LPGen2LPGen2 by Jonathan van Clute is a new, completely rewritten version of the popular LPGen for quickly creating high quality landing pages.

The main difference from the original version is that it no longer is focused on just PPC, you can create landing pages for just about any kind of traffic, from SEO to banners or CPV. LPGen2 also has a lot of new features for creating content rich pages. The main features include:

  • Silo site builder (creates sites for your keywords with content from article directories automatically, rss feeds and other sources)
  • WYSIWYG template editor
  • Integrated conversion tracking
  • Integrated URL rotator
  • Unlimited hosting (for LPGen2 sites and your other sites if you want to) on a cloud provided by Rackspace (to eliminated the installation issues, server limitations, etc.)

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