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Here’s a product based around a simple but great idea. Magic List Bot is actually a bundle of 3 programs but in a nutshell its idea is about persistent list building. And to explain what I mean by persistent, let me give you an example.

Let’s say you’re promoting an offer as an affiliate. Doesn’t matter how you do it – pre-sell page, review site, direct-linking, whatever. And let’s say you want to build a list at the same time. In some cases (pre-sell page or review) you will be able to add a distracting form, but distractions aren’t good. In other cases you won’t be able to add the form anywhere at all. Or so you would think.Magic List Bot Video

As a matter of fact, you can add a pop-over window anywhere you like, even if you’re direct-linking. This is what Magic List Bot does, and this simple idea is quite useful.

For those wondering, the “magic” that it does actually is an iframe and a JS pop-over script. It’s not a complicated concept at all for any at least half decent JavaScript programmer. But, I’ll tell you, I haven’t thought of doing it before, if only because I like to focus on one thing without distractions in my promotions.

At this point let me also point out the common sneaky trick that the marketers often try to pull off, and this is the case as well. They tell you very bold and shocking claims, such as “steal leads from other sites” and so on. That’s as if you can inject your code to those sites and have all visitors see your opt in form. That’s not how it works. The site with your popup is in an iframe on your own site which you still have to promote as any other offer. Be sure you understand this.

Nonetheless, Magic List Bot offers a ready script and a code generator that even posts on Twitter with a click of a button. That’s a nice touch. It also has some bonuses as a way to drive traffic to your promos, namely using Twitter.

It sounds good, but my concern when it comes to buying is the following. Do you see it implemented in your promotions? Do you instinctively say, “ah, that’s what I needed”? And finally, can’t you implement this idea yourself?

I would get Magic List Bot under two circumstances; either to add the optin popups to my offers the way it does after banging my head why I didn’t think of it myself, or just to try to get my Twitter followers into my list as the software proposes as a bonus.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this honest review of Magic List Bot. Glad you mentioned the fact that it still requires work (i.e., promoting the offers). I really like the concept and can think of several applications that I’d like to try it with. Just trying to decide if the investment will pay off.

  2. Hi,

    I’ve been tryin to find out as much as I can about this software for a couple of days.

    In your post you say “The site with your popup is in an iframe on your own site which you still have to promote as any other offer. Be sure you understand this”.

    Could you explain what’s happening in the promotion video, when the pop up appears on the clickbank site?

    I’m not understanding this?


  3. Hi Andrew,

    If you know how Godaddy domain forwarding (a.k.a. masking) works, this is exactly the same only it also adds a popup code. So it looks like the popup appears on the actual site. But you still host the domain and have to promote it.

    My point was that you will have to promote it. I’m sure lots of people will think you magically place the popup on someone else’s site and every visitor of that site from then on will see the popup. That’s not the case, you still have to promote your url.

    You do sort of piggyback on the site’s credibility though. Most people after following your link will recognize clickbank and will think the popup is part of clickbank. Thus they will automatically assume trust. Sneaky way to increase conversions.

  4. I purchased this, reviewed it thoroughly and decided it was simply hyped waaaaaay to much.

    Any one of half dozen programs I have can do the same with a few simple tweaks. The twitter
    bonus isn’t really that great, in fact, it doesn’t look very good on your site because it comes
    up with your website and takes away from that 10 to 15 seconds people have when they first
    arrive – in a negative way.

    NOT WORTH THE MONEY in any way shape or form.

    The main thing with the hype of the sales page is to get you to buy the product >>>t hen you are
    taken to 4 more offers with some great sales copy, of which you must resist if you’re smart.
    I doubt the additional add on’s are much better than the Bot 3 being sold.

    I don’t like being sold a hill of beans. I asked for a refund.

    My advice, don’t fall into the trap of thinking like most of us, you can’t get something for nothing,
    it has to be worked for. I resist 99.9% of these, but you must admit, the sales page is really
    really good.

    Shame on me for being taken.

  5. Lare,

    Looks like you didn’t need the tool at all.

    I wouldn’t agree it’s not worth the money. It may be not worth your money because you’ve no use of it, but others may find it useful. As I said in my post, those who understand the idea and know how to implement it, they will find it useful.

    You said other tools can do the same thing with tweaks. Yes, they can, assuming you have them and know how to do the tweaks. You can as well do everything from scratch if you’re a programmer.

    Everything is hyped up in this business and everyone knows it. The sales page is of course written to sell, what else is it for? That’s why I’ve written this review, trying to explain what the thing really is about and of what use it is.

    Just to reiterate, I don’t think you will find it groundbreaking as a basis for your new business, but it can be a good add-on. That is to say, if you haven’t been making money, don’t expect to suddenly start making money with this tool. But if you are making money, you can add that extra optin popup where you haven’t thought of adding it before and get a few extra leads for extra business.

  6. I agree with larne im still fed up i got this product, Spent 2 days trying for my own site to get the pop up to work and it is a good tool but sadly the only buttons i am currently pressing is the refund ones on clickbank as let me explain why

    paul has released the coaching program and to be honest there are some chapters he tends to be a little grey hat about and misses the infomation out on how to use the tool to its full advantage,

    Also most of the help i crave seems to be just links to his oto offers and i cannot work how that is a coaching program. also the sites as a premium membership are wordpress folders with no little help yet for two websites i tend to be charged 17.99 when i can go to 90second websites and get 3 for a extra 6 bucks and thats with hosting,
    and for a new im like me who’s done well on affilate marketing products on clickbank i cannot see the use for this tool sadly because no guidance is there to help me see results.


    The tool is over hyped and i can see it not

  7. also most blogs and websites dont support iframes so i have found out and this is one fault for the bot.

    sorry i missed that bit out


  8. Are you sure about the last one? Very few sites implement iframe breakers. The sites are placed in the iframe, not vise versa, so it really shouldn’t be a problem.

  9. Seems to be a lot of controversy about this product. I think I would like to buy if it REALLY does what the sales page says. So, I will sit back and see if Paul either comes up with answers to the problems posted here and/or fixes the glitches so that any half-smart person could use the product without having to hire a techie. What I don’t need now is something I have to labor over because it wasn’t well produced in the first place.

  10. Thanks for the review.

    You told me most of what I needed to know in a few short paragraphs.

    The fact that what *I* needed to now was not written (left out) on the sales page indicates to me that this product is not targeted at me. It is targeted at newbies who want to “make money fast even without a website”!

    It is rude to sell any kind of software and leave out *all* the technical details.

    Even if this software is the best thing since sliced bread I would not buy it on principle because to find out what I want to know I have to either:

    1. Buy It, or
    2. Compose and submit a support email.

    Professional software sellers know how to anticipate possible questions and at least make some kind of effort to answer them in the sales copy.

    When I see products like this, I usually wait for a better developed knock-off product to appear.

  11. I have purchased this product. Let me say that first of all it is nowhere as easy to use as it has been made out to be. Also the support is zero. I have contacted them 3 times with only automated replies and no follow up. And can someone tell where this product is on clickbank? Because I can’t find it.

  12. Here it is on CB:…

    BTW, guys, check out this thread on WF, Paul is answering himself:

    To sum up, there is way too little documentation and they get flooded with support tickets, but at least Paul shows up in public and promises to fix the issues.

  13. admin

    yes i know about the iframes features because i cannot get the site to open up and work with a foam on clickbank or to be any honest any website that he says it works with, all i seem to have done is upload a copy of the original site to my site also i just been reading about twitter is coming down on links as spam very hard and are changing there rules of policy. four of my friends who bought magic list bot also has had account suspension on useage with twitter also,

    some websites dont use iframes some do, but the sites ive tried the site on after uploading it from my hostgator account it dont produce a pop up on clickbank or any sites paul mentioned in the sales videos


  14. Regarding Twitter, indeed I would be extremely careful. I’ve lost 4 accounts in some experiments with harvesting traffic from it very recently ^_^

  15. Thank to all of you for your honest opinions of this product.
    I was going to buy it and leave myself with just a few bucks,
    thinking that it would be so easy and magically build my list:)

    I now see that it’s not for me especially since I’m a bit “Techno-challenged
    when it comes to scripts, iframes…etc…etc.

    Thanks again for saving me some bucks!

  16. Thank God I found your website before I spent money I don’t really have looking for the help I need. I Googled the MagicBot and ended up here. I will bookmark your site to be sure.
    Thanks to all of you who gave information about this product. The sales copy is great! It makes it look like you can really have a list in no time at all, even if you’re a beginner with no product or website. Not the case, I take it.
    Well, I’m fairly new to IM, but now I’m savvy enough to Google a product before I buy, and if I can’t find anything, then I wait awhile–someone will speak up eventually.
    Thanks to all of you who did, and good luck in the future.

  17. I am in the 3 day trial right now and desperatly trying to refund my money. I put a ticket in with Click bank and also tried to get a hold of the support they listed. Niether has responded and if i get charged $72.00 for this junk i’ll be pissed. The product is lame, they make it sound like you can create a pop-up and steal traffic from other websites. You need to send people to the place then bombard them with a pop-up … lol Amazed i didnt look into this more, if you keep this tactic up not only will people OPT Out of your form but also unfollow you on twitter.

    If people are following you on twitter why do you need to use a pop up machine, simply send them a squeeze page thats catchy and they might be into. Can someone help me find the place to go to Refund this so i dont get charged ?

  18. There’s nothing wrong with a little pop-over (that’s what it really is and very different from real pop-ups). Only if you abuse it will the people be turned off, like with any kind of promotion. Otherwise, many sales pages have them and they survive.

    If you’ve already been to Clickbank for a refund, there’s nothing else you can do; unless you paid with Paypal, in which case you can cancel the subscription anytime from your account. If you turned to Clickbank the very last minute, there’s no guarantee they will respond in time. But even if you get charged, you’ll get the refund, there’s no problem with that in Clickbank.

  19. It sounds like you came to the same conclusions I did. One thing they don’t explain in the video is that while you can post your sign-up form to these websites, the only way to get people to see them is to drive traffic to the new URL. I don’t get the purpose behind all of that. You can read the details of what I said on my blog. I also provide sample source code in the case you would like to do yourself what this product does. But I don’t charge $77 for it. 😉 (

  20. I bought Magic List Bought 6 days ago! I must admit, I actually thought i was going to be able to somehow steal leads from the likes of Clickbank or Ebay. I was a bit gutted when i found out the truth… Basically the MLB software cloaks the link of your choice and inserts your popup form on it. I thought that the software promoted my Popup somehow for me and gathered leads from the site of my choice. Wrong!!!

    I’m still very much in the process of building my list so Magic List Bot appealed to me BIG time! Regardless of the slight disappointment I’m still glad I purchased the package due to the stuff I have learned about building my list from the many added extras. If you take the upgrade package like I did you get additional training videos such as showing you how to edit a clickbank salespage and add a bonus, this was sneaky but very interesting.

    And at the end of the day…My list is building especially through Twitter, I had no twitter followers now i have over a 100 since i bought Magic List Bot and used it although on a small scale. If you’re new to Internet marketing and list building I reckon it’s worth the investment.

  21. Hey Robert, good to hear that you actually have something to gain from MLB as all the reviews here is showing the real side of the tool. I’m one of those who considered purchasing it until I read Admin’s article on it.

    Anyway, if MLB can help one to build list then there is still some value to it. One thing for sure though is the salespage is really overhyped, just like most other products.

  22. Dear Admin,

    I bought the product, but I am facing a 2 problems:

    1- in the second step when they asking for the PATH my path was PUBLIC_HTML then I successfully uploading the file.

    on step 3 the PAGE LINK shows me ( and while I am pressing the Generate Tweets an error message appear said: something (403) Forbidden.

    although I tried what Paul Says in his help vid that I should write it in step 2 like this: PUBLIC_HTML/

    but if I uploading it, it shows me an error message.

    No Support At All, IS Paul Ponna Scammer?????

    2- To collect leads do I really have to get an Auto Responder such as GetRepond. or the Popup Bonus is enough?????/

    Your Quick Response Is Highly Appreciated,

  23. Hi Imran,

    1- Does the link work if you enter it in your browser? Probably not. Chance are there’s something wrong with permissions. You have to make sure they are 755 (sorry if that sounds Greek) or simply try to re-upload the file with your ftp program, rather than the bot.

    2- Yes, you definitely need an autoresponder.

  24. Hi Again,

    I did it, I changed the permissions to 755, but still same problem, this message that appear:

    (The remote server returned an error (403) forbidden )

    I don’t know what is the problem??

  25. (1- Does the link work if you enter it in your browser? Probably not)

    you are right, paul said in step 2 some time the path could be Public_HTML slash your domain name:

    public_html/ , but once I write it like this I can’t upload the file, I have to leave it like public_html then I can upload the file.

    then in step 3 the page link shows me ( where the public_html gone???

    thanks for helping

  26. public_html only appears on the server, not in the url. translates to public_html/filename.php on your server.

    The fact that you get 403 error is a server issue and you’d be right to contact your host support about it.

    Regarding, uploading via FTP. I guess you don’t have an FTP program so you can do that through cpanel too. Look for “File Manager” and you will find public_html folder there, to which you can upload the file.

  27. I think the sales hype that has led so many to think they could “steal” leads from other websites was intentional, and numerous refund requests were probably anticipated.

    Let’s face it, the sales copy would not have been so compelling without this. I’ll bet you even fell for it, thinking it would make life eash eh.

    I was up for finding out what kind of “secret” had been discovered in able to do this since logically I couldn’t figure out how in the world it could be done.

    On a positive note, I did get a very fast and immediate refund on the product, and was pleased with this level of customer service.

  28. well my problem with magic list bot is they give you all the
    software that you need in order to complete the
    sites and to start making money and its all very well but when it comes to the video tutorials
    they don’t give you some of the fatal details that give you that
    hand to accomplish your site..
    please could someone please tell me how
    to get the link from get response to paste into magic list bot pop generato. r

  29. Hi Adam,

    I’m not using GetResponse, but that’s something you should be looking for on their end. You need the code for optin form. They (GetResponse) should have a manual or tutorials on how to set up your list. In this case instead of adding the form to your site, you add it to MLB.

  30. Hi admin,

    Appreciated your review of this product, however like everyone else, I have to agree that the salesletter was a bit misleading. I know they are designed to sell, but to sacrifice integrity and trust only to get refunds later makes no sense.

    Do I think Paul Ponna is a scammer? No, but I think he could have exercised better judgment when it came time to using that version of the salesletter to promote the product.

    The other problem with this whole thing is this, if the average person, especially newbies are going to have difficulties with installing the software and getting it to work, how can you or I as an affiliate promote this product with confidence.

    True you can offer assistance where needed, but that’s what Pauls helpdesk is for, that shouldn’t bite into yours’ or my time.

    Lastly when I bought this product, I had some difficulty with getting it to work and I’m pretty good with this stuff, so If I have to jump through hoops to make it work, what will my subscribers think of me when I promote this supposedly easy to use software?

    Just some things to consider. Sorry, but the final verdict… refund.

  31. Are you talking of the new web 2.0 version that they launched and gave to existing customers for free?

    That was easy to use. I have no problems on using it, its very easy for me as a newbie.

    Haven’t launched campaigns yet, so can’t talk about results but it is very easy to use. Just making sure if you have the right version?


  32. For the ones wondering about the money back guarantee, ANY vendor on Clickbank MUST offer a minimum 45 day money back guarantee and they (Clickbank) will handle the refunds. It generally takes about 2 days to go through. I have never had any problems getting refunds when buying stuff on Clickbank and I rarely buy virtual products from any other place. Clickbank also allows you to purchase with PayPal, which makes canceling recurring billings a piece of cake. I was looking to promote this product but seems like no one likes it so I won’t waste my money nor my customer’s on it.



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