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Magic Article RewriterMagic Article Rewriter is a very powerful article rewriter/spinner software. It can be used to rewrite articles or prepare them for the spinner syntax.

What makes this tool so powerful is its ability to rewrite articles automatically with a click of a button. If you’re like me and do a lot of link building, you have to spin a lot of articles. One click spinning (“Apply Magic” as this function is called in this tool) is a big time saver, this is the main reason I use Magic Article Rewirter myself.

Actually, I use the Apply Magic feature exclusively and don’t really use much of other features. So I’ll just go through the main features quickly.

Magic Article Rewriter is a thesaurus based rewriter and has its own synonyms dictionaries which you can edit or create your own dictionaries, not only for words but phrases as well.

The tool gives you a simple but powerful interface allowing you to easily change the spun words and phrases. And once you rewrite the article, you can export it to the format accepted by the most popular article submission services and blog networks.

Back to the Apply Magic feature, as I mentioned, if you’re gonna use it to produce articles for link building, you’re gonna find it a huge time saver. You can get a more or less readable article right of the bat, and after applying a few finishing touches manually you’ll get a spun article ready to be submitted to article directories or blog networks.

Here’s an example of how this works. This is a excerpt form this very post run through Magic Article Rewriter’s Apply Magic, completely automated result with no manual work:

Magic Article Rewriter

As you can see it can pretty much be used as it is, with some minor fixes.

This function works with big a list of tokens (words and phrases that should be spun) that comes as an upsell, but it’s totally worth the extra fee, in my opinion. Alternatively, you can create your own token lists (for example your niche specific words and phrases) and apply them to your articles automatically as well.

So that’s how it works. Now, do I recommend it? I’m using it myself so I obviously I do recommend it. If you’re doing a lot of link building for which you need a lot of spun articles, this is the tool to use. There’s nothing easier than grabbing some PLR articles, spinning them automatically and submitting them for distribution with your links with submission tools and services.

You can find Magic Article Rewriter here…

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  1. I’m used several article spinners; I’ve never heard of one that requires an extra cost for “works with big a list of tokens (words and phrases that should be spun) that comes as an upsell”.

    Does that mean that the base product does not spin the article w/out an additional cost?

  2. No, it spins articles if you rewrite them manually with the tools it provides (thesaurus, etc.). But to get the completely automated one-click spinning you have to create a list of tokens yourself first or buy one. The automated spinning is not a common feature, I know only one other tool and it’s got a monthly fee.

  3. I haven’t used Magic article writer yet (although I have used their magic submitter software). I wonder how it compares to The Best Spinner (Jon Ledger)? They look pretty similar

  4. Hello, I saw the FREE article submitter(world’s first) on your site, what’s the catch? as compared to magic submitter? I’n afraid to download it and break my computer.

  5. @Andy, I haven’t used The Best Spinner but I’m also keen to know how it compares, since I’ve heard many good things about it. I’ll try it out when I have time.

    @Carmel, I don’t know how ASHelper compares to Magic Submitter as I haven’t used it (note, this review is for Magic Article Rewriter which is a completely different thing). There are no catches. Google for reviews if you like, especially on the Warrior Forum.

  6. Hi sounds like what im needing to get as i have been doing all my article spinning by The Best Spinner. I have to say I Dont Like It. Its quicker to rewrite by hand. I had the choice then between The Best Spinner and Magic Article Rewriter and I made the wrong choice. Can you tell how much the upsell is please for the Magic article rewriter as this is what I was looking for originally.I looked through the website but i cant see any reference to it on the website. Thanks

  7. As for the free article submitter I have used it and its great never caused any problems on my computers and it works great. Noticed someone had mentioned a little bit about it on another comment.Hope that helps any one who might be nervous about downloading etc.

  8. Thank you, I have recently been searching for information about spinning articles. Yours is the best I have discovered so far as it makes it so understandable.

  9. First, hello to everyone and congrats to admin for so useful content !
    I am using Magic Article Rewriter since it ‘s launched and it really is that great as described here. It has some additional great features, one being “to spin twice or three times” meaning you can go and right click on synonyms generated automatically to get the list of more synonyms and choose to add them some more or replace some existing if you wish so. This comes handy when you want to get even higher quality of articles.
    How it compares to The Best Spinner ?
    I had The Best Spinner for an entire year but was using it less and less by the time and finally gave up.
    Definitely not so easy to use. Than, the concept of having desktop client to connect to web based database of synonyms doesn’t sound bad but the updates of the software were a real pain, rarely passing without contacting the support . The requirements for the specific version of the MS .net framework installed made me mad, because it caused my other software not to work Seemed like I should have one PC especially for the Best Spinner to run on it. So I gave up. And I am very happy with Magic Article Rewriter.

  10. I have been studing your site for the last few days and I’m impressed by the content.
    I’m on the verge of purchasing the Magic re-writter and Magic submitter combo but have one little question. After the initial $80, is there a monthly fee. I’ve seen it mentioned on other sites but not on yours with the combo deal.
    Great work, I’ve bookmarked your site for future looks.

    • There’s no monthly fee that I’m aware of. I’ve bought the combo too, plus the upsell for rewriter, there’s no other fees. Unless there’s some other upsell that I’ve missed.

  11. First of all let me say that I like this site and find it useful I just found it today while searching for a specific product review.
    The comments for Magic Article Rewriter has definitely piqued my interest a lot.
    I wonder if any of the users the Magic Article Rewriter would mind answering the questions I have below:

    -Does the software have the Copyscape checking feature built-in like the Best Article Spinner has?
    Or is it even needed to be sure the article is spun sufficiently to pass the duplicate content test if needed?

    -Also have you been satisfied with the quality of the spun article to a point where yo no longer need to check to
    make sure each spun article actually makes sense and not read like some jibberish?

    -Lastly, does the Artilce submitter allow you to choose how many directories you want to submit the articles to?
    I appreciate it very much.


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