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32 thoughts on “Mass Profit Sites”

  1. OK everyone, I paid for this and been using it for last 2 days.
    I am beginning to get concerned. Read on.

    I put in my click bank ID and it was setup as advertised.

    It does what the intro video says. I went all the way and paid for the 50 site version for an added $197. It did built all the sites with products that are supposed to be hot, popular and in demand online. Some of these items I wouldn’t buy ! But some were ok for the price in my opinion.

    So the “my” sites are all up – all 50 of them – and been up for last 2 days.

    RESULTS ? Zero, Nada in sales !
    I’m trying to see if these sites are even noticed in search engines. It may be too early to know.

    The MassProfitSites marketing video (or webinar), very specifically claims to optimize the sites it builds for us. SO FAR THEY HAVE NOT in my case.

    The real value in this system is in it’s SEO to bring traffic to the sites it builds for us. If they don’t, then I was scammed.

    If you are considering this, don’t waste your hard earned money until I write a follow up right here in the 4 to 5 days.

    Steve –

  2. First of all, it’s hard to rate a program or support after a few days. So far the program has delivered as promised, speaking of which, they only promise to update once a week, so like any blog, you’ve got to give it time to index. You really can create fifty one page websites, monetized, in less than ten minutes. However, they so far are listed in only two subdomains, and I just can’t imagine how they would ever garner any traffic. You also cannot access them to make any changes whatsoever. I’m skeptical at best, but I always have the option of going for a refund.
    It kind of reminds me of surfing for credits – pretty stupid and mindless. But then again I’ve fallen for other programs that make me the one who is stupid and mindless. I usually get a good learning experience from whatever I’ve purchased. If this actually works, I’ll sell it myself. Thankfully its all on their server in case it’s banned for spam.

  3. I am with Steve at this point. While Fred has his “opinions” I am basing my review from what Melford Bibens says he will deliver without fail for each person that invests in his software. I bought the next level of 50 sites as well on 10/22/11 and still nothing. Bibens doesn’t state that it will take days or weeks to get up and running…he says this system is active now and making money every day. I haven’t earned one dime at this point and had some technical issues to boot only to not have customer service return any response to me at all.

    I really hope to report some earnings at some point. Bibens states he will not take the $197 from my account until I have had a full 7 days to realize earnings, well, my friends, Friday is my 7th day and I am sure they will pull the money out of my account whether I make any money at all or not! If I should be realizing an income by Friday….something had better give.

    I fear another scam or at the very least a huge failure on Biben’s part to deliver what he promised he would do.

  4. Too soon for me to rate it too… bought it last Friday or so. Makes the site easily, thats for sure. I stayed with the standard version so I can only make one-a-day. The first 2 I made were identical, same everything except the subdomain. The links to a couple of the advertisements were dead. In the webinar, it showed facebook and Twitter links but there were none when I made my sites. I sent an email to support on Sat. and am still waiting for a responce as of this afternoon. No money in MY clickbank screenshot!

  5. I am on my #3 (one a day). Still waiting.. Should I click on the build 50? Is this 50 a day? I was going to go with it but decided to wait until the one-a-day brings a profit. I would like to build a Amazon Site but my Amazon associate ID is linked to massprofit. (just wondering) if I could get another ID.

  6. surely it’s too early for you guys to be expecting results. i expect something to start showing after a week to ten days. if not, i will believe all those who maintain that this is “another scam” i certainly hope not. if it is” another scam”, then surely clickbank would be wise to them by now, and would not accept their business. i still wait hopefully, and will check my clickbanl accountb after 10days. i wish they would jack up their suupport. they seem to have staff who know nothing about the product.

  7. sometimes it is really hard to determine results in days… why would they put a number of days for the system to work if really not working… 7 days is very short period of time for the system to deliver good income that would be get rich quick scheme… well, in fact some of us have their own opinion… for me i will really wait for someone to really state that it was working as the owner promise… if not that is a total scam…anyway a guaranteed money back is good…

  8. i just started about 2 day ago, i got the twise a week update and the 50 site a day for $197 im givin it 50 day to work, worst case scenario we go back and get a refund we got 60 days money back guaranteed, i will post if i start makin anythin.

  9. OK here I am on my 7th day.
    ZERO RESULTS. WIth nearly 300 sites. (most of them repeats !)

    More BAD NEWS:
    – Their Customer Support Email Address is a bad email. It keeps returning as underliverable.
    – Clicking on goes to ClickBank’s Tech Support page !

    At a minimum, I expect a courtesy response or a notice or email saying “WAIT A LITTLE LONGER FOR THIS TO WORK” ! !

    I’m still hopeful.


  10. I have had it for three days and nothing yet. I ordered the 50 sites for 197.00 . I tried to call and no one picked up the phone. They said leave a message and someone will get back to you. I am still hopeful something will happen.

  11. Check out the video on mass provit site (congratulation) do a search on dream home business it brings up on first page masmasmous. Think i’ll wait before I get any refunds.

  12. looks to be what we all need to succeed on the web for all affiliate needs. sadly so far no one making a dime?? why is this?? are we all doing something wrong or is it sadly another click bank scam. i sincerely hope it is user error and not a scam.time will tell.

  13. Day 20. Over 900 sites built.

    Oh, I think the CONGRATULATION VIDEO was the result of them doing SEO on those specific buyers and specific key-words. I could not see any MPS site pop up on Google with similar key-words related to other specific sites we are building “repeatedly”.

    Still hope something will come up before the 50 day refund time.


  14. I was hoping after a couple of weeks that i would come back here and see some positive results.I am on day 17 utilizing the 50 websites per day and have yet to crack the egg.Has anyone gotten the phone # and personal login that they said they were going to send us?Has anyone actually TALKED to Mel or his wife?
    I know that this is all a very new concept and i will continue to plug away until either i start seeing results or hit day 59.

  15. Day 16- 800 sites, No Traffic, No Sales, No support phone number provided as we were told. Support will not answer specific questions, Support provides portion of FAQ info provided that does not apply to questions. Support will not provide info to prove ownership of sites so we can submit our sites to Google ourselves since Google has not seen any of 800 sites and we cannot get any site analysis info from Google without being able to perform function Google requires to verify ownership of sites. In my opinion SEO does no good as I suspicion they control when sites are available to be seen, SEO might help if you ever see a site on Search Engine. Some sites are showing up on search engines but I have no idea who those sites belong to or how those were allowed to appear and others are not. Server shows to be in Houston Texas for the domain names. If there were a lower raring than 1 for this product based on current experience that would be my rating.

  16. I have the one-a-day (sounds like a one-a-day Vitiman) since mid October and have created a short cut to each site and filed them in a folder on my desk top.. Now the older links does not bring me to the older sites…(forbidden page pops up) I thought these sites would accumulate over time and I would have 365 sites after a year?? Seems not to be the case on my experience.(.Maby I should stick to wood working. However they say the site would be up to the minute on products so the old sites would be irrevelant, then again the sites are so closely related it wouldn’t matter.. Have any one else experience the same events .

  17. Hi Guys

    I purchased MPS 21 October also the upsell to 50 sites which I have been building every day for 4 weeks, I recently purchased the social media upsell hoping for a boost but needless to say the result zilch!! In their sales pitch they state 2 minutes per day resulting in $463 a day earnings within one month (on the frontend product)?

  18. Day 33, have built over 1200 sites. ZERO results.
    I test some of the MPS sites with different keywords on google just to see if they are doing any SEO, and I’m not seeing anything that would – even slightly – prove their claim.
    17 days to go before I pull the plug and ask for refund.
    How are the rest of you doing ?

  19. I have had zero success with this product! Over 500 websites and nothing! Does anyone know how to request the refund? Do we need to go through clickbank?

  20. DAY 40, about 1600 sites built.
    So far, ZERO response, ZERO income.
    10 days to pull the plug and ask for refund.
    How are the rest of you guys doing ?

  21. This discussion is very interesting. I switched to the 50 sites level since two days and made the submissions as allowed. But from from you guys experience, I can say it’s a useless project. Steve S is on his 40th day with 1600 sites with still ZERO results ! I have a bad feeling that this is going to be the same result for all others unless a miracle happens ! In his Video, Melford says that everything is done for you and results are instant on clickbank which is a blatant lie. He is using these sugar coating words to get people buy his product and suck their money out. That’s It ! There is no mention at any time that an additional $212.25 will be required to get the 50 sites option. You get to know this only after registering to his software.

    As I have 60days refund guarantee, I will wait for a few more days and see what happens.


  22. OK. Its Day 51. I have over 2000 sites built and still no sign of any income promised by Mass Profit Sites.
    I am pulling the plug and getting my $197 back.

    I have been trying other scams for last two months. Specifically 9 different money making systems I bought, went thru the training and did everything (including wasting money on support programs, which I don’t get back), for at least 3 weeks each. I don’t give up easy. I still like to find out what makes these geeks into becoming millionaires.

    I can say I learned alot and gained a good experience about the online marketing and money making scams.

    The outcome ?
    Yes there is money to be made. I am just starting to see some light !
    Don’t believe their lies about “easy”, “autopilot”, “all you have to do …” or a “its only a 3 click effort”.
    It doesn’t matter which scam you buy, You have to have some knowledge of WordPress and SEO to get started efficiently with minimum frustration, and it takes at least a good 2 to 3 days of your undivided attention to setup your own money making system, then it gets easier. Maybe after a month, it takes an hours a day. But with all this, you never see the money coming in, and of it does, it won’t be until 30 or 40 days later. That is if you do everything and spend nearly a $1000 or more on your own. ($4000+ if you buy the personal training)

    The system I’m finally sticking with cost me less than $250. Its easy, makes sense and I can see some promising results.
    I don’t know if I can disclose it here, but if anyone interested, send message to my tweetr @LiveOnwww
    But I don’t recommend it if you don’t put a good 2 or 3 days to set it up properly.

    Merry Christmas,


  23. Hi guys

    After almost 3000 sites 56 days, costing nearly 300 USD, results absolutely zilch! So feeling totally scammed I pushed the alarm button for a refund, only to have it overturned by MPS support, stating I have not given it time and that there is a wealth of training within the bonus area (where) to self promote the sites I have built (what at the rate of 50 per day), So I replied stating the program has not delivered on its promises and to please issue the refunds as requested, I then receive a 25% refund on the frontend, the upsell of 197 and the social fusion upsell. Their reply within stated that a full refund is only given if a product is defective. So I am extremely angry now I replied stating their product is indeed defective it simply does not work and that all Clickbank products are covered by a 60 day guarantee!
    What are they playing at? Stretching it so that I am out of the 60 day!!


  24. Sandie,
    This is why I give these scams a 50 day trial. Not 56.
    Go to Clickbank and in their customer support section you can initiate a support ticket to complain.
    They never play games with you that way.
    Also, the date you requested the refund has to be within the 60 day. Even if it takes months of dispute, you still have the right to get your money back.
    You are in good hands with Clickbank.

  25. Thank you for all your reviews. I almost went ahead and ordered it. I noticed a lot of owners offering their “home businesses” through Clickbank would offer other products AFTER ordering their initial product to get the customer to buy other products in addition to what was bought saying those items will enhance the customer’s business before even trying it. I would ignore those offerings because the owner would want to make a bigger sale off the customer before the customer even has a chance to try out the product that was bought to see if it actually works. If I were satisfied with the first product, then I would be interested in the owner’s other offerings regardless in the beginning claiming the customer would get them at a discount. So far, the first product would not be to my satisfaction as what was advertised. Also, there should be a link in the e-mail received from Clickbank after your purchase if you have any customer service concerns. There should be a link to connect with Clickbank if you require a refund. Click on that and it will take you to the Clickbank website where you can request your refund. You may state simply that you were not satisfied with the product, and it did not deliver the results as advertised. Clickbank will honor your request and will immediately send you your refund. They always did refunded me whenever I had problems with any product problems advertised through Clickbank. You just have to ask for the refund any time during the 60-day period. At least, Clickbank is reputable in giving refunds. Other payment processors I am not very sure of issuing refunds or not giving hassles. You just have to be careful what company is the one used to transfer payment as some of them are questionable; i.e., plimus. I have heard good and bad with that one. Thank you.

  26. hey everyone, i am new to the whole affiliate game. so of course i had high expectations. but as seems to be the case with everyone else on here i am very disappointed with this product. i went with the 50 site upgrade and have over 300 sites. not one of them making one cent. even following some of the traffic bonus features still nothing…. if anyone has any suggestions on products that actually work i would be greatful. thanks

  27. Ok I to purchased the 50 sites a day plan I began doing it on 13 November 2011, So far I have created 3268 subdomains and I have not had 1 sale… So this hype about 5 clicks and sit back and do nothing is not working. Also there does not seem to be anyone in coustomer support that does anything to get your specic site shown on the search engines, When you do an alexa ranking search using your url you get info on mass profits site not anything on yours.

  28. I purchased the 50-site per day Mass Profits software on October 26, 2011, and have now built 5,850 sites, many of them duplicates because the software seems to be on an endless loop, bringing up the same products over and over. I began writing to Melford right away, offering to help clean up the horrendous grammatical and syntax errors on the landing pages. I was concerned right away that they were so badly written that no one would ever click through to the product page below (which often doesn’t match the landing page, anyway, so I don’t know how we could get sales even if we got traffic).

    The only commission I have made so far is a few dollars on a product I purchased myself, after setting up an affiliate link on another website just to see if it would come through. Clickbank will let you generate your own hoplink with your affiliate code on any product, even if you’ve already used it for that same product on Mass Profits, and I believe the same is true on Amazon, for those who are worried that you need another affiliate name if you’re using them on MP Sites.

    After many unanswered emails of concern about the impossibility of succeeding with such badly written sites and articles, I finally received this response on February 17, 2012, from someone named Jill in customer service:

    “We’re actually working on functionality (an upgrade) right now that will allow you to edit your sites/your articles, etc and also looking into those existing problems.

    We will have more information on this for all members soon.”

    So I’m continuing to build sites, although it sticks in my craw every time I see Melford’s product come up as part of his software, still promising folks $463.34 a day if they buy into his system. At this point I’d be more than happy to make fifty cents or a dollar for each of my sites. I’m waiting to see how much he’ll charge us for the “upgrade” that will allow us to edit our own sites and articles, although it would do a lot to restore credibility if he would upgrade all of his current customers for free. Hope springs eternal . . .

  29. Brian Says:
    I purchased the 50/day site builder, with the $97.00/month daily content update. First off everything works but the part where you make money.
    I am now at 118 days, and have 5900 sites built (that’s right 5900), to date they have not made one red cent, nor have i seen any of mine listed on any search engine.
    I have over $700.00 invested as of this writing, do you think I could get my money back (Ha Ha).
    From this nothing else need be said, except I’d like to find someone who has made some money from this program???

  30. Is the new upgrade worth $200 for the year.. I have been building one a day since october 2011. No results.
    How would this help me if all I do is the five clicks. My my time is limited on the internet.


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