind of guy only knows thing such as ‘link are supposed to take u to another web page when clicked.’. Mind you; i live a developer and designer life. It is NOT easy and u will have to learn hard to make your business on the internet runs smooth. These kind of guys – only know ‘fast’. They want everything fast and live a lie. Take example; how on earth you’re going to have a successful offline shop (selling books for example) if you don’t really know how to handle your business properly? Could it be achieved in 2-3 days? 2-3 weeks? C’mon guys! Wake up.

    Online business is very much the same as the offline. We need to live in REALITY. Not fantasy. I guarantee that. So far these kind of terrific promising sales letter (like these Massive Passive Profits) is just a fantasy. And it’s evil. It was created to make the creator pulls your money out of your credit / debit card and into theirs. Again; wake up. Sacrifice yourself learn the right way and you’ll be safe for the rest of your life. Ditch everything that sound so promising with their website design is almost all looks alike (with big font, long white paper, telling you’ll die if u ignore what it says here, you’ll gonna regret it etc.) Be smart. Learn to accept reality and don’t live a lie.

  12. @ManDan, I agree and disagree. You’re definitely right that business can’t be created in a few days or weeks – I keep saying that on my blog over and over again on many occasions. Nevertheless it’s a common hook in most IM products.

    But I can’t agree when you say that there’s some problem because they are not developers. There’s nothing wrong about that, in fact it would be a problem if they were just developers. They are marketers and they teach marketing, you’d not expect anything else from them. There’s a lot to be learned here (instead of ranting)… these guys make millions selling their products that are often not the best quality, while a typical developer is barely making from paycheck to paycheck with their kick-ass design skills. That is also reality, not a fantasy. And that’s food for thought for you.

    And make no mistake, not all of their customers complain, by far. It’s said that if there’s no-one who has something negative to say about you, your marketing is not good enough.

    BTW, have you read Seth Godin’s “All Marketers Are Liars”? I recommend you do, it’s one of the best marketing books, and you know what’s the main message in it? To paraphrase, the best marketing is telling to others a lie that you live. It’s uncanny how well you’ve described it in your comment yet marked it as “wrong”. That’s marketing, that’s reality. You can either take it and use it, or think that it’s somehow wrong and reject it. But if you reject marketing, then I don’t know what you can do in business at all.

  13. True… a lot of people make money off of us whenever we buy something, and we make money off of others when we sell something. That’s how business works, Dan.

  14. I want to thank everyone for their frank and candid comments and assessments. I just saved a lot of money because now I will not buy this system. Good luck to all who have. I sincerely hope everything gets fixed and you all have success!!!

  15. Clearly I will NOT buy this product.
    What I want is a complete system, going from A to Z on how to find Niche markets, how to set up your site, how to copywrite how to generate traffic etc.
    So far I have not seen such a course anywhere.

    To Admin:
    Marketers are supposed to sell something that works for a special targeted audience.
    What these guys do is just a scam, they sell hot air and only rarely do a good job. Mostly for themselves of course, picking OUR money frm OUR pockets and fill their own.
    I ma so sick and tired with all these “latest hottest collest trends you must see.”
    I cleaned up quite a few subscriptions on lists.
    Brings quietness in my inbox.

  16. Would have liked to see into the workings of the software before I pay up anything towards the sellers. Thank you for your review and the comment contributors for their feed back on their experiences as customers of the Massive Passive Profits.

  17. @boudewijn, for sure, if they don’t deliver what they promise, that is just terrible. And yes, there are far too many of them who choose to do a quick launch and forget that such thing as customer service even exists.

    Though please note that everything I said, negative or positive, wasn’t about Massive Passive Profits as I haven’t used it myself.

    Regarding a course you’re looking for, the closest course to what you describe and what I have personally used is Commission Blueprint 2.0. It covers pretty much everything (maybe less about copywriting). See #2 on top of this page (The IM Advantage), it’s part of it.

    Otherwise, I wouldn’t look for one course that covers everything but rather different courses that cover each topic. Specialized courses tend to be much better than general courses that are supposed to cover all but end up covering nothing.

  18. Instead of decieving people to buy products that do not work,you better tell people the real truth so as to maintain your reputation. I was totally disappointed in MPP and would request for a refund.

  19. You want me to put “do not buy” in big red letters or what do you mean, Jude? I don’t know “the real truth” and I’m not gonna be one of those marketers who try to build their reputation playing a hero and saying everyone else is bad. In my opinion it’s just a sleazy as pushing a crappy hyped up product.

  20. I’m very happy to have found your site….and all the submissions from people
    who have the courage to speak up about their problem with a company.
    I was considering investing…….but will do much deeper research before
    putting any cash down.
    I truly wish there was a product that did what MPP said it could do.
    Maybe I should go looking for “Spyder”

  21. This is actually a really good product,i love it so far!

    I needed some help at first,and they responded very quickly! So i can’t complain!


  22. I like the product itself quite well. Works excellent in the niches I’m targeting. Does a good job doing what it says it’s supposed to do and saves a lot of time for me.

    However…isn’t there always a “however?

    However, the support absolutely sucks. Sucks sucks sucks!!! No response on anything I submit – to their ticket center, to their support forum (I can’t even get a confirmation email even after trying 3 separate email addresses) and no replies from any emails I send to their sales email addresses.

    Its like I’m being totally ignored after the sale.

    I was able to work thru a few of the issues on my own since I’ve been working with WordPress for quite a while (writing my own plugins and such) but a new person would probably get very frustrated.

    Its quite disappointing since I see aa lot of activity on their forum but I can’t get in to ask anything. I have to give credit because the plugin is quite nice for WP 3.0 and the multi-site support.

    Did I mention the support sucks?

  23. This product is hailed by it’s developers to basically have the ability to autonomously generate itself and profits unlimited,Truth of the matter leans more directly towards this software doing exactly what it says but only for those who are selling it to others,after experiencing the time consuming,unrewarding,aggravating quest involved when attempting to simply acquire the training videos,it’s relatively easy to arrive at the conclusion that even the name of the software is condesending with a true meaning of keeping the masses passive who have purchased thier product.My humble advice to all concerned is to avoid this software and save yourself the grief that goes along with multiple hours of cyberspace treasure hunting,as well as the questionable refund process that must be completed.I expect somewhere in the near future,we will all be hearing about the legal ramifications that go along with the misrepresentation of any product.

  24. Thanks to all for your candid responses to this product you have just saved me time
    and money
    especially over all the upsells all the time

  25. I am very disappointed with the product, I did not expect an upsell. They said you could build hundreds of websites per day and there was no one who mentioned buying another product to make it do what it says it will do. This is an example of a SCAM and also FRAUD as they make unsubstantiated claims. I will certainly consider legal action before I go for my refund.


  26. I am very sorry that i made a copy of the reviews for both massive profits and auto traffic monopoly only to realize later on that this is protected by a copyscape do not copy note at the beginning of the page.Actually I am at work right now and I not busy so i google searche for negative reviews for this 2 products and luckily I came to see your site but unfortunately though,we have already purchased the product more than aweek ago and the only reason I made a copy of yoyur reviews is to show my son so he would be able to return the products and request for a refund immediately because they both did not live to their promises.In short they are a total scam.Again I am very sorry for making a copy of your page.

  27. Tess, feel free to copy it for personal use. The note is aimed at those who copy and then publish the content on their own websites without giving credit – I had a lot of trouble with those.

  28. thanks for all the honest reviews…saved me the hassle and trouble of purchasing this product. I will keep looking for another product that will truly work without any “UPSELL”.

  29. Hi,

    Im glad i found this site and read all the reviews. i stopped looking at all these so called money making things for over a year.
    I guess they are all the same over hyped as always, i guess the marketers that promote this stuff to me get removed off my email.

    At least with Clickbank its a painless process for a refund to those that have to.

    time saved for me i suppose, thanks.


  30. Thank so much to all for their reviews, I am always a sucker for good hype and their sales page is really one of the best I’ve seen.

    I knew it sounded too good to be true!

    Cheri Faline
    the Talk Biz Diva

  31. I am a Webmaster & Global marketer.But from my experience every marketer,from the Lowest to the Super
    Gurus are all liers. Internet Marketers are like Politicians.They are bound to lie to get their votes.
    Market Gurus will tell you,you can make money with their softwares in less than 30 mins,but in actual
    facts,is untrue,though some of the softwares do work,it takes time to succeed but not that few mns they are talking about. Because if He tells you,it will take you a longer time to make money,you are going to discourage & therefore you are not going to buy the product.
    90% of all the products online are scams but 10% do work,but not right away. It takes time to succeed
    online,but the moment you start making sales,it doesn’t stop there.That is the fun part of it.
    If you want to make online,these are what you have to consider:: IT IS TIME CONSUMING, IT IS FRUSTRATION,
    You must be ready & willing for all these before you can start to make money online.
    Remember,nothing is easy & free online. WHEN YOU OVERCOME ALL THESE, THEN YOU CAN SUCCEED.

  32. I must say, I agree with some points here. Definately not impressed with the support section. Also dissapointed about the huge amount of upselling going on. Luckily I decided to only dip my toe in, and just got the basic starter set, and the recommended theme. Since I already had the hosting and domain name sorted, wasn’t too bad ( got away with about £50 ). Didn’t have any trouble with the videos. The software is very good at what it does ( ie, automating Campaigns ) and that is it. It does not drive traffic to your site. It does not make Sales.
    I get the feeling the mass deploy option is basically a csv import file function to save the few changes I have to make just now for each website ( could i get some confirmation from those that have bought it ? ).
    The recommended theme also automates alot of fiddling and SEO nonsense. I got it to the point where I just had to enter my Adsense ID, clickbank id, select theme colour, theme banner, and voila, site done.
    I am busy pursuing them about their promise of utilising “68 traffic streams” to sell products. Althought i suspect it is yet another plug in they recommend. Oh well, I will be keeping the product, only because it simplifies website updating and I bought it in a very sceptical yet hopeful mindframe.
    This will not make you instantly rich. It is a handy tool to automate updating some of your website. You still need to put in alot of work to make any money from this.
    Sorry about the rambling, thought I would let everyone know my experience.

  33. Do NOT spend a single cent on this crock of over hyped crap!
    I bought the basic starter site as well. On the first night nothing worked and we then got an email about how busy they were and the server crashed. Eventually it came back on and then most people there couldn’t get the videos to work. When that was finally sorted the videos had no order to them at all and assumed that those who bought the software already knew significant amounts about Internet Marketing.

    After buying the first product you are then instantly hit with an upgrade option for $197 which you will never see again. Surprisingly (not) it is available once you get back in, but thank God I never wasted any money on that.

    Once you are in you are then told you have to buy at least one domain name. Then he tells you this really only works with a Hosted Reseller Account or you would be better off with a Dedicated server, which as we all know is really cheap. I wonder how much McCrea made out of that little link he had to Hostgator.

    So an upgrade, domain names from GoDaddy, at least a reseller account from Hostgator. Then you are told you need a good theme and he recommends a couple of them. When you get your site set up then you download a plugin, set up a wild card domain and a CRON job on your host and then edit the content settings.

    If you know how to do that, then it does work and scrapes content from articlesbase and ezine and products from Amazon. After that it allows you to create sub-domains and then repeat the process.

    He eventually set up a forum which has subsequently been removed. It was crap anyway and there was zero help there as no-one answered anything. I raised various tickets with his desk and none were ever answered. The tickets like the form have now disappeared.

    My sub domains stopped working 10 days ago and I am still waiting on a reply. In the meantime he continues to email selling even more stuff. Clearly this man does not have a single ounce of integrity. He eventually held a webinar where no questions were allowed and that was also crap.

    The only good thing is one of his videos shows his face, and I hope one day to bump into him. Thank God for Clickbank and their refund policy, which I have now taken full advantage of.

    He did say in the sale’s video only 199 people and then stated on the Warrior forum he had done over 5,000 so clearly a liar as well.

    Don’t touch this or any other of his products with a barge pole is my advice

  34. Thank you all for you’re reviews …. It’s save me money and time.

    I will never look again at a website like that … with fast income .. bla bla bla … And i know it was made for people like .. A rookie in internet marketing.

    So again … thank you all.

  35. I am very happy that I purchased this program. Yes it is a lot of money but once it is working it is great. I have purchased a lot of other programs as well. Promissing the world but do not deliver. Bill is delivering even more than only the software he sells. He has set up a forum, there are training videos, support, webinars. He is investing in helping his clients the best way possible. I can not say this from the other hype programs I stepped into and had to request a refund from at Clickbank.

  36. I bought this product – with the upsell – about two weeks ago. I have limited time in which to work on these things, but so far, I’ve had no trouble at all with the instructions. I have simply followed them absolutely to the letter and everything has worked just as Bill Mcrea has said.

    The sites you create WILL get indexed all by themselves, just as long as you use good keywords. But thatbwill take time – about 90 days – in other words, three months.

    I’m always agog at the number of “whingers” we get on these open review sites. Instead of expecting that the product owes you a living – like – yesterday, GET REAL!!! Do some good hard long slog !! If you follow nboth the instructions and the recommendations TO THE ABSOLUTE LETTER, then it all works !

    Heck, offline I’m a professional singer. Do you know how many YEARS of hard slog and training I had to do BEFORE I was paid so much as half a red cent for my first appearance???!!! About 8 YEARS. Obviously not many of you can hack that kind of reality.

  37. I should have read all the comments above before I purchased Massive Passive Profits (MPP). In view of these comments, MPP should have immediately been withdrawn from the market, and saved the vendors’ reputation and credibility, if issues could not be resolved.

    At first, i was VERY EXCITED about the product. This excitement turned out to be a disappointment. Even then, I was hoping whatever issues I had would be resolved …until I got pissed off, so as to ask for a refund.

    Because of this software, I had to purchase a reseller hosting account (domain registration was free) and the Talian Theme that the vendor recommended. Now, these purchased have gone to waste, because the MPP would not work. I would have no good reasons to ask to refund from them.

    My problem with the software was that I could not post content on my sites. I was understanding of this fault, knowing these things do happen. But what really pissed me off was the lack of response to my ticket by the Techinical Support. I sent a message to Customer Care, which responded to me but could not help me, since this is the forte of the Techinical Support. They promised to relay my message to Techinical Support. STILL NO RESPONSE!!!!!!

    If you have bought the software, I hope it is working with you. If you have not yet, read some more reviews, and decide accordingly. If it does not work with you, don’t tell I did not warn you.

  38. As a follow-up to my earlier comment, I want to add the following IN FAIRNESS to the developer of the program.

    I have now withdrawn my request for refund, inasmuch as I was able to make the software work after a lot of experimentation. One of the reasons why it did not work was that the cron command did not comply to the settings of my web host. Even after this was corrected and a few content postings were created as a result, I still experienced the problem when I created blogs after the second one. I could not figure out what commission or omission of mine was causing these.

    This was when in my exasperation, I wrote my earlier comment. At the time also, I deleted MPP from my WordPress and uninstalled WordPress from my site, as well. But, on second thought, I decided to give it a second but last try. I reinstalled WordPress and MPP. It worked perfectly.

    I know the issue in my earlier comment was not the software but the ABSENCE OF SUPPORT FROM THE VENDOR. The vendor would of course not sell a product that does not work. It is also normal for a buyer to mis-install the software for some stupid reasons of his or another.

    The vendor gave the URL of support, but did not live up to its promise of support. Reading the comments, from the other irate users, I can see that this was also their main issue.

    I am very happy with the software now. My initial excitement with it turned into disappointment due to my issues. But now I am very happy with it.

    In spite of my earlier disappointment and resulting irritation, I would like to thank the developer and the vendor for making the software available in the market.

  39. This is the most informative BLOG I’ve run into on line. All who have posted comments have been very helpful.

    Thank You one and all.

  40. I was about to click the “Add to Cart” button but hesitated and made a short research about MPP. I’m so glad I hesitated after reading all the comments here. I guess it will not do me any good. I wonder if Percival will be making profits in a couple of days. I hope Percival would be kind enough to let us know here.

    Yes, this is a very informative blog and thanks to those who honestly contribute their comments about MPP.

  41. I got it way back when it first launched because it seemed to be some kind of traffic software from what the over hyped sales page was saying. It was nothing of the sort.

    After I got my refund I found the kind of software I was looking for. Does the job.

    I spend a little time looking through their forum before they pulled it down. It would have been funny if it wasn’t so sad. There was a disabled bloke in there that had borrowed money from his mother to get this thing going. Said it was their one big chance. Lot of others also, real green with no idea just looking for that pot of gold with little effort.

    No magic bullets people. It’s all business, not fairy tales.

  42. To Admin:
    I want to say thank you for your honest blog. I think it helps to people a lot.

    One thing I disagree with you what you said earlier:

    “To paraphrase, the best marketing is telling to others a lie that you live.”

    I don’t think that good marketing as tell people lie. There is a lots of marketers out there that are very honest. Look all this big names in industry. Dell, for example, they don’t sell you computer saying later that you have to pay more for the computer to work better (its about up sells). Lets say Dell different from affiliate, but I came across some software online and products that don’t have up sales and marketing very honest. The products, though, not about making money. Also look at Site Sell. There is no lie in their advertising. I will tell you something. You always will reap what you sow. They make a lots of money right now by focusing on the best sales pages and up sells just to sell. But it will comeback. Trust me. May be not in their business, but from somewhere else. If they are lying, it will comeback to them. So I want to say Marketing can be honest and fun. It doesn’t have to be a lie. I just want to say that I am not talking about all money making products out there, because I don’t know all of them..

  43. tvpventures, I’ve paraphrased Seth Godin there, and he doesn’t mean lying to deceive and being dishonest. The phrase is a marketing trick in itself. You gotta read the book to understand it. In one of the examples he gave a manufacturer of wine glasses that are sold as making wine taste better. In reality, they’re just simple overpriced wine glasses, but he believes in their “power” to make wine taste better, he lives a lie and sells it to others successfully. That’s what marketing is all about according to Godin. Lots of everyday products are sold this way.

    Honesty and truth are two different things. If you sell something you don’t believe in yourself just to deceive, you will lose. Tricky pricing structures, fake scarcity and other cheap tricks are even out of the question.

    As for all these launches, nothing will comeback to them because they get nothing but a few bucks in first place – that’s very small time. They use product launches as a business model when it’s just a tool. But what is a successful product launch? Is it not a product that is accepted by the market and continues to grow in popularity? How many of these launches have been accepted and have grown since inception? 99% of them disappear after the launch week is over, growth is not even in the plan. The matter of fact is that these people are either kids playing around or wannabes. What drives them is that it’s so easy to do hit ‘n’ run business online that there’s no reason not to do it for anyone who can forget about ethics for one week.

    Okay, that’s enough ranting for now.

  44. To admin;
    Exactly, I agree with everything you said. Sorry, I did not read the book and did not understand your paraphrase clearly. I think we are on the same page.
    Thank you! I love your site!

  45. I am taking Bill and Mike to court for fraud, false advertising, deceitful business practices, and financial damages. I am suing them for $230,000.00 USD.

    Since their software works so well for them, I am sure they can afford the lawsuit.

    I do not appreciate people taking advantage of hardworking individuals.


  46. Wine does taste better when drunk from expensive glasses. 😉

    Here is another analogy. In relation to the product in the above review, these guys have done the equivalent of sticking a sock in their pants. Trouble is the truth comes out post sale. (both in this case and the analogy.) As a marketer it is up to you to work in your own best interests. Be a player not a cheese two bit used car sales man. Ever seen True Lies? 😉

  47. I purchased this product (MMP) this pass Dec. I have about 15 blog sites up and running (I like to take my time with each blog, lol) and so far i’m happy with the product. I didn’t buy the upsells, only because in most cases, they are not needed and used so their affiliates can make more money, imho. I have made 3 sales with Amazon and a few dollars with Adsense; not bad for the short amount of time i’ve had these sites up and running.

    I do believe you need to have some technical knowledge and know seo, which i’m still learning to do (seo that is) =) If you expect to make tons of money over night then this product will not be for you. No matter the hype, there is no such thing as easy money in a few short days if just starting out.

    If you have experience then this is a great tool to have for your onlilne marketing.

    imho, when thinking of making a purchase, you need to remember that it’s only going to be a tool and not a secret money machine no matter what the sales page says. If the product is something you think you can use to help you with your online marketing then buy, if you’re looking to make money over night with the product because of the hype, don’t buy.

    Always remember, if the product is from clickbank always request a refund if not happy with your purchase within the time frame given, then there is no money lost. =)

  48. I am sure glad I read all your comments before deciding to buy. Since I found your site I have been checking your site and the honest reviews before buying a product . Thank you for this service. I would also like to know what product Shane would recommend that has worked for him.. Thank you.

  49. Wow, I don’t know how these guys can sleep at night… so much BS in this internet marketing arena. Is there any product out there that actually works??? I’m not afraid of hard work but I don’t like being ripped off on worthless products and systems that promise a good income but deliver NO results!

    Shane, if you see this post could you tell me what the product is that is working for you?
    Thank you

  50. Massive Passive – Thousands of post in 36 hours- I need help Please read below

    I setup massive passive yesturday and this morning I had 160 Comments. I think some of them are spam… If anyone wants to see how many articles it generated in one day visit my blog… Could someone with massive passive experience tell me if I should approve the articles that look like spam or if it hurts my ranks. The software generates so many articles but I want real people and not spammers….

    Could someone experienced give me some tips please?

  51. I really wish I had come to this site prior to purchashing this product. I know some have said to simply get a refund which is true and I will do. But it goes beyond that. When you look at a guy like Mike Williams and the story he tells you really gain faith that there is a product that is genuine and will finally produce what it says it is going to produce. He then promotes Bill McCrae. These guys come off as just genuine honest guys (family men) who have something real.

    This isn’t about getting a refund. This is about trusting real people. This is about integrity. Of course you can get a refund monetarily. But what about trust? What about the human spirit? What about being honest? What about luring in hard working guys that are family men themselves to set them up for disappointment? Doesn’t that count for anything anymore? Or should all internet people be distrusted?

    Their product, with the upgrades, basically has you set up a website and then as many sub-domains as you can set your mind to. Then, on autopilot, it captures absolute junk articles from the internet. Then of course on your site you have all of your affiliate links.

    The articles are horrible. They don’t even come out in basic English. It is just grabbing whatever content it can. I can’t even begin to explain the ridiculous content.

    Lets think about this. I’m an honest guy. I want to build an honest business and promote honest products that have value. When I get down to the grass roots of it all, money is extremely important to me but my integrity means more. I would venture to say that most people that read this are the same. But, maybe I’m just naive.

    If these guys can kick back and continue to make a ton of money selling a junk product, not responding to inquiries, and getting others to promote the product, well then you be the judge as to what is important to them.

    Someone stated above that guys like this are just working with other guys like this to promote junk and swap each others lists to keep making money. I have a couple of emails I utilize for different sites. I can concur that Bill McCrae solicits me on several emails when in fact I only provided him one. And of course these sites always say that they don’t share your email. That can’t be true.

    I’m very disappointed, extremely disappointed in fact. And quite sad to look at a guy like Mike Williams and judge his character thinking “this is a genuine down to Earth family guy” – only to now be thinking I just got scammed. Maybe not monetarily because I can get a refund. But, things go beyond a few hundred bucks.

  52. I think I purchased MPP in December late one night and thought I would experiment a little since I love software that can save me hours of work. I knew when I was buying this software that the websites that it is going to produce for me would not generate that much money.

    The main reason for purchasing this package was to increase traffic to my other websites that do generate me thousands of dollars every month.

    Simply put, this is a very easy source of virtually FREE traffic. All you have to do is be patient, and once you start getting ranked in the search engines, simply re-direct the traffic to any website you see fit.

    Im sure that there are a lot of newbies who felt that they have been robbed and ripped off, and I was the same when I first started out in Internet Marketing. As you gain more experience, you will understand that it is a number of things that you need to do to actually start making money online.

    One of the most important parts of my business is the use of software such as this as it completely takes out hours of effort that one would have to put in to receive any traffic.

    I suggest that if you are getting traffic now, then redirect that traffic to an opt in page and start capturing email addresses for the future.

    DO NOT try to sell anything to your new subscribers yet. Just offer them advice or send them to someone with experience and who knows what they are doing. They will thank you dearly for this and in the future may decide to purchase something from you.

    Im Pindi S and my sales increased rapidly through implementing the strategy I have just mentioned above and I think that if you want to gain value from MPP then you should definitely try this out.

    PS: only send the traffic to relevant capture pages. ie. dont send someone who wants to buy a piano to a money making website unless you are absolutely sure you know what you are doing.

    I also wanted to add that I am completely neutral in this situation, and cant say that MPP is a bad software. It has helped me generate over 200,000 visitors to my sites in just a short space of time virtually for next to nothing.

    You just need to know what to do with the software and not expect it to work without doing anything yourself.

    You also need to automate your backlinking so that you can relax and let the software do its job.

    If you would like any further help then I would like to recommend that you join my list and I will send out a broadcast every once in a while to help everyone succeed with their software.

    I hope this was useful.

    Pindi S


  53. Ok, it’s been almost 60 days since the last post about this program. I would like to hear some updated comments. I think at the beginning of this message board the program was relatively new. It sounds like it had some bugs. As time went on maybe things got fixed. I assumed it was a clickbank product from the first I heard about it. I would spend the money if the program works, but I’ve seen so many that are junk that I don’t know what to think.

    I am a mediocre techy person, but I feel I should be able to figure it out. I am not a scholar on Internet marketing, but I would spend the time needed to get something going that I would see even a small return to begin with. I do think the amount of money they say I would earn would probably be pretty unrealistic, but are people making $100, $ 500, or $1000 per month. I do realize you get what you put into it, but if I were to put 20 hours a week would I actually make $500? So that is what I would like to hear about. I’ve got the time if I can make some money.

    It is not that I do not want to take a chance—I love taking chances, I just don’t want to spend a bunch of time to not make anything. I want to know if there is actually support with this product. Will I have to buy into a bunch of other programs? Will I have to spend a bunch on advertising, (these are usually hidden parts of the program).

    If I was going to buy a McDonalds, I would be able to know a lot about the company and the financing be for I gave them one dime …. so if this is a business lets treat it like one.

    If anyone is interested in doing a one-on-one conversation with me I would be interested.

  54. I purchased Massive Passive Profits because I was led to believe that Bill Mc Rea is an honest man. I was not able to download the training videos to learn to use the software. I sent a ticket to the support team. I was told to watch the videos. How could I watch them if I could not open or download them. I sent another ticket and have not received a reply since… that was 3 weeks ago. Today I tried to go onto the same website to try again, to download the videos, but to my amazement, the website has disappeared. I find this very dishonest, and have read recently that other people have also had this problem. Seems to me that this is a scam and Bill Mc Rea isn’t the honest internet marketer I thought he was.

    Will I get my money back? I don’t think so. Since my emails are ignored.

  55. I purchased the software THEN did the research…. great blog here with lots of info. I am going to remain positive and give it a solid run. Started watched the videos and having no trouble. learning alot…….

  56. good thing i researched first before buying this product. for those who want to get a refund, Massive Passive Profits is a clickbank product. you can refund it through clickbank not through MPP website. check you clickbank emails and find the link where you can check your clickbank invoice. then search for the link intended for refund.

  57. I purchased MPP and had my first web site up and running on 10th Dec 2010.

    I now have 10 websites up with a total of 1052 sub-domains. I’m making about
    $30 a month now but 7 web sites have only been up and running for only two months.

    It takes about 6 to 8 months for your web sites to bring in money. Just give it time.

    So far MPP has been working fine. Just follow the trainning videos and should be know

    I do have to admit that their support really sucks. They never anwser their phone. Takes
    three days for them to anwser a ticket. Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a perfect world.

    I think they are getting better. They still have to make a better effort.

  58. I’m really glad i started researching this product before I purchased because it seems there are a lot of unhappy customers. So, thanks everyone for your honest reviews…

  59. Check it out …your emails from these guys are coming from I am reluctant to try a anything from them because I previously purchased a product from them and boy did I regret it. Their websites were really amateur looking and I did not get a refund … like they said I would should I not be satisfied with the product. They say once is a mistake and twice is a habit…shame on me if you fool me twice. Well, I can’t afford to waste my money. I think I’ll do it the tried and true way and put in the hours required for my own SEO success thank you.

  60. You see this is the problem with all these online programs out there, I don’t consider my self to be a negative person but you buy these programs with all the hipe and than they are so full of problems or they just don’t work
    that you don’t know who to trust out there. Thanks everyone for your reviews of this product, I won’t be buying it
    and will be checking out any further products that these guys put out in the future they have seriously damaged their
    reputation in my eyes. I wonder if they care about that?

  61. I purchased this product about 2 years ago incl. Mass Deploy. I worked like I was told and had 34 sites online.
    I did not earn a cent. Than I gave this program (software) for a check. When I received the results I was shocked. You can’t earn a dime with it. The system is not bad, but there are a lot of mistakes in it.

    In my opinion it’s a joke but I’m sure these guys made a lot of money with it.

    I tried to contact them several times without getting a reply. Today I can’t even go to my account . Maybe the shut me down.
    Please, be very careful to go with that.

    Dr. Udo Moss / Durban – South Africa


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