Magic Bullet System

Magic Bullet System

Magic Bullet System is a CPA training course and software from the guys who have made 100k in one day and are making about 14k per day consistently from CPA marketing, Amish Shah and Jay Styles. Why does it matter who is making what and why am I even writing this? The reason is because it shows the potential of this marketing method.

Of course,  you will not likely make 100k a day just buy implementing Magic Bullet System – that only seems to be the potential limit of what is possible, but there’s room in that. Perhaps that’s why CPA is getting so much attention lately.

I have very mixed feelings about CPA marketing and especially about certain companies involved in it, but there’s a lot to learn. I mean, if someone can make that much money in one day, there must be something to learn.

As much as I can gather, Magic Bullet System makes use of the classic Internet marketing – banners, buying ads on all related sites you can find, and PPC. There are no mention of SEO, Web 2.0, article marketing and that kind of stuff. And frankly, I don’t think any of those would have such a huge potential. It goes back to the good old truth – to make money, you have to invest money. That is also the concern I wanted to address – if you’ve expected to get away just with paying for the product, forget it.

So if you buy this system, be prepared to invest. Even during the pre launch the guys are giving out a working PPC campaign  that you can implement – and of course, you have to invest in it.

The whole thing includes:

  • 6 weeks of online classes
  • Software to automate your tasks

To wrap it up, I have to mention that Frank Kern is also behind this product. That adds a lot of credibility to it because you won’t see him working with just any product.

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1 thought on “Magic Bullet System”

  1. I like the whole idea…HOWEVER really BIG ISSUE I see is that Amish’s company has FULL ACCESS to see all the campaigns on the system and can see which ones are most profitable basically saving them alot of money and time. They can then turn around run there own campaigns and spend money on what works. Basically we would all be Guinea pigs!!

    I know they mean well by this, but you can’t trust anyone today?
    Especially in tough economic times.

    What does everyone think of this?

    Jeremy King


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