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66 thoughts on “Mass Money Makers”

  1. So tell me… If this works as well then WHY Are they Selling It For $37?

    If I could make even $100K to 500K I would easily pay $997 for the software

    Most people would.

    So what is the catch?

    Russell Carter

  2. I just got done going through this product. Oh boy what a headache. There are only a few videos, but they are long and they are boring. Not only that but the information you have to sit there and wait for is that very amazing. It’s solid info, but there are better courses out there. It basically holds your hand through keyword research, buying a domain name and setting up a simple site with a landing page to collect emails. Because a list is were you’re actually going to make any real money. Then they try to help tell you how to outsources the majority of the work. Sounds pretty good on the surface, but I did not like it. Oh and the software is a very simple keyword research tool. Nothing you can’t do with Google better and faster.

  3. The ClickBank account he logs in with is a vendor affiliate account – snjmktg – his website is triffiliate sales which is what he used.

    He uses product sales so another SCAM! The make money online industry will collapse

  4. Well spotted. Indeed, the account they’re showing for proof is actually a vendor’s account for Instant Viral Income, which coincidentally was launched around the same time the video was taken. So they’re showing how much money their has launch made.

    That not necessarily means bad things, maybe their product talks about and helps to do a Clickbank launch like that. However, on their sales page they say it has nothing to do with joint ventures. Meanwhile, Instant Viral Income was announced on – a JV broker. And I know for a fact that all these launches are driven by JVs.

    So definitely there are some shenanigans going on in their marketing.

    Still, I haven’t seen the product myself and it might still be not that bad for all I know, regardless of the sleazy marketing.

    The make money online industry won’t collapse just like any other industry hasn’t. Any significantly big industry is full of sleazy marketers, online and off.

  5. The price of $37 is only for the INITIAL product — there are 3 upsells offered to “save you work”, and they cost $297, $197 and $97, if you purchase the whole system, making a total of $628. I e-mailed their help desk and they said the program will work without the upsells, though.

  6. I think this is another scam, their sales letter said there is nothing to do with list building. make money with few clicks???? come on!

  7. I have been through the whole Mass Money Makers course which includes 4 videos (about 6 hours) and played with the key word software. I think that this is a solid product for anyone wanting to learn affiliate marketing.

    I have done a number of similar courses and some of the info in here is very good. Alen does a good job of taking you through step by step on how to build the websites.

    For those people who think it’s a scam you are wrong but it does take a lot of dedication to build an online business and the sales pages do give the impression it’s easy – It’s not.

    I’ve done rough and ready insiders YouTube video which takes you inside the programme.

  8. Yes that really was a headache, four videos and software that actually does not work properly, first video it’s only some bla-bla-bla about themselves ( does not mean it’s really about themselves), second video where they’re painting a “big picture about making money with their system” for people who know something about affiliate business – boring, and doesn’t open anything new, for newbies, don’t think they will get something real from that.
    3 video, which supposed to be real walk through, terrible quality low resolution video, everything blurred, my eyes started to ache trying to figure out what they are showing on screen, though I’m quite familiar with Clicbank interface, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, FTP client programs (Filezilla in this case), WordPress and already have a website, it was very, very hard to follow, and besides the low quality somewhere they did zoom in screen for some reason, but never did zoom out, so most of video you don’t see what and where they’re clicking because it’s out of screen, can only guess, no way to learn something for that stuff for newbies, they will have no idea what’s going on. 4 video is about outsourcing (I found that one the most valuable :)).
    My conclusion – you can get some new ideas from that course (maybe), so if you can spare those 30 something bucks, go ahead ( you can always ask for refund :)), for newbies – don’t even bother about buying, waste of money.
    And, yes, software, that didn’t work for me, I was unable to configure those setting inside software, even after changing security settings.
    Hope this helps somebody to make a right decision, there is no easy ways to make money, neither off or online.

  9. Hi Friends, One thing is sure, there is nothing like an easy money but yes it is there called Smart money, what these online gurus are making, we have to work hard, smart, and in right direction to get succeed. One thing more, first before getting how to sell, you must understand and what to sell, means what people’s are interested in buying.
    Mass money makers, lets wait for 4-5 days, and everything will come out, the real truth.

  10. Dave again, this is the most talked about product ever in ClickBank’s history. It has a record breaking amount of hits and earnings! It’s crazy, I saw it on Yahoo News (Google it) and now it’s by invite only, normally that means that you just get an email instantly giving you a buy now button but this is ‘for real’, you actually can’t buy it anymore.

    It’s crazy! I still don’t trust it 🙂

    The only ClickBank product that has worked for me so far has been

    I bet this guy is banking a fortune from a crap product…

  11. ‘Mass Money Makers kept up its record-setting pace on Day 3 of its ClickBank launch. The Internet marketing cash-generation product continues to dominate the digital marketplace and the major search engines with top billing at both.’ – Yahoo News

    ‘Mass Money Makers Reviews and Mass Money Makers Bonuses are appearing all over the net today, due to this new super Affiliate Technology being releases today. Matt Bacak & Alen Sultanic have been working on a brand new software for a long time now and have finally released it today.’ – WMI

    I have never seen this before in a ClickBank product :S

  12. Their sales page was so simple…1)watch 4 videos 2)click the mouse 13x 3)push a button! They claim you can bank $500 to a few thousands a day from this Super Affiliate Technology yet they say this is not a “get-rich-quick” scheme? So which is which then?

    If a technology really works…i think it should be given or tried for free. When the buyer starts banking some money then he maybe motivated to go back and donate some (seems fair to me).

  13. Thanks to all of you guy who honestly give their opinion about this Mass Money Makers. This page really help me to decide for not to buy the product. I think the secrete that they been posting is still not complete and there is a hidden work that they all don’t want us to see… If you are telling that you can earn this amount we should have to have the result after the product purchase not by telling that “this is not a get-rich-quick scheme”… Earning for someone who buy the product suppose to be the result not the complain for the 4 video that they want us to see. It is like the purposed is only to get their sell income to this product not to help other people… Just an honest opinion… Hope someone will share the product in so that other don’t have to buy it because it will turn out to be a waste of money if their going to buy…

  14. It seems like every other week there is someone launching “the new miracle” system. A $37 miracle non -the- less. I won’t buy it, but I can see by the CB gravity, that their simple video sales page works well.

  15. i only do have very basic knowledge of affiliate marketing and i was playing around with the “system” for a bit now.
    i’d like to talk about the way i feel about it.
    like said before, it is REALLY hard to follow the videos. the two gentlemen are hardly able to express themselves and just come out straight with even two sentences in a row.
    one example: “i mean, like, i mean like, yeah you know and then and like i mean this is huge like i mean, basically, what we REALLY want to show you here is basically ALL you need to know so you can, i mean, basically do this and that.”
    this is not to good, the way this hits your brain and your psychological health can be very exhausting.

  16. also, in addition,

    all the information is put together in quite a confusing way,

    the introduction, where they obviously lie about themselves leads to really no point at all,
    the second and third video are hard to follow, because — also like said before, i totally agree on that — you only sit and wait for the next point of the talk, which takes minutes and minutes to come, it all could be summed up in one single video of 45min easily, i guess.

    but — the strategy is just too abvious.

    i really pity the two guys now, they really didnt have an easy life so far, i guess, they got trapped quite badly.

  17. summed up:

    a lot of

    intended lying in the intro
    promises over promises over promises
    intended dragging of everything inbetween the information to almost mesmerize you with it
    the software doesnt work properly ( i got the free version of market samurai, which they use in the videos as their “own software in development to – promise here – ” is not ready yet
    etc etc

    or – just a lack of communication and thinking skills, i dont know. but it smells. ill try to get something out of it anyway, as i bought it now.

  18. FYI, it is still available to puchase despite their claim of limiting it to 200 downloads and pulling the site down by Jan 7th..
    Has anyone tried to get a refund for this product yet? Please post your experience…

  19. Thank you, guys for useful info! I have received the promo e-mail. And was ready to buy it untill I read your reviews. And now I’m on 37$ richer))))))))

  20. HI,
    Thought I would leave a comment here about The Mass Money Method course.
    Having purchased it and set up my first website I think I am in a position to give an opinion of it.
    I have just tried to look at other reviews on the internet and they all seem to me to be VERY biased in favor of this product.
    To be honest, I have to agree with them….
    There are some issues that were either skimmed over or left out completely.
    1. The content is excellent and very thorough. I have signed up with another company who teach you to set up websites (blogs) that focus on Amazon products. I thought MMM would compliment my list of sites as they focus on Clickbank or similar products.
    2. When setting up a WordPress Theme, Alen fumbled around for a long while and finally came up with a theme that was not suitable for what he wanted. He then converted all his pages into posts with a plug-in. This was very confusing as I didn’t know whether to set up a blog website or a std website with pages. Still not sure what to do as this is poorly explained.
    3. The SEO setups were not covered very well as in the other course I am going through. I feel the boys were holding back some secrets. Only telling the basics and not the best tactics.
    4. I sent an email to their support desk about not receiving any data on the ‘upsell’ page they spoke about which is the 1st the user lands on after entering their email details to enter your site. I was told the index pages were included in the download and my ticket was closed. I sent a reply but have not heard from them in several days. Not very good service as they didn’t answer my question and closed my case. There should a ‘forum’ or something to find out things once you finish if you have questions. Once you finish watching all the videos you are just left with nothing else. I suppose they think that they have told you everything you need to know and there is no more.
    But as I have said, overall as a newbie, the course is well worth the $37 asking price. And you can get this back up to 60 days I am told…
    Good value for money if you are just starting out.
    Oh…. their sales page video shows Matt going into his Clickbank a/c each day for a week or so showing the amount of money he is making. This can easily be faked by buying his own products etc… Don’t get fooled by Affilaite Marketers tricks. Anything can be easily created these days to fool the unsuspecting….
    Good luck all.

  21. All I can say is it pays to do Your research. I was going to buy this product because the initial copy and video is very convincing. However being a seasoned marketer, I know nothing online is that easy Lol.

    Never believe that My friends, it takes hard work and the right education. From reading the comments however, I did catch the bulk of what these guys are doing and I realized that I already know how to do that.

  22. This is a good product, not everything they say because you got hours of video watching. A few clicks is B.S. but I am more than satisfied with it. After taking notes, like writing down stuff I have seen for myself how to really dominate the first page on google.

    I would say that this is worth it, I only wish they told me how to directly list myself in the google backdoor directory, they said they would. I guess I will go through it again and take more notes.

  23. I think this is just another ripoff as it does not really explain all the proper steps needed to be successful at what they are trying to promote. I bought the program 3 weeks ago (Dec. 29th) and now will be asking for a refund. They explained there are 18 action steps to complete. I got through 9 steps and have been stuck ever since. No one is returning any calls or emails. Maybe if you are a seasoned veteran and don’t need everything explained then you will do ok, if not I would suggest you DO NOT purchase this program.

  24. You would be amazed if I tell you that I already worte down all my Credit Card Numbers to purchase this product after rustling with myself to make sure this is not a scam, but did not placed an order. I opened a new webpage to see the review and what others have to say about this product. Now you helped me go back and deleted. Thank you for your honest comments on your own experience with this product. I know they make and sound easy on their sales page to trap innocent victims into to paying for it, but the reality is that there is no easy money online especially these days. It requires knowladge, time, expensive, but workable tools to come up with few scraps, not thousands that many of them promise. They just sell lies or paint a simple tool with lies to make it look nice. Well, thank you all and thanks to the owner of this review site.


  25. Has any body had experience with this online marketing tool? Very expensive with lots of promises as many other scams. Would you dorp us a comment if you have any experience with this?



  26. The Blueprint Project comes from the guys who run the IM Advantage (my #2 recommended IM product) so I can vouch for them. The price of it is pretty steep but one thing I can assure you – it’s not a scam.

  27. I made the purchase went through the course – picked a niche (green energy / gravity north of 100 on CB) bought my domain, set up my site, created the 3 suggested back links. I bought the “commission bot” program for content creation as well. Google initially ranked my home page at #243 today it’s #373 and climbing; this is not good. I want it to go down so I rank in the top ten. After a week I wasn’t indexed in yahoo or Bing so I went and did that myself.

    For me it’s another bust in my quest to find traffic. I have THOUSANDS $$ invested in this quest and now over three years and I haven’t made one dime.

    Can someone please recommend a product that works?

  28. I wonder if my “Top 3 Proven Internet Marketing Products” at the top is so invisible (now renamed to “I recommend” to make it more obvious). Those are actually products that I’ve not only tried but am using myself. Can’t make a better recommendation than that.

    I’m not trying to push them but if you’re really looking for a recommendation that’s one.

    And of course, my free report. The method it talks about very much works as evident by this very site. Those who pay attention have long ago picked it up and are using it.

  29. Well I got it and sat through the hours of these guys doing their best to explain this so called “Technology”.
    Hour of poor video quality… minutes of silence as they tried to think of what they wanted to explain next.

    I was not happy as I could see anything that really was so Earth shattering.
    Oh and their amazing Keyword tool just sucks. Slow … slow and then S…..L…..O…..W……E……R

    Now here’s the good bit… if you want your money back and go to their support site, it asks you to fill in a form that is not their and then give you a link to the same page you are on??

    mmm this really is NOT a quality product.

    I feel it was put together quickly to get it out and make money from.

    I could go on but just the thought of this has just confirmed my original thoughts… the only ones to get rich from this is them..

    Let’s see if I actually get a refund.

    Keep ya posted.

  30. Hey!

    It’s hard to believe that you can’t even trust a product that has :

    Clickbank gravity = 1809.29

    Alexa = 2,092 (Those of you who don’t know, anything under 100,000 is excellent)

    Google keyword 2,430,000 searches for keyword “mass money makers” (in quotes)

    In fact, the review sites are pushing the actual product site to page 2 of Google

    But, the impression I get from these comments is there was a bad experience
    with the product, or it’s not worth the money, or its alot of hype.

    I suspect that the traffic ratings and gravity is coming from affiliates promoting the site that
    want to make big bucks. (There are upsells of $297, $197, & $97 )

    In fact, some of you are probably affiliates for the product.

    I haven’t bought the product yet, & I’m probably not going to. To me its a hyped up version of Copy ‘N Paste for Profit. Everybody will have the same money makers & be promoting them to the search engines. But, some affiliates will be left in the cold. And Matt Bacak & Allen Sultanic will be laughing all the way to the bank, because of the FREE promotion that they never had to pay for!

    That leads us back to the same old ____.

  31. I purchase the $37 product almost 2 weeks ago. I am pretty new to online marketing, although I have experience in small forms of it but never made a significant amount of money. First of all, the quality of the video’s are below average as you can’t see alot of what Alen is doing. There are times when he cuts and pastes html code or other items into a text document so he can “zoom in”, but he didn’t do it enough. Alen is easy to follow as he stays on task and speaks quickly (except when he chose the WordPress theme). Matt on the other hand was just there to provide support in speaking and it drove me nuts because he talks so slow and boring.

    I went through all of the videos thoroughly (multiple times) and followed everything they did along the way. I did hit a delay in following along though because when it came time to posting articles on my website, they had it all pre written and I had to get mine done through elance (5 days added to my time) because I’m not a writer. Once I got that done I was able to finish building my “funnel”.

    I did notice that a few key things were left out, and if you’re absolutely new and don’t catch it, I could see it negatively affecting the way your website performs. I would think they left those things out because they have the Mass Money Makers (Lab) upgrade ($297, $197, or $97) which has 10, 5, or 3 already done for you websites that probably include the missing information. So when we see it doesn’t work, we’ll do the upgrade.

    Regarding this being easy: Now that I’ve done it once, if it works than I can see myself doing it over and over again in no time. Two weeks to learn something that could possibly make me alot of money is nothing. Alen and Matt absolutely do not push this as a get rich quick plan. During on of their webinars for students, Matt actually told some of the attendees that were saying things like “I want to make a million dollars in 3 months” etc. that this probably is not the right system for them. He said it takes work, but it’s simple. Basically if you give it some time and get over the bad video quality and boring speeches, it is pretty simple.

    Overall I think it’s worth the $37 asking price. I learned alot about how google works and how I can build a list with no money (aside from hosting, etc.). I plan on building 4 more websites in different niches before my 60 days are up to give it a fair change to work. If not, I’ll be asking for a refund. I guess I’ll be giving you an update on how it works for me within the next 6 weeks.

  32. I purchased the course and the $297 upgrade so I could get a fast start with this thing. I went into this not having any “timeline” with regards to when I would start making money . My only concern was making sure that I thoroughly went through the videos and following the instructions to a tee.

    I will give them credit in terms of being very detailed. Yes the videos are long, but at the end of the day if you are seeking information and knowledge that you currently do not have, why would you complain about how long something is. I am a internet marketing newbie, and I appreciate all the information and how it was laid out. When the course was over, I new exactly how to put everything together and make modifications as needed.

    After purchasing the $297 lab, it provided me with 10 sites I could begin to market ,with all of the accompanying articles, mass money funnels, keywords, bonus linking pages, etc., etc.. I have 3 of them up and running now, and after putting the first one together, the others were a breeze. In my opinion, I think it was definitely worth the investment in myself. I, and probably most people on this board, have probably spent that same amount or more for stuff with little or no value over time.

    I will say that I have done some additional stuff on top of what they taught to assist in getting my page rank better. All I can say to that is, focus on building a lot of legitmate backlinks on sites with relevant content to what you are trying to promote and sell.

  33. Just an Update.
    Got my money back and please.
    After following exactly what these guys said, I have seen no improvement in news sites I have created.
    For some, this product may work but for me, it did not.

    I still wonder why these guys offer this information if they are making so much money themselves?

  34. My strong opinion will be to forget about this MMM all together. There’s no such thing as “get rich quick” and the proof is in the above comments. The income they boast about are the result of lots of JV partners.

    Find a proven, lasting plan and stick with it and stop trying to make money overnight. Unless you win the lottery, it’s not going to happen. I’ve been there and done that. I wish I got my money back from every “Mass Money Makers” type program I bought in the past year. What a fool.

    Gary Gregory has an excellent product out called “My Own Business Strategy (MOBS)” (you can Google it) for $77 and he shows you step-by-step how to build profitable, free-traffic websites and make money with affiliate products. All free traffic and gets you on page one of Google. He leaves no stone unturned and shows you everything you need to know to build a profitable business online.

    He also offers a very supportive forum which MMM doesn’t. It’s a solid program where you build websites for income that will last for years. He even shows you everything about a website he built a while back that is still making him money.

    Go check it out. I highly recommend it.

  35. Merlin… U did not say whether or not the upgrades were making you money.. Care to share? I am considering purchasing the upgrade and don’t want to waste my time or money…

    Lori… Is Gary Gregory’s product making you any money?

  36. Merlin……………Like Griggs, I am also looking at purchasing the upgrade, but not interested in wasting my money. I’ d rather start from scratch using my current investment, unless you feel the upgrade is worth it.
    Have you made any money on the 3 you have set up so far?

  37. Hey guys
    i need some help here i have paid to receive the 10 done-for-you automatic mass money makers but i did not receive any confirmation mail by clickbank or the Mass Money Makers support and my credit has been charged for 297.00 dollars. Can somebody give me an advise ?

    Best Regards

  38. I agree with all of the above comments, the positive and the negative. This really is a great course for a newbie with a little experience… I’ve learnt a lot and i’m only 3/4 through the videos. I personally found it incredibly painful to watch… the guys sound awful and the quality is atrocious but their ideas are actually solid.

    I also came into this not expecting a get rich quick method, so that’s helped me with my expectations.

    The software is awful, but I still think for $37 that it was worth it.

  39. Mass money makers is shit, don’t buy it !!!
    Way to get instantly 1st page in Google works, but it doesn’t work for sales at all.
    I’ve got 5th 8th and 4th position in google for my keywords and have just few visits per day (2-10 visits) and my keywords have monthly search = 50000. wtf?
    They said something about 4 sales per day in their videos, pfff, should be ‘4 sales per year!’, that would be more realistic.

  40. I too have purchased both the MMM and the “plat pkg” . It has taught me some stuff, but the quality of the 3rd video is so poor that it’s difficult to watch and see what Alen is typing out. Most stuff I can figure out, but there is a section that no matter what I do to improve the quality of the video it just doesnt help.
    I have submitted 4 support tickets, 2 emails to their help area and made 2 calls to their Georgia office and have yet to receive any help. And it’s not like I hounded them every hour either. This has been done over the last 2 weeks.
    Next option is a refund. To bad.

  41. I was out of affiliate marketing for almost an year. Now I want to start over and wanted to see whats new in affiliate industry. I purchased MMM too. I agree with some people here. I just cant stand when they will say anything on sales page to sell you. They said couple clicks, no email marketing and so on, but inside all this videos, I couldn’t believe it! I email them the question why they said its nothing to do with list building but basically it is? They never respond to my email. I also bought couple of more products and all the same thing, not as promised. One product I am keeping though, which I found useful its “auto traffic hijack”. This is also not so great as promised on sales page, but I found it useful. I might even start to advertise this one. Not here of course, as you see I did not put affiliate link. So bottom line is all this “gurus” are the same. I see no changes at all…

  42. I’m a newbie at affiliate marketing, never made a dime on anything I’ve tried before and I thought this was the one that was going to give me the right tools , as they say in the sale page taking me by the hand during the process but it did not deliver what they sell.

    I bought the upgrades…. I watched the videos at least four times and they were hard to follow, maybe for someone that has done some marketing before it is easy but for me was painful.
    I dont’ think is worth the $469.25 product at least for a newbie , I’ve seen products with a higher quality by all means, the videos gave me the feeling that Matt and Alen were not very prepared for them. they seem like they were improvising, I am sure they are experts on what they do , but I was kind of lost , when the videos finished I was confused.

    They have an tab that is supposed to give you a training video, that was never delivered instead they gave a webinar which I missed , then they send you a record of the training missing part of it because when they had problems recording it .
    They are really good at selling that is for sure ! I know that there is no easy way to make money, it takes work, focus and persistence but I don’t like when they do not deliver what they sell.

    The customer support it is not very efficient . If you are a newbie like me maybe this is not r right program I did ask for a refund

    I hope this will help ! I

  43. Somewhere I heard “13 clicks”. That’s all you needed to get this thing going and up and running.
    After 13,000 clicks [or what it seemed] I got it up, but I wouldn’t say anything is running.

    These guys act like they have the answer. What you end up with is allot more questions than they can’t answer.
    The help support doesn’t answer you either. They just send you links to the videos.

    Oh—those videos…so long and unplanned. They think they are delivering a method, but it is so clumsily displayed that what they should do is sign up for Chris Farrell and learn to deliver how-to videos properly. [I suggested that to the support site and they sent me more links to the videos]. You cant fast-forward… you have to wait 15 minutes for the thing to load. They say the word “literally” over and over and misuse the word.”We literally take you by the hand”. Yeah — take my hand, guys here it is.
    No, they literally take you for your money.
    More importantly, if you want to find a spot on these long videos, you may spend hours looking.

    They use an example of one of their sites about training Labradors. Well, this site is nothing like the site they are teaching you to put up. –Oh did they forget to tell you that you have to get a site, hosting and an auto responder account in the add? …wait, did I say “a” site? No, you need to get many sites.

    Oops, I guess they didn’t tell you that part. Did they not tell you that you have to have articles — many articles with proper keywords? oops, guess they forgot to tell you that part. —oh but they will tell you that there are some dudes in the Phillipeans that would love to sell you some articles at 2 bucks a pop. And don’t worry about putting your name on someone elses writing, you get to use fake names.
    But wait —- If you buy the 100 dollar upsell, you get the articles included so you can now copy and paste them into wordpress.
    You should see him bungle up wordpress “themes” and like someone above said, he stops the video and downloads some plug-in and shows you for a split second, the website page for it. What? sorry what was that ? ..a plug-in for word press …ah, I missed it.
    now what do I do? do I go get that thing now or later? what was it anyway?

    They did come out with a pdf later that helps you get through word press in their defense. But as far as that original theme problem, they never solve it.

    So now you spent hours getting a website, hosting. an autoresponder, and finally set up word press and copied and pasted all the articles, and then put all these “psycologically tested” emails in your auto responder and you made a site or 3 ,where there is a big opt-in form that you finally got in with your filezilla ftp client.
    Did I say hours? — only took a couple weeks. Or was it 3?

    Now , about that Labrador Dog site they used as an example. I went to check it out.
    Wait! It’s nothing like the ones I just set up. Better ask support…..oh they don’t know the answer….lets see..maybe the boys know. I get an email from one of the boys, and he says that this is not the model they are using for MMM. Well gee thanks for telling us.

    Anyway my real question [which was ignored] is in two parts.
    1. If everyone is supposed to sign in to the site, how does it “literally float” up to the top of Google’s listings if it has no content?
    2. If all the content is in the word press articles and they catch your affiliate link there, what was the point of the page?
    I still wait for the boys to figure this out.
    meanwhile — just give me my money back.

  44. This is really interesting… As I was writing this last post —I was getting an answer to my question that I asked from the MMM support: Keep in mind that I asked the question 2 weeks ago. look at the reply for yourselves and tell me if you think you will ever make money from this 13 click adventure.

    “Hello Peter,

    The thing that most people forget about and what we want to try to ingrain in your mind is the fact that you’re not just doing this for page rankings. You’re doing this to get your articles on these article locations because these article locations have readers. These article locations have people that are looking for your stuff and if you’re not on there, they’re not coming to you. They have a community that keeps on coming back and looking for you as well as new people that find you. These sites are also higher in the search engines because a lot of them are authority sites. People forget the fact that when they submit to a site like this, they get their traffic visitors.

    The other fact that gets overlooked is that it’s not just people who are going to that article site to look for your information for personal consumption, but people are going there to look for your information to put on their pages, to put in their newsletters etc. And yes, the content will be the same but being listed in those locations around the web will definitely improve your exposure web wise.

    So, just think about it. You’re not only getting your website viewed, but you’re also getting your article viewed. You’re also getting your article published in multiple locations. So having more articles out there in different locations, will most likely have one or more people who are going to read it and go back to your website. This will ensure more people are going to take it and publish it on the internet.


    Has my question about the opt-in form site been answered?
    Has anything been answered?
    Can anyone tell me what “article locations” are?
    that’s the first time I heard this term.
    and where is the part where they click on my affiliate link?
    At least they didnt send me a link to the videos again.

  45. I started reading these comments after I had purchased the product and platinum product. I was so frustrated for the same reasons all you guys touch on…it seem unorganized, one can hardle understand what the hell Allen is saying….much less what the hell he’s doing. I spent 2 weeks studying this…no ..not to get rich fast but to learn something that could get me to a nice vacations spot mainly! I had purchased the platinum (the one where they do all the work for you and didn’t receive it until I asked for a refund. Just for shits and giggles I took a look at it and it was just as confusing as the rest.

    I kept reading this post and the same issues I was having were the same ones being posted. Thank you all for your post. I don’t feel so incredibly stupid now!!!! I’ve gotten my full refund back! At least hey don’t mess that up!

    To Pavlov…! run like the wind!!!!!

    Thanks again you guys…now I can save that money to go to a nice vacation spot..just a little cheaper one!

  46. Well, I’m a NEWBIE in IM business. Started on End of January 2011, and I find out about this MMM last week. It took me 5 days just to complete the course

    My review is…
    This MMM is a tutorial worth following. Why? If you are a pure newbie like me, probably you never heard of clickbank, aweber, market samurai, etc… But this video explains them all roughly. It’s worth the money because I’m sure that I can’t replicate a video to that level if I am asked to build one from scratch. Think of what they have done, and we are only asked for couple bucks for it. I’d say I’ve catch a lot of insights, and ideas just looking at the way they teach us to do.

    Instead of following what they tell me to do in the video, I noticed quite a few tricks that aren’t explained. If you really did follow what was told in the video, you’d only put yourself to a place similar to those thousands of buyer out there. You won’t have any leading point from the rest of them. I did a little modification on my own, and going to see if it works.

    At last, I can only tell you that during these days, I learn that there are really no easy money making scheme for Internet Marketing. Those people are able do to the things they did because they have friends, and joint ventures. If you want to be successful in IM business, you’ll have to find your own unique way of doing things instead of following others.


  47. Hi everyone…
    i purchased the mmm package on Jan 1…including all the upsells…And after trying everything they told me and setting up two sites…i got no sales and no subscribers…very dissapointed.

    One thing they forgot to tell you is, when you use the keyword tool on google to look for keywords…they forgot to mention that you need to use “phrase match” to see the actual searches for that keyword.

    I used broad match, so the results were not accurate…and i ended up making two sites for keywords that had only a hundred or so searches per month…I’m a newbie so i don’t know what i was doing…i just followed their teachings…

    I have asked for a refund.

  48. yea I also am less than thrilled with MMM. I got it, dived right in, and immediately encountered problems. they say you have to get a reseller acct. ok, 35 dollars later I find out via hostgator you dont’ really need one. then it was a major pia to go through the vids. really awful for someone who likes to go step by step in an organized manner. support was worse than not helpful, treated me as if I should not try to make money online even going so far as to call me and give me major attitude because I did something wrong repeatedly (because they did not give advice properly) and instead of asking simple ‘did you check for this’ type Qs, they snapped at me on the phone. I was so angry. I did put up one site with 100 sub pages and after monetizing with cb, adsense, and cpa offers 10 days did not even generate a penny, and barely 17 page views with almost 100% bounce and less than 30 seconds per page. I am asking for a refund of core product and my expensive upsell

    ps, I am usually super quick to catch on and have never been as confused as I was with MMM

  49. I am with Monhi & Prawira. For $37 I have learned tremendously after purchasing the product last month. I have completed 2 sites now and I will keep you posted. It took me 4 weeks to understand then implement my first site. Allen & Matt promised that this was no get rich overnite scheme. Someone said there no mention of “phrase match” when in fact Allen repeatedly said to use phrasematch. Bottom line is we are looking for the easy way and there’s none. If we treat this as a business, we should stay focused, have a positive mentality and know that it will take time and lots of efforts. Believe me, I have been scammed by so many times and I do not hesitate to say so in my review.

  50. If you follow exactly and do what they show you it will work. Not easy money but excellent strategy.
    If you are a newbie, this will be difficult to do but if you are not, it’s a solid way to make money. The whole idea is to have your website on first page of the engines in the keywords that you can easily rank for . this actually works well, as long as you follow the rules they tell you. I put out 10 new sites a week and a couple I tracked had startling results. for one of my websites, the third day it was on page 9 under the specific buyer keyword i chose. with a competing 650,000 listings, one week later bottom of page 5, then 2 weeks after that it made page 1, third listing from the bottom of page on google . Not only that, but I barely implemented all the online /offline seo strategies that they taught because it was my 5th site I published and missed some things that I forgot to do like write more then 1 article and optimize my blog.
    It works, and it is the only thing that has proven results for me. This is only fast easy money after you put in the work.
    anybody expecting to click a mouse once or twice and get paid, don’t even bother because that is not the way it is . For $37 bucks , best investment i ever made.

  51. Well, here is my 2 cents. I did purchase the $37 and the upgrade for $297. I will be honest. Setting up site number one is a pain in the ASS!! As in royal.Getting the hosting, purchasing domains, and pointing them to your hosting account, learning FTP, it took me a week to learn the whole thing. The site you see here is my first site. I put it up in January, and it is starting to make me a few bucks now. The keyword pack they send you has to be put in the meta part of the optin page so google will index it. If you go to my optin, or homepage whichever you prefer, and right-click on it, and scroll down to VIEW SOURCE and click that, the HTML will come up, and righ below the title is the meta and description tags. Once the first site is set up, I can now, and do build these sites in around 30 minutes. No, it is not a get rich quick scheme, but the stuff I have learned is unbelievable. Sure, they may be ragged in their presentation, but I really could not have done what I have done without them. The one thing I am going to do, and I am suprised they don’t promote this more or any of them for that matter, is purchase the WordPress Robot, and make my sites more of a auto content site. Once I do that, it will be a true autopilot website, and it will rank up quicker with google. Will it work? I think so, because I have dug down into it, and there is really nothing that puts out a red flag for me, and I am very scheptical by nature, and I have been scammed more than once( if any of you are getting promotions for Easy Click Commissions, run! This is an out and out scam!) The key to remember: google HATES keyword stuffed one page so called websites, and that is what alot of these one click scams promote. Is MMM worth it? If you don’t mind a little work, and you are looking for a supplemental income, that will replace your job income a year or so down the road, yes, if you want to make a million next month, well, try the lottery. And the kicker, when google intrduced Panda here recently, my sites are ranking higher, as all those scammer sites got the boot. So, just my thoughts.

  52. Hi, I`m sorry if I am saying something that has already been said, I did buy the product, I did sit through the videos and I did take notes, I also did everything as I was supposed to,

    Would you believe I got 5 out of 16 websites on the first page of yahoo, bing, google and ask within 3 weeks.

    for “GOOD” keywords you know the ones 100,000 searches per month, 135,000 searches per month.

    Did I make any sales? NO!
    Did I build a list? NO!


    Because a Broad Match keyword popularity and an Exact match keyword popularity are NOT THE SAME.

    So There I am $300 down and never made a penny,

    Because it was not made clear that you need to have EXACT MATCH to get a true figure

    Now I was a newby then and still kind of am.

    So the information was good, but not good enough.

    I got a refund on it and still ended up a lot of money down.

    Now the information was good for me, It helped me learn, and has stood me in good stead in my online business. But now I flip websites and promote dating sites instead, “using the same principals”

    Yes it was good for what it was, But it was sold wrong.

    It was sold as a be all and end all, when in fact it is only a small lesson.

  53. this course is purely designed to make Alen Sultanic and Matt Bacak.more money .

    Although only $37 i found the initial information to be worth that much …..but on the down side
    there lead capture is totally misleading …and designed only to get your money and then on sell.

    Videos are long and poorly researched with Matt totally in love with himself not submitting much in the way of quality …more on what he has done …. Alen is better value but tends to race over important info …promises on the website have not been kept and support was ordinary..

    IF your looking for quality info i suggest you google Matt carter and check his stuff …..has a genuine free course with no bullshit promises attached….Also a pay for in depth version

    i am not selling Matts info ….this is a genuine comment

    Good luck

  54. I purchased it & STARTED watching the videos, but man they are LONG! I didn’t even get to finish. I just said “the hell with it, Im gonna hire someone to watch them for me & do it all for me” lol !

  55. Obviously this product is for newbies. Experience marketers should Beware. However, just because a product is made for newbies doesn’t mean people should get upset about it. I have to say, I see a lot of complainers on here. PPL need to roll up their sleeves and start given themselves more credit. They’re not gonna share secrets on copy writing or there sales process. They are going to break you in. If you guys really want to succed in affiliate marketing, then you need to start trusting yourselves and not products. If a product were to walk u step by step into making money, then THAT “market” would be saturated and nobody would make money. Most products will give u solid princpals and I must say this product does just that. Its up to u to find your own unique selling angles and rank high in the search engines. If not search engines then other soucres of quality traffic. There’s a lot of great products out there, its up to u guys to reverse engineer, trust your skills, and fail forward. iVE STRUGGLE for years until I realized I needed to find a great offer, find a great group of ppl, and sell it. million of dollars is very scalelable in affiliate. BUT make ur first sale and stop thinking products will give u results. if it does then the market they’re exposing would be saturated. there’s a ton of markets to break in. Internet Marketing is like a new industry compared to other markets. And why go here to post ur negative frustrations, ur wasting ur skill level. I hope this advice helps. I give the prodct 3/5 becuz its long and boring but has solid principals that could benefit marketers. Thanks for reading!


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