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Mass Profit Formula by Nigel Richards is an affiliate marketing course and software.

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7 thoughts on “Mass Profit Formula”

  1. Further to my initial post :–
    the keyword research isnt even accurate – its garbage – there is a clickbank and a plimus version – none of them are worth ANYTHING – sadly hes just another scammer trying to pull your hard earned cash for another bogus fraudulent ptoduct – o well – we keep trying 🙂

  2. has anyone actually use this yet? r you making money? how do u get your money that u make? do they send you a check?

  3. If you are absolutely new to internet marketing this might help you find lucrative Clickbank and Plimus products to promote BUT you can find FREE software on the internet which will do the same thing. Also, head over to Youtube and check out videos showing you how to go directly to the clickbank website and do a product search -so my advice for beginners would be to go that route and KEEP your money until you made a few dollars.

    The hunt continues for a product which lives up to the pre-launch promises. BTW I’ve unsubscribed from every list that promoted this product to me. Time to clean up this industry I feel.

  4. So Folks, like leslie has already asked, is this Affiliate Marketing Software just another scam, or is it the real
    deal that actually delivers on what it staes?

  5. Video sales page says one thing. The net result after going through the material is something entirely else. It promises not to be about article submission, comment posting etc. It is everything about a long drawn out submission process to get links before you can expect any success unless you buy their embedded up-sell for a supposedly automated submitter, link builder for 130.00 . It refers to SEO proofed website templates in a resource section that dose not exist. They have not responded to my emails. Software analysis program may be worth the money 49.00 to some but clearly the mis named sections that are dedicated to upsells and affiliate offers to other rip-off products I have already bought, tried and filed in the rip-off file leave a bad taste. Their bonus section is a land mine of offers to buy other unscrupulous offers. The webinar section is just a reprint of the same upsell for another program that is yet again another varient of article submission, spinner, Slick scammers abound. It seems the im-er’s that scream about others being scammers are themselves the scammers once again, endlessly. Keith

  6. Thir review is rather misleading, in that the link given for “Mass Profit Formula” actually connects to a Daniel Owens product, “Auto Click Profits” Are Nigel Richards and Daniel Owens the same person?

    • First, the reviews were posted for this product regardless of what the link leads to now. Secondly, this product no longer exists and the author has chosen to redirect the old site to his last product. And yes, it’s either the same person or the same group of people.


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