Link Liberation 2.0

This is an entry for Link Liberation 2.0 an SEO training course and software by Leslie Rohde and Dan Thies.

While I haven’t used the product, I’ve seen the presentations of it and here’s what can be said about it. In short, it’s a course on white hat SEO. It doesn’t teach the usual black or grey hat methods of link building, which involve automated link generation, various link networks, spun articles, etc. Instead it explains the methods of doing SEO as marketing. That is, genuinely promoting your site to real users who help you spread the word via links.

The software that Link Liberation includes is not automation software per se, but rather a tool to manage your SEO (marketing) campaigns, outsourcing, etc.

These kind of methods quite literally enforce you to create good sites with real value. You can’t expect to join in a conversation and drop your thin affiliate site and expect for people to link to it. On the contrary, most white hat methods require you to twist your brain to come up with something valuable for your visitors. That’s a good thing, but I can already see the lazy ones squeal. After all, most SEO courses out there teach you how to do things with least effort and more automation. In this sense Link Liberation is very different from most products of this kind out there.

If (or when) you have experience with this product or other products by this author, please leave a comment with your feedback below. Thanks!

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