Loot4LeadsLoot4Leads is a course on CPA marketing – everything about choosing CPA offers, testing them and driving traffic to them through SEO and PPC.

Before you say, “oh no, not another CPA course”, here are some key facts that make Loot4Leads interesting:

  • It has 3 sections – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Each section caters to readers of different levels very well – beginners will get everything from CPA basics to step-by-step guides on how to get a domain name, setup a site, and so on. While advanced users will get all advanced tricks with real life case studies.
  • The case studies aren’t only of successful campaigns, but also those that failed which illustrate common pitfalls well.
  • Traffic generation covered from the basics to advanced tricks with the emphasis on free methods mostly.
  • A fast track method for a quick start with real life example.

On top of that Loot4Leads also has the common features of this kind of courses, such as website templates. Looks like the product is made to be a complete package with nothing left out for getting started and making money from CPA.

Why buy?

If you want to learn CPA with all the tricks there are to learn and start using it right away.

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1 thought on “Loot4Leads”

  1. I bought Loot4leads CPA program after reading and searching through various other CPA program. I did not want to use PPC for my campaigns as I do not have the budget and do not want the prospect of making any losses with Adwords before even making any money.Of course, there is a section on PPC in the course but I very much prefer the other methods given such as poll techniques, mini sites and they don’t cost a cent! For a beginner in CPA, Loot4leads has definitely help me get started executing CPA campaigns.


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