Managing the Long-Distance Business Relationship

As our planet spins into the future through the black void of space, it would appear that it gets smaller and smaller. Technology has created a new, smaller world while making it easily navigable due to innovations. We can video chat over high-speed connections at coffee shops, or route funds to needy organizations in developing countries. It’s easier to communicate now than ever before, and when it comes to business, communication is paramount.

In dealing with clients, one must always have an open channel of communication. Miscommunication often means the end of business deals, and so it’s important to keep e-mail open, telephones turned on and perhaps even new technologies on hand to improve dealings

Some feel that e-mail is becoming outdated, but those in the corporate sphere know that e-mail is like texting: ubiquitous and necessary. It’s hard to overstate the importance of professional email communications; when you e-mail a client be sure to keep pleasantries to a minimum – it’s likely you’ll be writing dozens of e-mails a day and getting to the point is not only effective communication, it saves time. Every e-mail has a point, be sure to get to it quickly and if that point requires sub-points to clarify, by all means, include those. A client should never read an e-mail and wonder why it was sent.

One method of communications favored by larger corporations that is growing in popularity among smaller businesses (thanks again to technology) is the conference call. You can do this over the Internet or over the phone, but the result is a virtual, real-time conversation that allows both parties to hash out business without the time delay that comes with email. Those who need to have conversation in groups generally choose conference calling since it allows for clear communication between multiple parties in multiple locations.

One of the newest innovations in business handling are mobile applications that free you from the office. Things, like online billing software and managing your office on the go, allow businesspeople to release themselves from the fetters of a cubicle-laden office space. Not only do these applications increase productivity, they save time, money and help many keep in touch with the aspects of their business – things like client satisfaction or monthly expense bills.

There are tons of options for using the technology around us to better business relationships and maintain those relationships over great distances. Investigate all your options and bring your business into the new world.

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